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Easy Vegan Rice Recipes for Lunch or Dinner

Rice should be a part of a healthy diet and these easy vegan rice recipes are a good place to start for a main course, a side dish or a dessert that everyone will love.

A spoonful of rice topped with roast veg.

Why rice?

Rice is an important part of the diet for a fifth of the world's population and there is a good reason for that.

It's cheap, nutritious and filling.

Rice is gluten-free, easy to digest and a good source of carbohydrates for energy,

It also includes fibre, manganese, selenium, magnesium and B vitamins.

So it's always a good choice.

Uncooked basmati rice in a bowl.

Which type of rice?

There are three main types of rice, long grained rice, medium grained rice and short grained rice and they all have different qualities for different styles of dishes.

Some are firm and fluffy, while others are soft, sticky or creamy.

It's important to make the right choice when you're cooking rice for different dishes and even for dessert.

1. Long Grained Rice

This is probably the most cooked rice type, that everyone will have in their store cupboard or pantry.

Long grain rice is often just sold as white long-grain rice or white rice, but this category of rice also includes brown rice, jasmine and the ever popular basmati rice.

Each grain is long in shape and holds that shape as it cooks.

Well-cooked long-grain rice should be fluffy but firm and you should see the individual grains.

It's a good rice to serve on the side with curry, tagines, stews or Mexican dishes, but it's also the perfect rice to serve in a baked dish or casserole.

2. Medium Grained Rice

This type of rice has a fatter grain that produces moist, chewy rice that is either sticky or creamy when cooked.

Think of risotto rice like arboria or valencia which are creamy when cooked in a risotto or bomba which is paella rice.

3. Short Grained Rice

Short grain rice has a thicker grain, much thicker than either long-grained or medium-grained rice.

It is called short-grained rice, sushi rice or pudding rice.

It's soft and plump when cooked and is used for making sticky rice for sushi or for making a creamy rice pudding for dessert.

Veggie sausage & brown rice casserole in a shallow pan.

Is brown rice healthier?

Brown rice contains more fibre than white rice, so at first glance, it looks healthier however, there have been more tests done on the benefits to animals than humans.

One of the disadvantages is that brown rice contains more dietary arsenic, which is bad news in large doses.

Reference: National Library of Medicine study Arsenic in brown rice: do the benefits outweigh the risks.

From all the reading I've done on the topic, I would say include brown rice in your diet for the benefits but choose white rice more often.

As they say, everything in moderation.

 Tips for leftover rice

Bacteria can build on rice that is left out, so it's important to treat it with care to avoid an upset stomach or food poisoning.

  1. Serve rice as soon as it's cooked.
  2. If you aren't serving it right away, cool it and store in an airtight container in the fridge within an hour of cooking (I would say as soon as you can).
  3. Any rice left at room temperature a long time or overnight should be binned.
  4. Eat the chilled rice within 24 hours of chilling it, either reheated or served in a salad.
  5. Reheat thoroughly until piping hot and serve right away.
  6. Only reheat rice once! That's an important tip, so remember that if you have leftover fried rice from your local Chinese takeaway.
  7. If you buy ready-cooked rice, like a rice salad, follow the use by date and chill as soon as you get it home.

Easy Vegan Rice Recipes for Lunch or Dinner

Rice is an easy way to bulk out a fuss-free dinner with simple ingredients and minimal effort.

These easy vegan rice dishes are dinners that the whole family will love.

They are a healthy food option that are budget friendly too.

They are all dairy-free, egg-free, plant-based and vegan.

I'll be updating this page with new recipes as they are published from this website (Tinned Tomatoes) and any rice lunch recipes from The Vegan Lunchbox, so do bookmark the page to return to.

Vegetable Paella in a pan with lemon wedges.

An easy recipe for vegetable paella with lots of fresh vegetables and the flavours of Spain. 

Cooked with basmati rice for a quick cook instead of the more common paella rice (bomba Spanish rice), but just as tasty!

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A one-dish rice bake topped with roasted vegetables. 

The easiest way to cook rice and get it right every time. Even better, the vegetables roast at the same time as the rice cooks.

Less work and less washing up!
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Potato, leek and rice soup in a bowl.

3. Potato, Leek & Rice Soup with Spinach

A simple recipe for a potato and rice soup with added spinach. 

It may have double carbs, but it's also doubly delicious and the rice makes the soup more filling and adds a nice texture.
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Vegan meatball rice bake in a baking dish.

4. Easy Meatball Rice Bake

This easy vegan meatball rice bake is a delicious one-pot dinner that's simple to make, with less time in the kitchen and less washing up.

A great way to make an effortless main dish in one pan.

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Dirty chickpea rice served with a spicy bean burger and mac and cheese.

5. Chickpea Dirty Rice

The most delicious rice you've ever tasted. This Chickpea Dirty Rice is easy to make and full of flavour.

I like to serve it with spicy bean burgers and mac and cheese, but it's a good side dish with lots of meals or even just served on it's own for lunch.

Much more exciting than plain rice!
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Tofu fried rice in a skillet.

6. Tofu Fried Rice with Vegetables

An easy recipe for tofu fried rice with vegetables in a fresh sweet & sour sauce. 

Made with microwave rice for a quick lunch or dinner that's on the table fast, but with lots of flavour and added protein from the crispy tofu.

I like to use extra firm tofu as you don't have to press it, so nice and quick!
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Mushroom Rice Bake spooned out of a baking dish.

7. Mushroom Rice Bake

An oven-baked mushroom rice casserole with gravy and herbs. 

No pre-cooking, just layer and bake for an easy dinner.

The perfect recipe for mushroom lovers.

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Easy Vegan Rice Recipes for Lunch or Dinner.

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Vegan Sausage, red Pepper & Brown Rice Casserole.

8. Vegan Sausage, Red Pepper & Brown Rice Casserole

An easy rich rice, red pepper and sausage casserole. 

This brown rice casserole is a one-pot dish with a tomato and spiced sauce. 

Make sure you have some crusty bread to mop it up!
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Mushroom and leek risotto served with a glass of white wine.

9. Creamy Mushroom & Leek Risotto

A creamy leek and mushroom risotto recipe, with tips on how to make the perfect risotto.

Such a comforting dish! Serve it with homemade garlic bread and a glass of crisp white wine.

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Southern style rice in a cast iron pan.

10. Southern Style Rice

A quick and spicy rice dish. 

Tomatoes, peppers and courgette are complimented by a range of herbs and spices.

Low fat and low calorie. Great if you are following the fast diet.
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Sweet & Sour Tofu Rice Bake.

11. Sweet & Sour Tofu Rice Bake

Sweet & sour tofu rice bake is a one-pot Chinese-style meal cooked in the oven. 

The tofu (a great plant-based protein), vegetables, rice, and sweet and sour sauce are all cooked together in one dish for a fuss-free family dinner.
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Mexican Burgers with Rice.

12. Mexican Burgers with Rice

A super simple recipe that makes four tasty Vegan Mexican Burgers made with rice, kidney beans, red bell pepper and spring onions (green onions).

Feel free to add more spice if you like burgers spicy!
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Creamy Rice Pudding with Toffee Bananas.

13. Creamy Rice Pudding with Toffee Bananas

A creamy rice pudding made with plant-based milk, topped with slices of soft banana in a gorgeous hot toffee sauce.

Comforting and delicious.
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Rice pudding with raspberry compote.

14. Creamy Rice Pudding with Raspberry Compote

A luxuriously creamy rice pudding topped with an easy raspberry compote.

The perfect dessert made with sweet seasonal berries.
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Rice pudding with boozy blueberry compote.

15. Creamy Rice Pudding with a Boozy Blueberry Compote

This is a creamy rice pudding that can be made extra luxurious with milk and vegan double cream or a little kinder on the waistline oat or almond milk. 

Topped with a compote of wine and cinnamon soaked blueberries or cranberries.

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So next time you are staring at that bag of rice in your cupboard, don't just boil it and serve it plain, pop over here and try something different.


  1. I'm so pleased you put all your rice recipes in one place. It makes them much easier to find.

    1. I did think it may be useful. I hope you find some recipes to try.

  2. I cannot believe how many of these I have tried and loved of course already Jaqs, a few for me to try though. Jill x

    1. I am not surprised you have already tried some of these Jill. You are always trying my recipes. I hope you enjoy some new ones from the collection.

  3. Loads of inspiration here and they all look so good. Now where to start? (Ginny 😘)

    1. Enjoy any that you try Ginny and remember to save the page.

  4. Rice is such a versatile ingredient in a healthy diet, and this roundup of easy vegan rice recipes is the perfect inspiration! I tried the Creamy Mushroom & Leek Risotto, and it was absolutely delicious. The flavors were perfectly balanced, and it was a hit at my dinner table.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the risotto and I did hope it would be helpful yo have all the rice recipes in one place.

  5. Rice is such a reliable staple. Thanks for collecting these recipes.

    1. Yes it definitely is. I hope you found some inspiration.

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    1. Oh yes that's a good idea and I will add to the list.

  7. What a great list! My favorite is the Mexican Burger with rice!

    1. Oh yes it is rather yummy and very easy to make.

  8. Amazing collection of rice recipes for vegan diet. Thanks for sharing.

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