Strawberry & Banana Muffins

I had to make these muffins as soon as I saw them over at For The Love of Cooking. Aren't they gorgeous?

Right away I thought they would make a lovely healthy snack for Cooper. He did enjoy them. I did too! They are slightly dense, as banana muffins often are, but the lovely little bites of fresh strawberries are wonderful. Although my friend Andrew wouldn't agree. He hates strawberries. Strange boy!

I won't publish the recipe as I haven't asked for permission, but you can find the recipe here.


  1. I don't think I've ever made muffins with strawberries in them, Jacqueline. They look like they hold up nicely. Love banana muffins anyway, this just adds to the goodness.

    BTW: I voted for you! :)

  2. Awwwww, thanks Barbara. it seems a bit of a waste of a time when you see how many votes the people at the top have, but it was nice to be nominated.

    I will be adding fresh strawberries more often now :)

  3. Strawberries and bananas, what an excellent combo.

  4. Yeah! I am so glad you guys liked them... we thought they were fantastic. Thanks for the shout out and link back to my site.

  5. Mmm... these look just lovely! :)

  6. Sweet and healthy! I love the pink strawberry plus the pink cupcake case; it is very pretty.

  7. Yum! I love banana type cakes and strawberries too.


  8. Since I've been on a strawberry kick lately because we have and abundance of srawberries growing in S. Florida, this would be a perfect dessert.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. It is a good combo TB and one I will try again :)

    That's ok Pam. We did enjoy them :)

    Thanks Michelle :)

    I am glad I had those cases. I didn't think about it too much at the time, but it does look pretty :)

    These muffins are your colours Rose :)

    We haven't hit the best part of the season yet for Strawberries Elizabet, but I still can't resist them :)

  10. These look lovely - I can imagine the flavours work really well together

    BTW - how funny is that about Lisa winning your B&D Comp too - clearly fate wants her to have those magazines!

  11. simply divine... I love the combo of banana and strawberry, it reminds me of being a kid for some reason... lovely recipe x

  12. Love the sound and look of these muffins. I bet adding some white chocolate would be really delish!


  13. Just the one word ... Bookmarked!

  14. They look like a tasty little treat Jac - lovely for the summer weather we've been having!

  15. I love strawberries, but quite particular about how I want to eat them. lol. Prefer them fresh in a cream cake or homemade jam, rather than in baked goods. I'm a bit strange. You've made me want to make muffins though... lemon or banana.. or both?

  16. Have just got some strawberries, now to the kitchen to give these lovely muffins a go. I have just voted for you on Babble..good luck x

  17. wow, what a great combo, I could eat quite a few of those right now!

  18. Thanks Liz :)

    She was definitely meant to get those magazines CC, which reminds me, I said, I would send her a little something instead. Better get it sorted today.

    Thanks Dom, although I cn't take any credit for anything other than trying them :)

    Thanks Katie :)

    Oh boy, Maria, little bits of white chocolate in these muffins would be just perfect :)

    Good stuff Chele :)

    Well our lovely weather is a bit on or off, but it is much better C :)

    It is a great combination Akheela :)

    Hey LF, oh well, at least you enjoy strawberries :)

    Thanks for the vote Lisa :)

    Me too Nic, wish I had one now :)

  19. Thanks for posting the link to the recipe, they made my mouth water just looking at them.
    Think I will have to make them :) x

  20. looks lovely indeed! i love banana muffins, i prefer raspberries before strawberries, but this will do i think...;)


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