I have to bring National Vegetarian Week to a close with my favourite veggie and vegan blogs. Those that will carry on eating veggie and sharing veggie recipes all year long. They are the heroes of this week.

It was so hard to pick a top 10,  to be honest top 20 would have been easier. There are so many fab blogs out there. I managed to narrow it down to my top 10. These are the blogs I love to visit, who challenge and inspire me. I don't visit them nearly enough, but when I do, I fall for them all over again.


Blogger: Johanna
Blog born: 2007
Location: Melbourne, Australia 

I've been friends with Johanna for 7 years  now. We met through our blogs in 2007 when we were just newbies. We hit it off right away and I've been lucky enough to meet up with Johanna in Edinburgh when she was visiting. Cooper had a rare time with her daughter Sylvia and I got to meet her lovely husband, who is a fellow Scot.

Johanna cooks family food, which is a mixture of vegetarian and vegan. She also gives us lovely glimpses of family life and cafe culture in Melbourne.

Green Gourmet Giraffe



Blogger: Becca
Blog born: 2011
Location: Liverpool, UK

I always think of Becca as a new blogger, but she's been writing over at Amuse Your Bouche for 3 years now. I just don't know where they time goes, I remember when her blog appeared as if it was yesterday. Saying that, you just need to visit Becca's blog to see how established and professional she is.

Becca makes the kind of vegetarian food I like. I've never yet seen a dish on her blog that I didn't want to eat. Of course the beautiful photography helps and the fact that she loves cheese as much as I do.

Amuse Your Bouche


Blogger: Shaheen
Blog born: 2009
Location: Wales

Allotment 2 Kitchen is another blog I've been following for years. Originally Shaheen blogged recipes she created from veg out of her allotment just outside Glasgow. Her allotment was sadly vandalised, but although it shook her, Shaheen kept going,  producing gorgeous recipes that make the most of seasonal veg. I am sad to say I never got the chance to meet Shaheen before she moved to Wales where she currently resides.

Allotment 2 Kitchen



Blogger: Lisa
Blog born: 2007
Location: London, Ontorio, Canada

I can honestly say that Lisa is my best online buddy. We have been friends for years and gone through a lot together. It make us both sad that we live on opposite sides of the world, well really far away anyway.

Lisa's speciality is Indian food. She loves it and does it so well. She likes her food hot and thinks me a wuss for liking my spice milder. For all that, she has a wonderful blog and is a true friend, one who never forgets my birthday. Something I can't lay claim to. Have told you my memory is shocking?

Black Tea and Gingered Black-Eyed Peas

Lisa's Kitchen


Blog: Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

Blogger: Susan

Blog born: 2006

Location: Jackson, Mississippi, US

Susan started off as a vegetarian back in 1988, but a few years later made the jump and became vegan. She lives in Mississippi with her teenage daughter and husband. She makes the most amazing vegan food and sinful but sin-free desserts. She is an all round lovely person and I love her blog. Her photographs are beautiful and her recipes inspired.

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen


Blog: Veggie Desserts

Blogger: Kate

Blog born: 2013

Location: Midlands UK

Kate was born in Canada, but moved to England in her teens. She now lives with her husband and 2 little ones in the Midlands.

Her current obsession (I say that in a nice way) began when she was making her son's first birthday cake. It was to be a chocolate cake, but she wanted to make it healthier, so she made one layer a chocolate and beetroot cake and the other chocolate and butternut squash and so her journey began.

Kate's blog is full of cakes and desserts where vegetables are the star of the show. I admire Kate's skill and imagination so much. A wonderful blog.

Black Forest Cherry Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Veggie Desserts


Blog: Simply Food

Blogger: Nayna

Blog born: 2008

Location: London, UK

Nayna lives in London with her family where she makes really great veggie food. I was lucky enough to meet her last year at Food Blogger Connect and we got on really well. She is such a warm and friendly person and it shines through in her blog too. I'm looking forward to meeting her at the conference again this year. Aren't we lucky to make so many good friends through our blogs? We have such a nice community.

New Potato Salad with a Yoghurt and Coriander Dressing

Simply Food


Blog: Food to Glow
Blogger: Kellie
Blog born: 2011
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Kellie is from Florida, but she has lived in Edinburgh with her family for years. She isn't a vegan, but most of her recipes are. She's a health educationist and nutrition adviser with the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and she really believes that a plant diet is the best diet you can eat to look after your body.

Her photographs are stunning, her food enticing with it's lean towards Cuban and Florida style and she is another lovely blogger. I've had the pleasure to spend time with Kellie at the Scottish Food Blogger Conference in Ayr and last year's Food Blogger Connect. I look forward to meeting her again sometime.

Quinoa Bowl with Citrus, Avocado and Edamame 

Food to Glow 


Blogger: Veggie Fanny
Blog born: 2013
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

To be honest this blog is bathed in secrecy. We know it is a blog about making Franny Craddock's recipes veggie. We know the blogger lives in Edinburgh and is veggie, but that is about it. We don't know if it is a she or he, never mind what their name is. I'm hoping that once they get to know us better they will open up a bit, but until then go visit the blog. It's different, it's veggie and it's amusing.

Spinach Souffle Omelette

Keep Calm and Fanny On


Blog: The Garden Grazer

Blogger: Kaitlin

Blog born: 2012

Location:Illinois, US

I love Kaitlin's blog. It's so clean and fresh with the most amazing photos that are sure to make you drool. Kaitlin is really into her veggies and she does such lovely things with them. I want to move in with her so she can feed me. I particularly love her chopped salads and Mexican dishes. Go visit, quickly, now!

Asian Garlic Tofu with Rice

The Garden Grazer


I hope you have enjoyed my veggie posts for National Vegetarian Week and that you'll go visit my favourite veggie and vegan blogs. In case you missed them, here are my veggie week posts:

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