10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burgers

An easy one-bowl recipe for the quickest bean burgers that taste so good. No fancy ingredients either.

A close up of a juicy bean burger on a burger bun with avocado and salsa.

Homemade burgers are so different from supermarket burgers. They're a world apart. I do understand why people reach for burgers from the freezer aisle and I can't deny doing it myself occasionally as they're super handy if you're short of time.

However, homemade burgers have so much more texture and flavour. You can choose the exact flavours and the exact level of spice you want without the huge list of ingredients and additives needed to make a frozen supermarket burger.

For instance looking at the label of the pretty standard frozen meat free burgers I've bought in the past. They aren't that bad, but here are a few of the additives:

Additives found in shop bought burgers

Sugar Beet Fibre 

They are padded out with this to give them a boost of fibre

Methyl Cellulose 

a stabiliser, which is a thickener


a food additive produced from starch and often used in fizzy drinks and sweets

Dicalcium Phosphate 

a calcium supplement which is an inert ingredient found in breakfast cereals and used to bind tablets and toothpaste

Homemade Burgers

None of these are harmful, but when you think a homemade vegetarian or vegan burger is generally made from vegetables, pulses and spices, it does give you pause for thought.

And remember you can make homemade burgers when you have time and freeze them, so they are ready for those last minute meals.

10 minute spicy vegan bean burger. This tasty burger can be cooked fresh or frozen for another day, They taste and look great and will soon become a family favourite. www.tinnedtomatoes.com

10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burgers

My spicy bean burgers can be easily whipped up in 10 minutes ready to cook, or you can freeze them to cook another day.

They only contain a mixture of beans, oats, fresh herbs and spices, that's it. No fat no dairy and not an additive in sight.

For best results grill these with a spay of oil or can cook them in a fying pan with a light spray of oil.

If you bake them in the oven, they tend to be drier so reduce the oats and bake until crisp.

Once cooked, serve them in buns with salad and your favourite condiments. I personally like mustard and tomato relish. If you are watching your weight and counting your calories, serve them in a lettuce wrap. You can still add some relish or mustard.

"Healthy homemade burgers that are quick to make and taste and look great. It's a no-brainer really isn't it? Rubbery discs with additives or an extra 10-15 minutes to make your own. I think it's well worth the time and effort."

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10 minute spicy vegan bean burger. This tasty burger can be cooked fresh or frozen for another day, They taste and look great and will soon become a family favourite. www.tinnedtomatoes.com

A healthy balance

I'm not saying I won't ever slip and buy those supermarket burgers, but it's a balancing act isn't it. Eating healthy fresh food most of the time with the occasional treat and ready made burger.

10 minute spicy vegan bean burger. This tasty burger can be cooked fresh or frozen for another day, They taste and look great and will soon become a family favourite. www.tinnedtomatoes.com

I do hope you give these a try. I'm sure they'll become a family favourite.

Just make sure you stack them high with salad and toppings for the ultimate burger experience. This time I spread my burger bun with Violife cream cheese (vegan), that with slices of ripe avocado, then the burger and lots of relish, I do like relish on a burger.


My last bit of advice is always toast the inside of the buns, you'll thank me for that tip once you try them.

Reader's Photo

Reader's photo of 10 minute bean burger

Update (2019)

I still make these burgers at home, they are popular with my son and husband.

This is one of the most popular recipes on my blog and I want to thank all the readers who are making them and leaving photos and lovely comments on Pinterest.

Today one of my readers shared a photo and her tweak on Facebook, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Yield: 6-8
Close-up of 10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burger

10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burgers

Quick and delicious bean burgers made in 10 minutes from beans, oats, spices and herbs. These are dairy free and vegan with no added salt, sugar, fat or additives that supermarket burgers contain.
prep time: 10 MINScook time: 10 MINStotal time: 20 mins


  • 800g tinned kidney beans, rinsed
  • 400g black beans, rinsed well
  • 3 tsp cumin
  • 2 tsp dried coriander
  • 2 tsp chilli powder (more if you really want a kick)
  • 90g/1 cup porridge oats
  • a generous handful of fresh coriander, chopped
  •      a good grinding of black pepper


  1. Once you've rinsed
    the beans, reserve a quarter (roughly) to add later and pop
    the rest in a large bowl.
  2. Mash the beans into a paste, then add the spices, herbs oats and whole beans and mix until well combined.
  3. Shape the burger mixture into 6-8 burgers, depending on how big you like them.
  4. These are now ready to cook. I like to fry them in a spray of rapeseed oil but they should bake fine too. If you don't need them right away either chill them for later or freeze them on a tray, then pop them in a freezer bag once they are frozen.
  5.      Enjoy!
fat (grams)
sat. fat (grams)
carbs (grams)
protein (grams)
sugar (grams)
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Father's Day Recipes

These burgers are great for Father's Day. It doesn't matter if they are a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, they are going to love them. If the weather is good on Father's Day, why not light a BBQ and try some of these burger recipes. If the weather isn't so good, make a hearty casserole or savoury bake with veggie sausages.

Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (18 July 2016)

You may have noticed it's been a couple of weeks since the last Meat Free Monday. We've been on holiday in Cyprus where my husband's parents live. Lot of sun, swimming, reading, being bitten by bugs (you should see the state of my legs) and enjoying so much ripe, run-down-your-chin juicy fruit. Just look at that side of the road fruit and veg market. I wish we had these in Scotland. The selection was fabulous and none of it looked like it was picked to soon and a bit peely wally either.

Monday is here, so it's time to look at some tempting veggie dishes from around the world and plan for the week ahead.


Rich Sticky Toffee Pudding - vegetarian and vegan recipes

I know, I know, it's summer. What am I doing posting a rich pudding like this?

Is there a wrong time to eat this?

I hope you didn't answer yes. If you did I'm very disappointed in you. I think a good pudding deserves to be enjoyed all year round and let's face it the weather in Scotland is so changeable (sometimes several times a day)


Vegetarian Scotch Eggs

You may be surprised to see an egg recipe as most of my recipes are vegan these days. While we mostly eat a vegan diet, Cooper and I are veggie. So vegans look away.

Cooper does enjoy eggs. He particularly likes a cheese omelette, which he's a dab hand at making (I just flip it for him). He's gone off quiche recently, but he still loves dippy egg and soldiers (soft boiled egg with toast fingers) for breakfast.

He does likes these picnic eggs, although my child loves anything that sounds like it might be a part of buffet or picnic. He loves to be presented with a spread of tasty food so he can help himself to something from each dish.

He recently admitted to us that he only likes movie night on a rainy Sunday afternoon because of the buffet. He says he isn't bothered about the movies. He leave us speechless sometimes.


Chickpea and Vegetable Picnic Hand Pies (vegan)

Roast vegetables, chickpeas and hummus encased in golden flaky puff pastry. Perfect for a picnic or lunch. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans or a dairy free diet. www.tinnedtomatoes.com

There's something rather special about a hand pie. A hand held meal encased in the most flaky, golden puff pastry. I don't have anything against shortcrust pastry, but puff is definitely my favourite.

These are a must for your next picnic, or even just for lunch.

They are a doddle to make and a luxury to eat.

And the surprising thing about these are they are made from a trip down the freezer aisle in Iceland. I first succumbed to their foil trays of Mediterranean vegetables in a basil dressing when I made my Easy Mediterranean Tarts. I just couldn't resist using them again. In fact all the ingredients came from Iceland.

Can you add hummus to pies?

Why yes indeed? To add an extra layer of flavour I added a thick layer of hummus to the base of these pies, then topped them with roast vegetables, chickpeas and herbs. I finished them with more pastry and decorated them with little leaves and baked them until golden.

How do you use frozen puff pastry?

Take your frozen puff pastry out of the freezer the night before you want to use it and pop in the fridge. When you are nearly ready to use it, sit it on a plate for half an hour so it comes to room temperature for best results. This will give you time to prepare your other ingredients.

How do you glaze a vegan puff pastry pie?

No egg wash here though folks, Just brush them with a little soya or nut  milk and it works really well to give them a golden finish, so no need for eggs.

 Related - Easy Hummus Recipe 

We tucked into these puff pastry pies while they were still warm, but they have lots of flavour when they are served cold too.

I'm now thinking of the second block of pastry in the freezer and the bag of frozen red fruits I bought in Iceland too and thinking a fruity hand pie topped with a cloud of icing sugar might be rather wonderful too.

I have more puff pastry ideas both savoury and sweet in my 25 Awesome Puff Pastry Recipes for Vegans.

Flaky chickpea and vegetable hand pies on a picnic rug

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Roast vegetables, chickpeas and hummus encased in golden flaky puff pastry. Perfect for a picnic or lunch. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans or a dairy free diet. www.tinnedtomatoes.com
Chickpea and Vegetable Picnic Hand Pies
Roast vegetables, chickpeas and hummus encased in golden flaky puff pastry. Perfect for a picnic or lunch.
  • 500g puff pastry
  • 500g Iceland Mediterranean Vegetables in a Basil Seasoning
  • 400g tin of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 150g hummus
  • 1 tbsp frozen coriander (or fresh)
  • a good grinding black pepper
  • enough soya milk to brush the pastry
1. Take your puff pastry out of the freezer the night before and pop in the fridge. When you come in from work, take it out of the wrapper and sit on a plate for half an hour while you do other things. I haven't included this time in the cooking time.2. Preheat the oven to 220c/ 200c fan/425f/gas mark 7. Once heated pop the mediterranean veg into the oven for 25-30 minutes. Remove the lid but keep in the foil tray.3. Once the veg is out of the oven, leave it to cool a little, then mix in the chickpeas and herbs and season with black pepper.4. Roll the pastry out quite thinly, then cut out circles. I used a small bowl as a cutter, but the size is up to you.5. Place half the circles of pastry on a baking tray and spread thickly with hummus. Leave a border around the edge.6. Pile the vegetables and chickpeas onto the hummus.7. Stretch the circles for the lids a little so they will drape beautifully over the filling.8. Press down the edges, then crimp with a fork. Add decorations with the leftover pastry. A little water will stick the pastry shapes on.9. Cut three small slits in the pies to let out steam, then brush them with a little soya milk and bake for 30-35 minutes until crisp and golden.10. Enjoy!
Total time:
Yield: Makes 6 pies (depending on size)

I made this recipe as part of Iceland Foods #PowerOfFrozen campaign.

Here are a few more recipes to make after a trip down Iceland's freezer aisles.

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BBQ Waffle S'mores - Foodie Quine

Iceland have a website called Power of Frozen with lots of facts and ideas about frozen food. Do check it out and follow the conversation with #poweroffrozen

Disclosure: This recipe was developed for Iceland. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.

Sticky Red Onion & Sausage Bake with Gravy (vegan)

Sticky Red Onion & Sausage Bake with a Rich Gravy (vegan) www.tinnedtomatoes.com

I've made this bake a few times. Graham and Cooper both love vegan sausages and this is a way of serving them that's more interesting and more of a meal than serving them plain.

I particularly like this dish because it takes hardly any preparation. The most I have to do is peel potatoes to serve with it.

With this dish I can put a substantial and healthy meal on the table on a weeknight and feel like a domestic goddess. I have to admit weeknights don't usually look like this. You'll generally see me making pasta, soup, dal or toasties with salad. Nothing complicated or time consuming. Just an easy meal that doesn't take too long.

To make this bake the red onions and sausages are roasted in the oven. When they are crisp and brown I add a rich gravy and pop it back in the oven while I cook potatoes for mash. I serve the bake with mashed potato and peas for a comfort-on-a-plate dinner. It's really, really tasty and would please the most hesitant veggie.

I use Linda McCartney Sausages which are suitable for vegans and a mixture of a gravy pot and vegetable stock cubes for the gravy. You could use your favourite sausages and make your own gravy if you like, these are my weeknight shortcuts.

I do hope you give this one a try. I'm sure you'll love it, my boys do and so do I.

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Sticky Red Onion & Sausage Bake with Gravy (vegan)
An easy vegan sausage and red onion bake in a rich gravy. A simple bake that's easy to make on a weeknight. Serve with mashed potato and peas for the ultimate comfort dish.
  • a generous spray of rapeseed oil
  • 12 frozen vegan sausages
  • 4 red onions
  • 1 gravy stock pot
  • 2 vegetable stock cubes
  • 500ml/2 cups boiling water
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • a good grinding of black pepper
1. Preheat the oven to 220c/200c fan/425f/Gas 7.2. Peel and quarter the onions, then place them in a roasting tray with the sausages. Give them a generous spray of rapeseed oil, then toss them to coat.3. Bake for 25-30 minutes until starting to brown.4. Pour 500ml of boiling water into a jug or bowl and add the gravy pot, stock cubes and thyme and stir until dissolved.5. Pour the gravy over the sausages and onions, then season with black pepper and pop back in the oven for another 20-25 minutes until the gravy has thickened.6. Serve with mash and peas.7. Enjoy!
Total time:
Yield: Serves 3-4

I priced this bake using supermarket ingredients. It costs just 58p per serving.

1 tbsp rapeseed oil = 5p
12 frozen veggie sausages = £1.50
3 red onions = 26p
1 vegetable gravy stock pot = 36p
2 value vegetable stock cubes = 6p
1 tsp dried thyme = 10p

Total = £2.33 (58p x 4 servings)

If you like this dish, you may like some of my other bakes

Veggie Sausage, Lentil and Red Pepper Bake


Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (4 July 2016)

Happy Monday everyone.

Did you have a good weekend?

Cooper finished school for the summer on Friday so I picked him up at lunchtime and we had a saunter into town, a good browse around the bookshop, with a few purchases made then we treated ourselves to some lunch before having a stroll and finding some of the 50 Oor Wullie Statues scattered around Dundee right now. It was nice to have that time together, just the two of us.

The working week has started again, so it's time for me to think about what I'll cook this week.  As usual I've been offered up lots of inspiration from all the bloggers who submitted a veggie recipe this week. I hope you leave inspired too. The featured photo this week is from VNutrition.


7 Summer Salads, Sunshine for your Table

It's summer but it can be rather cool and damp at times, so I was expecting a fair few soups this month, however everyone is being super optimistic about the sunny days of summer we long for. The few days of sunshine and heat seem to be keeping us going.

To bring a bit of sunshine to your table I'd like to share seven glorious salads with you from some lovely bloggers from around the world.

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