BBQ Bananas with Demerara Sugar and Whipped Cream
The sun is out, so out came the BBQ, which has been in hibernation for about 4 months, because it has rained so much this summer.

I wanted to share our dessert with you.

This is a veritable feast of a dessert! You just put bananas onto the BBQ, skins on and leave them until they go black and start to split. This can also be achieved in the microwave (if you live in Scotland). Just open them up and use the skin to hold your dessert. Sprinkle with brown sugar, which turns into toffee sludge as it melts and serve with cream. You can add some rum to it if you like, my dad likes rum in his!

Tonight we started with Vegetarian Caesar Salad from Lisa's Kitchen, We followed this with veggie sausages on finger rolls with mustard and relish. Graham basted the sausages with Jerked Honey Rum Glaze. Yes, Graham cooked!

A spot of manly firing up the barbeque and chargrilling some food and he is happy. Very tasty it was too!

Thanks for the glaze recipe Ruth!

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