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Sangria at La Tasca

I always thought I had a rough idea how to make Sangria. I have never tried to make it until now and it turns out I really didn't know how to make it after all.

Now I have the recipe for a traditional Sangria after a visit to La Tasca in Glasgow.

La Tasca in Glasgow was having a relaunch and they invited myself and a few other Scottish bloggers along for a visit.


La Tasca Spanish Tapas Bar & Kitchen
39-43 Renfield Street
Glasgow, G2 1JS

Who was there:

It was a small gathering, but a good one.

Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen
Claire from A Kiss of Cookies
Briony and her husband Graeme from The Glasgow Food Blog
Emma and Mark from Food & Drink Glasgow.
Becca our lovely PR and Suzanne the manager of La Tasca, who looked after us very well.


Jamón ibérico carving ( I skipped this)

Sangria Materclass

Menu Tasting

The restaurant was easy to find and just a few minutes walk from Buchanan Street. I was surprised how busy the restaurant was on a Wednesday evening. It had a real buzz to it and the low lighting and warm colours made it very inviting.
Suzie and Becca welcomed Claire and myself, the last to arrive and furnished us with drinks. We had a chance to meet everyone then it was on to Jamón ibérico carving. As you can imagine, I skipped this one and just enjoyed looking around and sipping my drink. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience, although Claire gave it a miss as she was scared of losing a finger.

Next up it was sangria making with Carlos. Carlos taught us to make traditional sangria and cava sangria. The Cava sangria was rather special and we also tasted a Rose Sangria. I would quite happily sip away at all of them. Suzie told me that you can actually go wild with sangria and make it with all sorts of flavours even baileys.

Here are a few more unusual sangria recipes I found online:

* Baileys Red Sangria
* Ginger Sangria
* Summer Fruit Sangria
* Strawberry Rosemary Sangria

Carlos and Emma (Food & Drink Glasgow)

Carlos and Briony (The Glasgow Food Blog)
Me making a Cava Sangria
Briony, Carlos and Janice (Farmersgirl Kitchen)

print recipe

Traditional Sangria
A traditional Sangria from Spain. This easy recipe makes enough for one generous glass of sangria.
  • 3 ice cubes
  • a good spoonful of freshly chopped fruit (apples and oranges are good)
  • 25ml spirit mixture - equal parts of triple sec, vodka & rum
  • 10ml gomme syrup (sugar syrup)
  • 100ml red wine
  • 75ml lemonade
1. Place three ice cubes in a red wine glass.2. Add a scoop of chopped fruit.3. Pour in the spirits, sugar syrup, wine and then lemonade and stir with a swizzle stick.4. Enjoy, then pour yourself another.
Total time: Yield: 1 glass

After our sangria masterclass, we were seated at a table and the tasting began. Dish after dish of tapas arrived at our table. I didn't take mush notice of the meaty dishes, but I can tell you about the veggie dishes I tried.


Freshly baked bread- Spanish ciabatta, onion and olive- plus a crunchy torta (a crispy rosemary and thyme bread biscuit, made in Seville, with olive oil), served with an extra-virgin olive oil & sherry vinegar dip.
We started of with a bread board. I personally love dipping fresh bread into olive oil and vinegar, so this was a good start for me. The torta and thyme bread biscuit was really unusual, it was a crispy crumbly almost pastry like bread. 

Fried Potato, with spicy tomato sauce. (You can add cheese to this dish.)

You can never go wrong with a potato dish. I did enjoy this dish, but I have had better Patatas Bravas.


Spanish ciabatta, toasted with fresh garlic and olive oil and topped with Catalan sauce, rustica tomatoes and goat's cheese.

This Spanish style bruschetta, took bruschetta


Chestnut, button and porcini mushrooms, sautéed in garlic butter and white wine.

If you know me, then you know how much I love mushrooms. Enough said!


Hand-crumbed with three-month-aged-Manchego cheese and fresh spinach, served with roasted garlic mayonnaise. £4.25

These were a treat. Crispy on the outside and hot and gooey within. 


A creamy potato gratin, with baby spinach and blue Valdeón cheese.

Wonderful, I would have a portion all to myself, forget the sharing!

Claire and I shared a couple of desserts.


Hot chocolate sponge pudding, with a gooey chocolate centre, served with Madagascan vanilla gelato. £4.95 

A rich chocolate hit. I don't know if there was a gooey filling as I just had a taste from the edge. I know, I don't know what came over me. To be fair I was rather full at this point.


Classic zingy lemon tart, with crushed pistachio

Lemon in a dessert. It is always a temptation for me. This one was lovely and sharp rather than sweet. Just how it should be. 

Restaurant address:

La Tasca Spanish Tapas Bar & Kitchen
39-43 Renfield Street
Glasgow, G2 1JS  
Tel: 0141 204 5188

Manager: Suzanne Gilchrist

Opening times:

  • Monday – Saturday : 09:30 – 23:00
  • Sunday : 09:30 – 22:00

Thanks to Becca and Suzie and all the staff at La Tasca for making us very welcome. We had a great night out and I will definitely be visiting again on my next visit to Glasgow. Cooper will be trying out the children's menu and will enjoy collecting stamps in the little passport he was given.

Disclosure Statement: I was invited along to this restaurant to try their new menu. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


  1. Looks like you had a fab time! i love La Tasca, and thanks for the Sangria recipe!!

    1. It was great Clare. Hope you enjoy your Sangria :)

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog. We're delighted you had a good time and could try out the new menu. It looks like you're a dab hand at making Sangria too!

    See you again soon for a taste of Spain!

    1. Thanks for inviting us along, we had a great time and the food was fab :)

  3. Looks like a blast. Sorry I couldn't make it ;0(

    1. I was disappointed you weren't there Chele. We are thinking Edinburgh for the next one, if we can wangle it, so you can definitely think about coming :)

  4. It was very nice of La Tasca to invite you all. Wish i was still in Glasgow, so I could have been part of the team. Anyway, its Lovely to see Scottish food bloggers in front of the camera for a change.

    1. I know, it was just bad timing. Nice for us to have an outing and meet up :)

  5. Oh my! I missed pudding, I should complain to the train company for not putting on a later train! Was a brilliant evening, such a lot of fun and great to meet you at last.XXX

    1. I know, I would complain. We should have sorted out a doggie bag for you to eat on the train.

  6. I suspect that like you, I think I know more than I do about sangria - apart from how to appreciate a good glass of it - now thanks to your recipe I am a little wiser but not familiar with triple sec - sounds like a great time

    1. Triple Sec is an orange flavoured liquer, sometimes people replace it with cointreau. You can adapt the recipe, that was one thing I learned.

  7. Now there's a feast for you Jacqueline. This time of year I like to make Sangria with blood oranges. Love it!!!

    1. Oh yeah, now that does sound good. I never seem to see any blood oranges and they are so good!

  8. Sangria!! Does that mean Summer is on its way?! Lovely!

    1. Wouldn't that be lovely? I think we have to settle for Spring :)

  9. What a fabulous day you obviously had and GREAT food too!

    1. The food was excellent Karen. Even my Spanish friend was impressed by the menu :)

  10. I adore Spanish food, but have never drunk sangria (and me, from Essex too !)

    1. You should give it a try, but be prepared for how easy it goes down :)

  11. Hola! You had me at Sangria and I can see that Janice really enjoyed her glass of Sangria! What a big grin. I think we have one down south in Bath so I must look it up as I love Spain and their food.

  12. You are truly an artist! I can't wait to make some of these.


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