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Chilli Bake

It's another dreich day here in Scotland. We were lucky enough to enjoy some sun at the weekend, but we are back on track and the rain is pouring down. Just the weather for ducks and comfort food. To heck with salads today!

This recipe is more of a serving suggestion, than a recipe, but I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

* First of all I baked some large potatoes.
* While the potatoes were baking I made a batch of veggie chilli.
* Once the potatoes were cooked, I cut them into wedges and put them back in the oven to crisp off.
* Then I filled a large ovenproof dish with potato wedges, covered the potatoes with a generous layer of chilli and then a layer of grated mozzarella.
* I popped the dish back in the oven for 20 minutes until the cheese had melted and was lovely and golden.

Serves 4 - 6

Serve with lots of lovely vegetables or salad and garlic bread.

Veggie Chilli

1 tbsp olive oil
I onion, cut in half and sliced into half moons
2 red chillis, sliced finely, keep seeds in for heat
2 tsp dried red chilli flakes
2 tsp cumin
500g mushrooms, sliced
454g frozen Soya Mince
1/2 pint vegetable stock
3 cans chopped tomatoes
2 cans kidney beans, rinsed
1 can cannellini beans
1 tube tomato puree
3 tbsp Green & Blacks Cocoa
1 handful fresh coriander, chopped

Saute the onions in olive oil, then add the chilli peppers, chilli flakes and cumin.

Next add the mushrooms. Once they are soft, pour in the soya mince. Give the mince a good stir, so that is is well coated in the oil and any juices from the mushrooms, then pour in the vegetable stock.

Add the chopped tomatoes, bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer. Cover and leave to simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Stir in the beans, the tomato puree and the cocoa powder. Cover and leave to cook for another 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Season with salt and freshly ground pepper and add the fresh coriander.


* in a chilli bake
* in tortilla wraps with salad leaves, sour cream and cheddar
* with rice, guacamole and sour cream
* in a baked potato topped with grated cheddar
* with mashed potato and vegetables (it's a Graham thing!)
* with nachos/tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream and cheddar
* on a veggie burger in a roll, topped with cheese and eaten very carefully
* mixed through pasta

So, you don't need to worry if you have chilli leftover, once you have made your chilli bake. It can be kept in the fridge for a few days or frozen.


  1. Lovely recipe Jacqueline. Now I know how to make good use of my chillies. Best wishes.

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  3. Sounds wonderful — will file it away for when it's cool enough to use the oven again! I love the idea of potatoes in a chili bake.

  4. Now you really know how to make a girl feel hungry - especially when she's just got back from work and is already very hungry!

  5. I can imagine just the weather. We holidayed in Scotland recently and had drizzle or downpours most days. When it was raining though... sigh. The novelty hasn't worn off yet and whenever we drive anywhere we sign and joke 'it ain't no Scotland with a wistful look in our eye!
    Your bake looks scrummy and and I'm off to rummage around in my freezer to see what I can have with my spuds...

  6. This is my favourite kind of meal - just delicious Jac! Hope it brightens in Bonny Scotland soon :)

  7. It is really good Andrea. I wish we had some of your hot weather. Can you send some this way?

    Sorry Choclette. You should know by now not to look at food blogs when you are hungry, it is a dangerous business :)

    Hey Nic, let me know if you come up with another concoction :)

    Thanks Lucie :)

  8. i love the addition of the cocoa to the chilli. I bet thats what makes it.

  9. Would we live anywhere else? Lol. There are days I do wonder why I moved fromt he other side of the world!! This dish looks just the ticket for beating off the grey mood the weatehr brings though.

  10. looks like a hearty dish just right for dreich weather - our weather sounds much the same as yours - wet and miserable - E was saying it was ideal for curling up indoors with a book if one had the time! if only ...

  11. We've had a bit of good weather recently, so am saving this recipe for the inevitable downturn!!

  12. I like the versatility you provide at the end with the different options that we can do with this dish. I'll have to try the mashed potatoes thing.

  13. On dreary days this is the perfect comfort food!!


  14. That looks so warming and comforting - perfect for when the summer weather disappears. And thanks for introducing the word dreich to my vocabulary. I'd never heard it before, but, having looked up the meaning, I can see it's going to be very useful!

  15. What a brilliant idea, so simple! It looks great.

  16. It sounds like a very comforting dish Jacqueline.I can't wait for fall.

  17. I am eating leftovers right now of this and it's still delicious. Husband approved, this will stay in my regular recipe rotation. To me it's like enchiladas without the work of rolling them up! Easy, quick, I made the recipe as-is and we loved it! Yum!

  18. This is such a simple yet brilliant idea Jacqueline!! What great comfort food.

  19. Jac - we've finally launched our chocolate challenge. thank you so much for all your help. Hope we haven't pinched too many of your ideas. Actually I think I may have pinched all of them!

  20. d-rool! if it wasn't 95 degrees here, i'd be eating this at every meal! as it is, i'll stick to having it or something similar just once a day. :)

  21. Yummie, such a nice the idea of soya in it.

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  23. Bad lady - I saw, I liked, I made for lunch today. And here I was, trying to be 'good' with salad (but, as you say, dreich and miserable).

  24. It really makes a difference to the flavour Maybelle's Mom, it makes it fuller and less tomatoey.

    I feel deja vu. I have answered most of your comments already, but it obviously didn't post. Oh well!

    I think you are mad Chele, just think of all the lovely sun you are missing :)

    I know Johanna, free time just goes straight out of the window.

    You know it will happen Brownieville Girl, if one thing can be depended on, it is that the weather in the UK sucks!

    I am sure you will enjoy it TB, Graham says it is the ultimate comfort food :)

    It is Maria, just perfect :)

    It's a good word isn't it Nora? We use it alot here in Scotland :)

    Thanks Kerri :)

    Don't wish it here to soon Val :)

    Aww, thanks for leaving a comment Sarah and letting me know you tried it and it was a great success. It lets me know I was right to post it. It was one of those throw together dishes that I wasn't sure about posting. :)

    Thanks Ashley :)

    No, no, you are welcome Choclette, it is going to be a great challenge. It is up on The Food Blog Diary :)

    I know you are probably sick of it Grace, but I would love to enjoy some of your lovely weather :)

    This is the way I always make it Julianna, although I m sure it would be great with just beans.

    I am glad you tried it Lynn and I am about to delete that comment. More spam I am afraid and it seems like they are using a new technique and saying something cheeky, so people will go see who they are. Gits!

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  29. This is a genius way to serve chilli & wedges - definitely going to serve this one up for the family as I know they will love it!

    1. It is great Helen. I saw a meaty version in a supermarket and knew I had to make my own version.

  30. My goodness, this seems to be the post to spam on. Just a note spammers, I get an email for every comment, so you will be instantly deleted. #wastingyourowntime


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