Vegan Cowboy Beans & Potato Bake

A simple one-pot recipe for cowboy beans. Oven-cooked in one dish, this is a real fuss-free family dinner.

A black bowl with Vegan Cowboy Beans & Potato Bake

I needed a name for this savoury bake recipe. It's basically beans and sausages so it had to be cowboy beans. 

I have no particular knowledge about cowboys and what they eat apart from the black and white cowboy films with John Wayne I watched with my dad as a child.

Did they eat cowboy beans? Maybe! They certainly seemed to cook bean dishes in a pot over their fire.

So I'm calling these cowboy beans and on doing some research I realised I was pretty spot on, although my bean pot was going to include potatoes and as it is wet and windy outside I definitely wasn't going to be cooking them outside over an open fire.

Nope, the oven was fine for me.


Vegan Spinach & Cream Cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells - Crock-Pot Recipe

A simple weeknight recipe for spinach and cream cheese stuffed pasta shells. Quick and easy to prepare with a few ingredients.

Vegan Spinach & Cream Cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells - Crock-Pot Recipe

Let me start by saying my son Cooper gave this a score of 9/10. Get in!

It all began when Crock-Pot asked me if I could come up with an easy weeknight meal in a crockpot that wasn't a soup or a stew.

I'd been thinking about a recipe I made years ago. A vegetarian Conchiglioni Al Forno, which is a stuffed pasta recipe. I've been thinking about trying it again for a while but making a vegan version, so when Crock-Pot challenged me I knew just what to make.


Pumpkin Spice Shortbread Cookies (vegan recipe)

A simple recipe for vegan pumpkin spice cookies with a free printable recipe. If you don't have the individual spices you can use pre-mixed pumpkin spice or mixed spice.

Pumpkin Spice Shortbread Cookies

The season is changing and we're moving into Autumn (or Fall if you're elsewhere in the world). It's getting cooler, so we're wearing cosier clothes and layers.  Here in Scotland, a coat and umbrella are essential when you head outdoors. It's rather wet and windy here right now. So much rain!

Meals are changing too. Soups and other comfort dishes like shepherd's pie and chilli are back on the menu in place of salads and outdoor BBQs.

I'm also noticing a change in the recipes appearing on Pinterest (yes I spend way to much time browsing over there) and pumpkin spice is appearing everywhere. From lattes to cookies and cakes.




10 Best Ever Vegan Pasta Recipes

A white bowl of penne pasta in a basil and tomato sauce

Everyone loves a hearty bowl of pasta, but it's the sauce that makes it, from a light dressing to pesto and rich flavourful sauces.

Today I'm sharing my top 10 best ever pasta sauces as enjoyed by my family and friends. These are the recipes I return to again and again. I am pleased to share them with you and your family.

All ten recipes are vegan, although one of the recipes gives ingredient options for both vegetarian and vegan as they are easy swaps.

I hope you enjoy them and try one or two of these recipes.but before I share the recipes I'd like to share my top pasta tips with you.


The Best BBQ Grilled Corn (foil or no foil?)

A test to find the best way to cook corn on the BBQ. Wrapped in foil or straight on the grill. This post includes grilling tips and clean up recommendations.

eating corn on the cob

Last of the Summer Dine

It's time to have those last few BBQs before the weather changes and dining indoors becomes the norm again.

Make the most of your garden or outdoor space and invite some family and friends around for a grilled feast with lots of salads and side dishes or just take your evening meal outdoors and keep it simple.

Burgers, bangers, kebabs and vegetables all taste great when cooked on the grill and let's face it, it's great fun.


Easy Homemade Chipotle Ketchup Recipe

A simple recipe for spicy homemade chitpotle ketchup with just a few basic ingredients including passata and chipotle paste.

Homemade snoky chipotle ketchup in a small pale blue bowl

I thought the summer was over but we're getting another wee burst of summer here in Scotland. What does that mean? Why that means there's still time for a few more BBQs and a lot more grilling before the season ends.

And what's great on burgers?


Easy Homemade Chipotle Ketchup Recipe

Not any ketchup, no, a tasty homemade ketchup.

Today I'd like to share with you my easy homemade chipotle tomato ketchup.

This chipotle ketchup is great on grilled burgers, but it's also a tasty BBQ marinade with a kick of spice for tofu skewers (or if you are vegetarian, halloumi skewers).

Not forgetting to serve it with your veggie bangers (sausages) and on chunky chips or skinny fries.

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