It's a bit chilly here in Scotland today, so it's the right time to share some soups in the No Croutons Required roundup. There are salads there too, but I'm feeling so shivery I'll be looking at the soups first. I don't know quite what happened to our hot weather of a fortnight ago. I am seriously thinking about putting the heating on, but enough about me, let's have a look at all the droolworthy entries.

No Croutons Required
Vegetarian/Vegan Soups and Salads

Tomato and Coriander Soup

Chef: Corina
Location: ?

Corina still finds herself still making soup in Summer, but she doesn't mind and what's not to love about this soup? It has such a vibrant colour and I bet the flavour is pretty vibrant too. Tomatoes and a large batch of coriander make the basis for this soup, but Corina pops some spice in there. Nice entry Corina.

Black Bean Soup

Chef: Sarah
Location: Scotland

Sarah misses California a lot. She used to spend a lot of time there before she had her little one and she misses the food too, especially the Mexican food. One veggie Mexican restaurant in particular did the most amazing soups that stick in the mind and Sarah has kindly replicated one of them for us. She thinks it's pretty spot on and I can tell you I am certainly drooling over it! Sarah makes her soup in her slow cooker, but the recipe could be followed on the cooker top in a pot.

Roasted Pepper Gazpacho

Chef: Mireille
Location: NYC, US

Chef Mireille is serving this Spanish style smooth soup with a Mexican twist. Lots of peppers, chilli and spices and finished off with avocado and crispy tortilla soups. The flavour combinations sound very nice indeed. I bet it packs a punch. Thanks for your entry Mireille.

Green Beans and Potato Soup

Chef: Johanna
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Johanna's late friend would always make a soup she called stone soup, you may know the tale. It's an old folk tale of a soup made from nothing but a stone, although in actual fact this is the beginning of the tale and the protagonist persuades villagers to add ingredients to improve the soup. So a soup made from nothing just bits and pieces leftover. Johanna had some beets, potatoes and greens which she used to make this virtuous stone soup. Leftover soup can be some of the best in my experience.

Roasted Jalapeno Soup

Chef: Lisa
Location: London, Ontario, Canada

My good friend Lisa is a chilli freak! She loves the stuff. Hot, hot, hot. She even grows her own peppers, but at the moment it's shop bought while she waits for her plants to fruit. She uses 6 Jalapenos in this soup, but they are roasted which makes them a little milder and there is also the addition of coconut and almond milk. Mmmmmm!

Spicy 'Kermit' Raw Green Cavolo Nero Soup

Chef: Sarah
Location: London, UK

Sarah is a woman after my own heart. She likes making blender soups. They are over the top with goodness and nutrients. They're super quick, there's no chopping and the taste is so strong and pure. I made a tomato one today, but I'm longing for a try of this one. Sarah's main ingredients in this soup are butternut squash and cavolo nero, but the blender guaranteed the brightest of green soups. ps I apologise in advance for Sarah's jokes. 

Greek-Style Tortilla/Taco Salad with Halloumi

Chef: Lisa
Location: West Midlands, UK

Lisa made her first homemade taco bowls last week and was keen to try them again. This time she filled them with a really fresh, crisp salad, golden halloumi cheese and a scrummy lemon and herb dressing. I am now craving salad with halloumi and I happen to know I have a block in the fridge. I stood and stared at it for a while earlier. Nice tip re-making the taco bowls too. My kind of dish!

Laotian Larb Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Chef: Janet
Location: Houston, Texas, US

Why have I not had a lettuce wrap before? What is wrong with me. You could do so much with salad labs. *quickly scribbles that down* After trying out a new Thai restaurant, Janet was keen to recreate the dishes. Her hubby said it wasn't too like the original, but it was greatly enjoyed. Janet steamed the tofu, which made it light and fluffy and turned it into a sponge for soaking up the other flavours. Something worth trying I think. Oh and by the way, when you say larb, you don't pronounce the 'r'.

Chickpeas Fatteh

Chef: Jin Hooi
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This one is a bit of a stretch as a salad, but I've let it pass. Fatteh is traditionally a Lebanese breakfast dish.  It's a dish of toasted Lebanese bread and cooked chickpeas covered in tangy yogurt sauce. Jin was introduces to this by a colleague and was rather pleased with it. It's not a dish I've heard of before, but as I do love chickpeas, this one intrigues me. Thanks for submitting it Jin.

Tuscan White Bean Salad

Chef: Elizabeth
Location: Shetland, UK

Elizabeth was sent some luxury olives. One jar was infused in vodka. Oh my! She decided quite wisely to use the more standard olives in her bean salad.  Cannellini beans, olives and tomatoes dressed in a lemon and parsley dressing. I'm not keen on olives personally, but I think this is one good looking salad and I bet that dressing really tastes great on the beans. Nice entry Elizabeth.

Avocado Salad 

Chef: Mayuri
Location: Mombasa, Kenya

Oh how I love avocado and so does Mayuri. She teamed the avocado in this salad with freshly cooked kidney beans. In her post she talks about people arguing about what should go in a dish and what shouldn't, but I agree with Mayuri, you cook to your own and your family's taste. This is such a great salad and it's dressed in a gorgeous garlic, coriander, lime and chilli dressing.

Another great roundup of soups and salads this month. Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope my readers are inspired to visit a few of these blogs for new ideas.

The next round of No Croutons Required will be live on Lisa's Kitchen at the start of July. Check out the Food Blog Diary for the latest events, which are added as the month progresses.

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