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Summer Polish Raspberry Beer with Raspberry Syrup

 Looking for a refreshing drink for summer? Try this popular Polish raspberry beer made with raspberry syrup.

Summer Polish Raspberry Beer with Raspberry Syrup.

Summer Polish Raspberry Beer with Raspberry Syrup

Polish raspberry beer is a popular and refreshing summer drink that's quick to make and perfect for berry lovers and beer enthusiasts.

A Polish friend told me about this simple raspberry drink years ago and I've made it occasionally over the years, especially if I buy some beer or lager to make beer bread like my olive beer bread.

The leftover beer just calls out to be made into a simple beer cocktail.

Talking of Polish friends, for some more authentic Polish recipes check out my friend Ren Behan's website, she has two gorgeous Polish cookbooks out as well as the recipes on her blog.

Does it have to be beer or can you use lager?

This fruit beer can be made with beer or lager.

It's traditionally made with beer in Poland, but it's just as good made with lager, so you can use either.

Whichever you decide to use, you'll love this summer drink.

It's the perfect drink when you are sitting in the sun or if you're having a BBQ or picnic with friends.

Heck, it's a good choice for movie night too!

Lowicz Raspberry Syrup.

Do you have to make a sugar syrup?

Most cocktails include a simple syrup made with sugar, well sweet cocktails do, but you don't need to make one for Polish raspberry beer, which is a bonus.

It's actually made with a raspberry syrup.

And, you will find it in the Polish section of your local supermarket.

If your local grocery store doesn't have a Polish section, then look in the world section.

You can also buy this Polish syrup online, but all the major supermarkets stock it and it's not expensive.

Lowicz Raspberry Syrup

Lowicz raspberry syrup is the Polish Raspberry Syrup I buy.

It's made in Poland, it's free from preservatives and it has no added colorants or artificial sweeteners.

It has added Vitamin C and it's suitable for vegans.

All round it's a good option.

Summer Raspberry Lager Cooler - Polish recipe.

Variations to the basic recipe

This is the easiest recipe, but you can tweak this raspberry beer (or raspberry lager) to finish with a slightly different drink.

Here are a few ideas for these cooling alcoholic brews.

  1. Fresh raspberries - like Sangria, you can add fresh raspberries
  2. Mint - add a sprig of fresh mint when serving, it goes well with the raspberry, adds a pop of flavour and makes it look a bit more fancy
  3. Ice cubes - look away beer or lager connoisseurs, this tip isn't for you, but it's so nice on a hot summer's day
  4. Fresh raspberry juice - alternatively, you could blend fresh raspberries and add them to the beer for more of a cocktail
  5. Lemon juice - a wee squeeze of lemon to perk up the flavours
  6. Fresh lime juice - instead of lemon juice
  7. Pineapple juice - a friend suggested this and I think it would work really well with lager and raspberry syrup
Also, for a complete twist, try this recipe with cider or alcoholic ginger beer instead of beer.

Homemade Raspberry Beer Recipe.

Can you make a non-alcoholic version?

You can definitely make a no-alcohol version of this Polish raspberry beer.

Just use non-alcoholic beer or lager.

You'll still get the flavour and something a bit special to drink when you're drinking with friends, but no alcohol.

Making a soft drink version for children

You can make a version of this raspberry drink for the kids too.

You could use non-alcoholic ginger beer, the fizzy soft drink type.

To make it a bit sweeter, try adding some freshly squeezed orange juice or some of your breakfast orange juice.

You could also use ginger ale (which is non-alcoholic) for kids or just serve them orange juice with the raspberry syrup.

Kids deserve a tasty mocktail when adults are having a cocktail or beer.

Raspberry beer recipe.

What to serve raspberry lager in?

You have a few choices when you are serving raspberry beer or lager.

  • Pint glass - one for the lads
  • Scooner - a scooner is a tall glass that serves about 425ml (15 oz), a bit like a high ball glass
  • Wine glass - a bit more elegant
  • Gin glass - or cocktail glass
  • Champagne flutes  - if you want to be fancy, I would add a raspberry or two and a sprig of mint if serving it in a wine glass, cocktail glass or champagne flute
Of course, some bars sell cold drinks like this in jam jars, I've never known why. 

I suppose it's a bit of a gimmick, but not the nicest vessel to drink out of.

I think I'll keep my jam jars for my small batch salad dressings, like my creamy Italian dressing.

Raspberry Beer Cocktail served with pistachios.

What to serve with raspberry beer cocktail

You need a salty snack when you're serving alcoholic beverages, so here are a few ideas of what to serve with this traditional Eastern European drink.

I'm sure you'll have a few good ideas too!

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Polish raspberry beer or raspberry lager recipe.

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Yield: 1 raspberry beer
Author: Jacqueline Meldrum
Summer Polish Raspberry Beer with Raspberry Syrup

Summer Polish Raspberry Beer with Raspberry Syrup

Looking for a refreshing drink for summer? Try this popular Polish raspberry beer made with raspberry syrup.
Prep time: 2 MinTotal time: 2 Min


  • 300ml (11 oz) beer (or lager), more or less than this is fine too
  • 1 tablespoon raspberry syrup
  • 1 sprig mint (optional)


  1. Pour your beer or lager into a tall glass (to stop it frothing up too much tilt your glass and pour gently down the glass, that's how bar tender's do it)
  2. Add raspberry syrup, how much you add it up to you and depending on how you like it, with a light raspberry flavour or a stronger fruity flavour. Add some taste it, then add more if necessary.
  3. Top with a sprig of mint to serve (optional).


  1. Use as much or as little beer or lager as you like and add the raspberry syrup to taste.
  2. Raspberry syrup can be found in the Polish section in supermarkets.
  3. On a hot summer's day, you can add ice cubes.
  4. You can make a non-alcoholic version with alcohol beer or lager.
  5. Try a twist on this recipe with alcoholic ginger beer or cider.
  6. For a soft drink, use non-alcoholic ginger beer or ginger ale instead of beer or lager. This makes a good mocktail for kids and adding orange juice will sweeten it.

Nutrition Facts



Fat (grams)

0.11 g

Sat. Fat (grams)

0 g

Carbs (grams)

20.93 g

Fiber (grams)

1.04 g

Net carbs

19.89 g

Sugar (grams)

19.67 g

Protein (grams)

0.22 g

Sodium (milligrams)

3.5 mg

Cholesterol (grams)

0 mg


  1. Jacqs told me about this ages ago and me and my (grown up) daughter often enjoy this fruity beer. Highly recommended. Jill x

    1. I am so glad you both enjoy it. No idea why I never thought of sharing it on here before now.

  2. Love this recipe, so easy and fruity. Going to look for that raspberry syrup tomorrow.

    1. Oh yes do, it's really good and not expensive either.

  3. My Polish girlfriend makes this and I really like it. I was looking for the name of the syrup when I came across your recipe.

    1. Oh brilliant and yes it is good. You will find the syrup in most supermarkets in the Polish section.

  4. The perfect drink to enjoy with a bowl of nuts. Nice! (Ginny 😊)

    1. Haha yes definitely, although don't mention nuts. People in my Facebook group Living on the Veg have been going crazy posting photos of bowls of nuts!

  5. The vibrant berry flavors perfectly balanced the refreshing beer, making it an ideal drink for warm afternoons. This unique blend is now my go-to summer beverage, and I can't recommend it enough!

    1. I'm glad you like it and yes perfect fir the Sumner although we have had a very wet Sumner hear so far.

  6. Anyway that I can use raspberries I will! We tried this recipe with ginger beer as suggested and it was fabulous. I would absolutely make this again!

    1. Oh yes it's good with ginger beer and fresh raspberries added too.

  7. What a simple beer cocktail to make, but so delicious and refreshing too! Loved it, thanks

    1. It really is super easy, so easy I thought twice about posting it but it seemed a shame not to share it.

  8. This sounds like such an incredible twist on a lager top with lime. Refreshing beer cocktail!


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