Slow Cooker Vegan Irish Stew - 5.2 Diet Recipe

A simple Irish stew full of flavourful winter vegetables and lentils in a rich gravy made in a slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Vegan Irish Stew

You can't beat a comforting bowl of stew in the winter months when your body is craving comfort food and this Irish stew ticks all the boxes.

A traditional Irish stew is made with lamb or beef, potatoes and lots of winter vegetables. In place of the meat I have used lentils for the protein and added texture.

It's  rich and comforting with a tasty gravy. Serve it with mashed potatoes or just crusty bread for the perfect weekend dinner.

Apologies for the photos, they are a bit dark and grainy. We don't have much daylight in Scotland at the moment, so it is always a fight against the clock and the dark, however I think they will give you a good idea of what to expect.




Leftover Panettone Chocolate & Cranberry Pudding

A simple indulgent pudding made with leftover panettone paired with chocolate and cranberries.

Leftover Panettone Chocolate & Cranberry Pudding

Looks good doesn't it?

A luxury pudding made from leftover panettone and some store cupboard ingredients. It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare then you just pop it in the oven to bake. It comes out all gooey and delicious. 

The perfect winter pudding to serve hot with creamy vanilla ice cream.


Fudgy Pineapple Chocolate Brownies - vegan recipe

A simple recipe for luxurious fudgy chocolate brownies studded with chunks of golden pineapple.

Fudgy Pineapple Chocolate Brownies

I'm calling these fudgy brownies as some people mistakenly call cake slices brownies. Oh no, no, no!

A brownie must always be a rich chocolatey slice of heaven that is on the fudgy side. If you want a slice of cake, have a slice of cake. Leave our brownies alone!

There, rant over.

To make these fudgy brownies even more special I folded some golden pineapple into the brownie batter and once the tray bake was cool, I topped it with chocolate fudge icing and finished it with slices of pineapple and some dark chocolate strands.

The prefect luxury slice for your guests this festive season.

  related - Chocolate Caramel Tart (vegan, dairy-free, vegetarian)  


Hedgepig Gin Giveaway

Hedgepig Gin

Just in time for Christmas, the team behind Pinkster Gin has launched two new flavours of their small batch fruit gin liqueur, Hedgepig and they are reserving a bottle of their Cambridge Gage Gin for one lucky reader. 

Cambridge Gage Gin

Scottish Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup

A simple dump recipe for a traditional Scottish vegetable soup made in the slow cooker. 

Scottish Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup ingredients in a slow cooker

I make a lot of soup. Usually it's in a pan on the cooker top and involves lentils and spices. Yes I'm talking about my favourite carrot, lentil and spinach soup

I've made so many soups over the years, but that's the one I make the most. It's thick, spicy, satisfying and delicious.

However, this is the soup my husband craves. A traditional Scottish vegetable soup. The kind made by our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on.


Amazon Handmade Christmas Gift Guide

Introducing Amazon Handmade gift shop with Christmas gift ideas for adults and kids.

Have you noticed a new category on Amazon? It is Handmade and it does what it says on the tin. It's all products from artists, crafters and small family businesses. Move over Etsy.

If you're like me you spend a fair bit of time on Amazon, stocking up on books, music and gifts. So why not check out the handmade section next time you are there?

The new shop is divided into Jewellery; Clothing, Shoes & Accessories; Stationary & Party Supplies; Home & Kitchen and Gifts.

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