A simple recipe for traditional Scottish potato scones with step-by-step photos and printable recipe. Includes the history of potato scones (also known as tattie scones) and how to cook them for the best results.

Vegan cooked breakfast with potato scones including veggie sausages, baked beans and mushrooms

A luxury sandwich of roasted vegetables and tofu for a satisfying lunch.
A vegan recipe for light and fluffy Scottish scones with a good rise. Perfect for a teatime treat with dairy-free spread and jam.
Golden gnocchi in a fresh and creamy garlic mushroom and fresh herb sauce. Finished off with more fresh herbs. Suitable for vegetarians and...
Crispy green falfel made with edamame beans and peas in a blender (or food processor), served with a yoghurt, cucumber and mint dip.
A rich sticky gingerbread cake baked in a loaf tin. An easy bake with no dairy or eggs. Makes two rich flavoured cakes that are surprisingl...