Bookmarked Recipes - August Roundup

Bookmarked Recipes
August 2011

1. Dan Lepard's Stone Fruit Yogurt Cake
Kate (Kate's Cakes & Bakes)
Recipe bookmarked from The Guardian September 2009.

2. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake
Anamika (Taste Junction)
Recipe bookmarked from Martha Stewart 2007.

3. Sophie's Mapo Tofu
Astra (Food for Laughter)
Recipe bookmarked from Burp and Slurp, March 2011.

4. No Pig - Meat Free 'Bacon'
Shaheen (Allotment 2 Kitchen)
Recipe bookmarked from No Meat Athlete, August 2010.

5. Chocolate Courgette Cake
C (Cake, Crumbs and Cooking)
Recipe bookmarked from Green and Black's cookbook.

6. Quark Mousse Cake with Roasted Balsamic Strawberries
Jayasri (Samayalarai Arai)
Recipe bookmarked from Passionate about Baking, November 2010.

7. Spice Lentil Salad with Capers & Currants
Janet (Taste Space)
Recipe bookmarked from My New Roots, June 2010.

8. Baked Jam Doughnuts
Chele (Chocolate Teapot)
Recipe bookmarked from, 2008

9. Wholewheat Quick Bread with Olives, Feta, Spring Onions and Za'atar
Jeanne (Cook Sister)
Recipe bookmarked from Kalyn's Kitchen, July 2011.

10. Besan Vegetable Frittata
Johanna (Green Gourmet Giraffe)
Recipe bookmarked from Yogi Kitchen, 2 August 2011.

11. Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Fresh’s Miso Gravy
Janet (Taste Space)
Recipe bookmarked from Fresh online in the Toronto Star.

12. Tomato Thokku
R&R (Tadka Pasta)
Recipe bookmarked from Tangy Tart Hot and Sweet: A World of Recipes for Every Day by Padma Lakshmi.

13. Peach Pie
Sumaiyyah (Every Little Crumb)
Recipe bookmarked from Betty Crocker's Pie and Pastry Cookbook.

14. Patatas Bravas
Janice (Farmersgirl Kitchen)
Recipe bookmarked from BBC Good Food Magazine.

15. Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani
Vaishali (Ribbon's to Pasta)
Recipe bookmarked from Sanjeev Kapoor.

Here ends this month's Bookmarked Recipes and so September's Bookmarked Recipes is open for business. Just add your post to the linky at the bottom of this post. Please remember that bookmarked recipes must be suitable for vegetarians, in line with this blog.

Bookmarked Recipes September will be open until Saturday 24 September 2011. The guidelines can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed the roundup, I thought it was pretty fabulous. I hope you join in next month and unearth some of those unloved bookmarked recipes.

As ever you can find all the up-to-date foodie challenges, giveaways & competitions over at The Food Blog Diary.


Cute Aprons & Hampers

I have a selection of aprons to wear when I am cooking and baking. I don't always remember to pop one on and sometimes suffer the consequences.

I have a lovely floral apron that is past it's best really, it has a few bleach marks on it and a few splashes I haven't been able to get off completely. So this one has now been allocated the role of cleaning apron. I also have a cream coloured apron I tend to wear when I am baking and a new frilly apron that I was given for my birthday. I haven't even had that one on yet. My latest aquisition is a rather gorgeous dress-style apron from Buy Cute Aprons, a speciality site for aprons.

When Buy Cute Aprons offered me an apron I found it really hard to choose. There are so many to choose from and they are all a bit special. I eventually settled on what they call the Wrap Apron Victoria. What I like about the apron, is that it looks less like an apron and more like a dress. Of course, being a textile designer by trade I am a sucker for pretty patterned fabrics too. All in all I am really pleased with my choice.

I am really tempted to buy this Gruffalo Baking Set for Cooper. It has a yellow Gruffalo apron, cookie cutters, a recipe sheet, a rolling pin and a wooden spoon.

I know Cooper is still wee, but I like to get him into the kitchen. I pull up a chair so he can stand beside me at my island unit and help. He loves cutting out shapes in cookie dough, adding toppings to a pizza and loves to stir.

Would you like to win an apron from Buy Cute Aprons?

As I am about to announce the winner of the Luxury Picnic Basket, I decided it was time for another giveaway.

To win a cute apron from Buy Cute Aprons just leave me a comment.

For extra entries:

1. Follow my blog and leave a separate comment to say you have done so.
2. Follow me on twitter (@tinnedtoms) and leave a separate comment to say you have done so.
3. Tweet the competition using @tinnedtoms & @buycuteaprons in the tweet and leave a separate comment to say you have done so.
4. Like the Buy Cute Aprons Facebook Page and leave a separate comment to let me know you have done so.
5. Follow Buy Cute Aprons on twitter and leave a separate comment to let me know you have done so.

Yes, that is 6 opportunities to win!

Remember to leave separate comments as each comment is a separate entry.

The giveaway is open to UK residents only and runs until Saturday 10 September 2011.

Good luck everyone.

And now on to the winner of my Luxury Picnic Hamper from Interflora

The hamper is "classic picnic hamper, complete with cutlery and plates for four. It's already filled for that first picnic, with a lavish selection of fine crackers and cheese, dips and preserves, as well as a rich date and walnut cake and a superb bottle of Viognier".

You can find a whole selection of rather wonderful gifts from Interflora, here.

And the winner is.........

Congratulations Lynn. Email me your address and I will have your prize sent out to you.

Wholewheat Cobs from a Sponge Starter

Bread in Fife

This is the basic loaf recipe I learned to make at a breadmaking course at Ochil Villa B&B (Bread in Fife).

Update: Bread in Fife is now in Edinburgh with discounts for group bookings.

I have made this wholewheat cob three times since then.

I have made homemade cobs and also baked the bread in a loaf tin, with either wholewheat or wholemeal flour (generally these are the same flours, but there can be a slight difference).

It's a good general loaf and a joy to make. As you can see I rather enjoy it with butter and homemade jam.

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Sponge Starter for Wholewheat Cobs
This starter sponge will help the yeast to get going before making your bread.
  • 500g lukewarm water around 35°C
  • 5g dried yeast or 10g fresh yeast
  • 40g dark brown sugar, molasses or dark muscovado
  • 300g wholewheat flour
  • 125g strong white flour
Making the sponge mixture takes 15 minutes.1. Measure the lukewarm water into a large baking bowl. 2. Sprinkle the yeast and sugar over the water and stir lightly to dissolve.3. Add flour a cup or so at a time, stirring briskly after each addition. As the mixture thickens, begin beating. 4. Beat until the batter is smooth, about 100 times, incorporating as much air as possible,.5. Place the bowl in warm place covered with a tea towel for 60 minutes. Alternatively, leave covered in a warm place overnight. The sponge will rise then fall back, but will start working again when you move on to the next step on the following morning. This is convenient, gives a better taste to the bread, and also makes the bread easier to digest.
Total time:
Yield: Sponge Starter for three small loaves each approx 430 g

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Wholewheat Cobs
Wholewheat Cobs made with a Sponge Starter.
  • 1 sponge starter
  • 10g salt
  • 50g olive oil
  • wholewheat flour approx 400g
1. Pour the oil and sprinkle in the salt over the sponge starter. Stir around side of bowl and fold into the centre, turning the bowl as you do so until the oil and salt are incorporated. 2. Add the rest of the flour folding the wet mixture in on top of dry ingredients and turning the bowl as you do so until all the flour is incorporated in the dough.3. Knead the dough for 15 minutes. Use whatever style of kneading suits you. A wet dough is messier but will rise better so do not be tempted to add extra flour.
4. Place the dough in the oiled bread bowl smooth side down, and then turn it over so the creases are on the bottom. The oiled surface will prevent a crust from forming on the dough. Cover the dough with a cloth and set it in a warm place. 5. Let the dough rise for about 50 minutes until nearly doubled in size. Punch the dough down by pushing fist into the dough steadily and firmly. Cover the dough again and leave it in a warm place then let it rise for 45 minutes, again till it has nearly doubled in size.6. Heat the oven to 180c.7. Turn the dough onto a board. Cut into three equal pieces, shape into balls by folding dough to centre all the way around. Turn the smooth side up, and tuck in the dough all the way around.8. Cover and leave in a warm place to prove for 15-25 minutes from the finish of the last cob. 9. Dust with flour then cut diagonal slits ½ inch deep to allow the dough to continue to expand in the oven.10. Bake at 1800 C for 45-55 minutes, depending on the size of the bread. Spray water inside the oven but not directly on the loaves immediately after you pop the loaves in. Spray again after 5 minutes to keep the top soft so that the loaves can continue to rise. The bread is done when the top is golden brown, the sides and bottoms are golden brown.11. Remove the loaves from the bread tins immediately and cool on wire trays. This bread keeps well and freezes well with little loss of flavour or freshness.
Total time:
Yield: three small loaves each approx 430 g

No Croutons Required - August 2011

The topic for August was Lentils. Any kind of lentils, made into a soup or salad. The only stipulation, that the recipe had to be suitable for vegetarians. I hope you enjoy the entries and don't forget to vote for you favourite.

1. Mellow-Yellow Mango Dal
R&R (Tadka Pasta)

Now doesn't the name of this dish immediately grab you? It caught my attention and I loved it even more once I read the list of ingredients. Mustard, cumin & fennel seeds, fresh ginger, red chillies, turmeric, asafoetida, mango, jaggery and cilantro. Mmmmmmmm, yum! It doesn't get much better than that.


2. Latin-Spiced Mango Lentil Salad
Janet (Taste Space)

Another great recipe name and such a pretty dish, just look at the colours. Gorgeous! I will have to give you Janet's description as it sums up the dishes nicely. "It is a lovely, light lentil salad infused with a savoury tomato-mango salsa. . I loved the background of the cinnamon and the bite the French lentils imparted to the salad."

Toronto, Canada

3. Muddy Soup
Johanna (Green Gourmet Giraffe)

Well, Johanna hasn't been so kind to her soup, calling it muddy and ugly. So mean! Especially because it must have tasted darn good. Carrots, celery ribs, baby kale leaves, button mushrooms, small potatoes, garlic clove, veggie hot dogs, yellow split peas, red lentils, mustard, smoked paprika, parsley and lemon juice. Now, doesn't that sound so, so good? I think we must demand that Johanna be kinder to her poor hardworking soups in future, don't you?

Melbourne, Australia

4. Urad Dal with Poppy Seeds & Coriander
Shaheen (Allotment 2 Kitchen)

Shaheen made us this lovely blonde dal with little specks of poppy seeds. I was really interested to find out out Urad Dal from Shaheen, she said that "Urad dal can be found in three forms. It can be found whole known as black gram (kali dal), the creamy lentil still in its jet black skin. Then you can then find it split in half with the skin still clinging on (split urad dal); and finally the lentil is not only split, the black skin has been completely removed exposing its pearly cream interior, known as urad dal.". Well I didn't know any of that. I will know what I am looking for now. Thank you Shaheen.

West of Scotland

5. Warm Pea and Lentil Salad Plus
Janice (Farmersgirl Kitchen)

This is Janice's first NCR and she has pulled it off with a real corker. Janice cooked up some brown rice as well as the lentils, added a red and a green pepper, a couple of tomatoes as well as peas and onions. Janice thought it would also be nice with some chopped mint through it or some feta cheese cubes. Mmmmmm, I am all for that. Most salads are finished off perfectly with a crumble of feta, well in my opinion anyway.

South West Scotland

6. Lentil Salad with Celery, Carrots, Chilli and Parsley
Francesca (Urbanethniccooking)

Next up we have a lovely fresh, zingy salad from Francesca. Lentils, carrots, celery, cucumber, red chilli, lemons, extra virgin olive oil, salt, freshly ground black pepper and flat leaf parsley. Francesca suggests using lentils which hold their texture when cooked like Le Puy Lentils or Castelluccio for this salad. I love the lemon in this salad, it makes it really appealing.

London, England

7. Lentil Salad
Corina (Searching For Spice)

Corina simply named her salad, Lentil Salad, but it shouldn't be overlooked because of it's unprepossessing name. It is worth much more than that. Green lentils, cucumber, tomato, yellow, orange or red pepper, aubergine, olives, capers and lemon juice. Corina has been taking this salad to work for lunch because her husband doesn't like lentils. I just don't know how he could resist this salad.


8. Sambhar, a South Indian Spicy Lentil Soup or Stew with Vegetables
Magpie (Magpie's Recipes)

Before I speak about Magpie's dish, I have to mention the beautiful presentation, I mean just look at that photo, it is stunning. Magpie posted this recipe in celebration of India's 64th Independence Day and a worthy recipe it is too. This is a lovely spicy stew which is made by Magpie's Malayali mom, so sure to be the best. I fear we have a lot to learn about spices here in the UK.

SF Bay

9. Megadarra
Adam & Theresa (Yogi Kitchen)

If you are looking for something that is healthy and delicious, you need look no further than Adam & Theresa's Blog. The food is ever so tempting and the fact it is so good for you is just an added bonus and just to sicken you all, they are a lovely warm and friendly couple too. This time, they stuck to a really simple Egyptian sytle lentil dish. Green lentils, white rice, lemon, olive oil, parsley.

London (but soon to be India)

10. Lentil Coconut Stew
Denny (Oh Taste n See)

Isn't that gorgeous? Such pretty colours. I would love to shove this under someone's nose if they were ranting about vegetarian food and especially lentils being all brown and boring. Just watch that stew dazzle! Red lentils/masoor dal, coconut milk,
serrano chiles, onion, carrot & tomato. Excellent!

Seattle, USA

11. Salata Adas- Lebanese Lentil Salad with Cumin & Mint
Sweatha (TastyCurryLeaf)

A very elegant salad from Sweatha this month. I seem to be very drawn to the images this month. Sweatha explains why this salad is so versatile. "You can also have this as a mini meal or snack or light lunch and can even use this as a stuffing for tortillas /ricepaper rolls /pita breads.You can serve it with couscous of pasta mixed in for a hearty comforting meal.I had as a side salad and found it filling and comforting. The freshness of herbs with the comfort of the lentils is heartily appreciated."

Bangalore, India

12. Curried Quinoa Salad with Lentils
Valerie (City|Life|Eats)

A lovely round dozen with Valerie's salad closing the roundup. Valerie makes the most scrumptious lunches to take to work. I always leave inspired, impressed and feeling slightly lacking on the whole lunch front. Valerie brings the lunchbox to a whole new level and this salad is no exception. I would love to know what Valerie's colleagues think of her lunches. I bet they are slightly green with envy. Mmmmmm, I am drooling just thinking about this salad and my hubby would love it as it has cashews in it.

Washington, DC

UPDATE: I have a lost entry to add. If you would like to vote for it then please leave a comment or email me.

13. Celery & Lentil Soup
Helen (Fuss Free Flavours)

Maybe the number thirteen had a part to play in this lost post, but I am so glad we have the chance to share it. Doesn't it look droolworthy? Helen was pleased to use up some of the vegetables in her fridge to make this yummy soup. This gal hates waste. Celery, garlic, mixed lentils, cheese rinds from the freezer and green vegetables, yum. I would tell you about the shower scene, but I think you should go over there and find out for yourself.

London, UK

Eeeek! Another one missed out. Tip to self, don't blog whilst sleepy and needing to go to bed. I apologise profusely.

14. Lentil & Aubergine Salad
Vanessa (Sweet Artichoke)

This is one versitile salad. Vanessa says it is great as a salad, but add a little water and cook it longer and you have a gorgeous dal, add vegetable stock and blend for a tasty soup. Just brilliant. Brown lentils, urad dal, cumin, coriander, shallot, red bell pepper, chilli, aubergine, garlic, ginger and yoghurt. What a delicious list of ingredients.


Please do take the time to vote for your favourite. I know it is hard to choose. I would say go with your gut instinct, the one that calls out to you right away. They all call out to you, I hear you say. Well, I think that comes down to a game of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe".
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