Cola Cube Cocktail

Well despite still feeling very ill with a chest infection, I decided that, yes, I would go out to celebrate a friend's birthday!

So off I went in my glad rags!

We started off in a bar for some typical pub grub. The veggie choices were not extensive, there was :

vegetable curry
vegetable chilli
macaroni cheese
a grated cheese salad
baked potatoes with the above toppings

As you can see, not very inspired!

I decided on the macaroni cheese and it was actually very tasty. It was accompanied by fries and sweetcorn, a somewhat bizarre paring, but hey! We washed this down with some rather bland white wine! But then I do have a stinking cold, so it could have been divine!

We then toddled off down the street to a rather pretentious cocktail bar, where I enjoyed a Margarita or two and some great chat.

We finished off in a pub, with nearly all the same people that were in the cocktail bar! This is where I sampled the delight that is a cola cube cocktail. I don't know if cola cubes are of worldwide fame, but I love them! And this tasty little cocktail had one meltingly nestled right at the bottom! My dentist would not approve!

This is the recipe used in the bar last night,  I think I will give it a go, just not this weekend!

1 part Spiced rum
1/2 part Blackcurrant cordial
1 part Lemonade
1 part Ice cubes
1 cola cube

Mix all the ingredients bar the cola cube in a coktail shaker(or a flask). Pour into a cocktail glass containing a cola cube.

Beware, it is only for those with a sweet tooth!

You can buy cola cubes (Kola Kubes) online from A Quarter Of . The cola pips are good too!

A good time was had by all (especially the birthday girl) and I didn't even have a sore head this morning! That macaroni cheese must have lined my stomach!


  1. Wow, sounds tasty! I've never heard of Cola Cubes though - what are they like?

  2. Hi Anne,
    We have a soft drink in Scotland, (I think originally by a company called Barr's who make Irn Bru) called Red Kola, it tastes a bit like a fruity coca cola. Cola cubes are little square boiled sweets in this flavour, that get a little chewy as you reach the centre. Not healthy at all, but a nice little treat!
    I did like the look of your Frosty Wild Strawberry Cocktail ! Lovely photo!

  3. What a coincidence, I spent about a hour browsing the old fashioned sweets on sites including aquarterof. I was drooling at all my old favourites. I think I'm going to have to go and buy some sherbert pips!

  4. Cola cubes sound interesting. I have never heard of them. Wonder if it is something we could make at home and put in ice cube trays to freeze. ???? You can purchase all kinds of "shaped" ice cube trys now. So it would be fun for a party to make some cubes and freeze in a decorative ice try. Would look cool in the glass.
    (What is a pip?)

  5. Beccy,
    I am with you on the sherbert pips and that website just sucks you in! I am trying to resist it!

    The cola cubes we are talking about are boiled candy, but you could use a cola drink to make fancy shaped cola ice cubes. In fact it would be a nice twist to serve a flavoured vodka or another clear spirit with cola ice cubes instead of adding the mixer! Although the first few sips would be strong!

  6. I haven't had cola cubes since I was wee! I still remember the taste.

    I can't imagine what the cocktail tasted like though!

  7. Hi Laura,
    The cocktails tasted exactly like cola cubes, not an ounce of difference! Thay were great!

  8. Cola Cubes are the best sweet - I remember if you ate enough of them quicklyneough you had slash marks across the top of your mouth..
    I need to introduce Freddie to them.


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