An easy recipe for spinach and feta triangles, which are made with filo (phyllo) pastry and called spanakopita in Greece.

spinach and feta triangles.

Lemon syllabub is a creamy lemon dessert made with fresh lemon that's easy to make and a light end to any meal. 
An easy recipe for creamy macaroni cheese made from a family recipe. Suitable for vegetarians.
Spicy tiffin eggs are a type of Scotch egg with a vegetarian filling and flavoured with curry spices. Perfect for picnics, lunch boxes or lu...
Giant Beans in Tomato Sauce is a traditional Greek dish that's an easy-to-make but hearty dish suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
A simple recipe for Greek Style fried halloumi cheese with lemon and olives. You can use regular halloumi or vegan halloumi for this Cypr...
A simple cocktail with the flavour of the traditional British sweetie, the cola cube.
A simple spiced turnip soup served with creamy feta cheese. Warming and delicious.
A simple vegetarian recipe for stuffed bell peppers with a creamy filling of ricotta cheese and mushrooms. post updated December 2022