Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe

A lush purple cocktail made with blackberries.

Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe

Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe is the second in my series of drinks posts. I realised I share very few drink recipes or recommendations apart from smoothies, so this week I am sharing some tasty summer drinks. 

In my last post I shared 7 refreshing soft and non-alcoholic drinks for summer. They are great if you are pregnant, it's your turn to drive or you are just trying to cut down on how many units you are drinking each week.

I this post I say to hell with that and share some alcohol. Well do have to cover both sides don't I?

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A summer cocktail with the flavours of blackberries made with Jägermeister, plus a guide to summer fruity and botanical alcoholic drinks. #cocktail #fruitycocktail #cocktailrecipes #blackberries #blackberryrecipes #summerrecipes

Fresh Blackberries

Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe

The Purple Stag is a summer cocktail made with fresh blackberries, blackcurrant jam, yes jam and Jägermeister. 

It's a gorgeous colour isn't it and I think we can count it as one of our five-a-day, can't we?

It's so fruity and delicious over ice. 

The perfect summer cocktail.

Blackberry Facts

  1. Blackberries are also called brambles, brambleberries and dewberries.
  2. Batology is the study of blackberries, not bats.
  3. Blackberries are high in anti-oxidants.
  4. Unripe blackberries are red and not green.
  5. These berries are very low in calories. Only 43 calories in 100g of blackberries.

Quick Blackberry and Chocolate Cake

If you love the flavour of blackberries, try my quick blackberry and chocolate cake. Made in under 30 minutes, it's suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It's dairy-free, egg-free and utterly decadent.

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Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe
Purple Stag Cocktail Recipe

A fruity cocktail made with fresh blackberries, blackcurrant jam and Jägermeister. Drink up! Slurp!
  • 50ml Jägermeister
  • 25ml Chambord
  • 25ml berry tea
  • 1 tsp blackcurrant jam
  • 25ml lemon juice
  • 3 fresh blackberries to decorate
  • a tray of ice cubes
1. Fill your cocktail shaker with ice.2. Add the other ingredients, bar the fresh blackberries, close and shake, shake shake. 3. Strain into a cocktail glass filled with ice.4. Enjoy!.5. Don't drink too many!
Total time:
Yield: Makes 1 cocktail


So today I'm sharing this fruity cocktail made with Jägermeister, but I'd also like to share some more fruity and botanical summer drinks with you.

Fruity and Botanical Drinks for Summer

Fruity and Botanical Drinks for Summer

1. Whitley Neil Blood Orange Vodka 

Blood oranges give a burst of citrus to a clean sharp vodka. Best served over ice with a slice of orange or over ice with tonic.

Whitley Neil Blood Orange Vodka 70cl £26 (on sale from £30 with free delivery) Amazon

2. Ciroc Mango Flavoured Vodka

Mango flavoured vodka. Mmmmmmm! This one is also good served over ice or with tonic, but it also makes a great base for cocktails.

Ciroc Mango Flavoured Vodka 70cl - £26.99 (on sale from £40 with free delivery) Amazon

3. Conker Dorset Dry Gin

This delicious gin is made with 10 botanicals. Three of the botanicals are hand-sourced in Dorset (elderberries, gorse flowers and samphire). It is distilled in Bournemouth and this award-winning gin can be served with tonic or poured over ice. No need  to add lime as it already contains a touch of lime.

Conker Dorset Dry Gin 70cl  £35.95 and available to buy at Fortnum & Mason and via

I also tried Caorunn Gin this week and rather liked it, but I have to admit I preferred the Conker. My friend Audrey would disagree, she loves Caorunn Gin and would fight me over this. I will let you try it and see what you think.

4. Jägermeister

You may have heard of Jägermeister shots but do you know what the flavours of this spirit are? First there is fresh ginger, then cinnamon sticks, star anise, cardamom and orange peel. Yes this is one delicious drink. Serve it over ice, with tonic and ice or as the base for a cocktail.

Jägermeister 70cl from the Jägermeister website or your local supermarket. Best price at time of this post £15 from Tesco

And for the mixer.........

I've been trying these tonics from Franklin and Sons. They do a great range of flavoured tonics and mixers as well as soft drinks. Choosing a different mixer can really change the flavour of your drink, so it's worth trying a few. It's so easy to buy the same thing again and again, but that is just boring. So why not try something new?

Available from supermarkets, bars, online shops and farm shops from £1.20.

Disclosure: I was sent some drinks samples to try, I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Is there really supposed to be pesto in the recipe?

    1. Haha, well spotted Amy and no. I have to hand code for my recipe box. I did a copy and paste & obviously missed that. Thanks for spotting it and please don't add pesto to your cocktail ;)

  2. You know I haven't had any blackberries this summer? Such a shame!

  3. Yum! My husband absolutely love blackberries. I would love to make this for him and myself.

  4. You know, I've never tried Jagermeister. I think I've been put off by seeing people get carried away with Jagerbombs on skiing holidays. You've made it sound much more refined! Love that seasonal blackberries are in it/ Practically a health drink ;-)

    1. Yes I know what you mean, but it has good flavours. You should try it and yes definitely one of our five a day ;)

  5. Love the berries and the gorgeous flavours here. Looks a gorgeous cocktail, I think I will have to get some Jagermeister in!

  6. The cocktail looks so vibrant and the purple colour is so inviting!

  7. What a gorgeous cocktail!!

  8. What a gorgeous looking drink!! What can I substitute for the alcohol?

    1. I actually just posted a roundup of non-alcoholic drinks. Have a look at my post 7 Refreshing Soft and Non-Alcholic Drinks for Summer and try substituting the alcohol. Mix it up!

  9. Oh I've never added flavoured tea into a cocktail before, it sounds so yummy!

  10. I didn't know that those were the flavours in Jaegermeister, I think I might like that! Delicious cocktail, so many fruity summer flavours.

  11. This sounds really great - I love anything with fresh blackberries - I can almost taste it!!

  12. Holy wotsits... this has my name all over it! Why have I not seen it before? **drool**


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