25 Awesome vegan puff pastry recipes that are easy to make using ready made puff pastry.

I don't know about you, but I love puff pastry.

I learned how to make puff pastry from scratch at school with my very strict and old fashioned cookery teacher. It seemed to take hours to make. All the careful folding and then more folding. She watched our every move like a hawk. We didn't dare make a mistake. Although I do remember a dish hitting the floor once. I think it was an apple crumble. She was not happy!

These days I buy ready made puff pastry  from the supermarket and if I can get away with it I buy ready rolled puff pastry. It's a godsend for lazy busy mums and such good quality too. Just take it out of the fridge 15-20 minutes before you need it and gently unroll it. It even comes on greaseproof paper you can work on and then transfer it onto a baking tray, so you don't have to flour or grease your tray to prevent sticking. Excellent product!

Is puff pastry vegan?

Thankfully a lot of the puff pastry and shortcrust pastry available in the shops these days is suitable for vegans. Avoid those that say all butter and check on the back for the ingredients. I buy Jus Rol which is suitable for vegans and available in a block or ready rolled sheets of pastry. They do a good range of vegan pastry and pastry items such as croissants and pizza dough, just check the ingredients.

I'm always playing about with new recipes using puff, but I love looking for inspiration among my blogger friends too, so I've pulled together 25 of the best vegan puff pastry recipes for you to try> I just know you will leave inspired and will love them as much as I do.

What about shortcrust pastry, is it vegan?

Once again Jus Rol come to the rescue with vegan shortcrust pastry, which is great for making quick pasties, homemade pop tarts, fruit and savoury pies. Shortcrust pastry is very easy to make, but it is handy to have a packet of ready-made shortcrust pastry in the fridge for quick meals.

The eagle eyed among you will spot that I've included one recipe using shortcrust pastry. It's a good one, so I decided to include it. It could be made with puff, but wouldn't be easy to hold, so bookmark or pin it for next time you buy a block of vegan shortcrust pastry. See if you can spot it.

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