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15 Dishwasher Hacks and Saving Energy for a Week

I seem to be doing a lot of challenges this week. I must learn to say no. I think Graham would like me to learn to say no. He looks happy enough in this photo, but believe me he isn't impressed.

MoneySuperMarket asked me to take part in their One Week Energy Challenge. I haven't done any kind of challenge like this for years, but somehow I ended up saying yes. They wanted me to give up something for a week to save energy and money. 

I decided to sacrifice the dishwasher.

Graham is not happy!

Graham does the dishes.

I use a lot of dishes.


So how was the week? There were a lot of dirty dishes. Graham spent a lot of time doing the dishes each evening and apart from a dog walk little else was done. He is so slow at doing dishes, you wouldn't believe it. 

It also took a few nights to realise we also needed to buy a basin as the water kept gradually draining away taking even longer. He did not have a happy face and there was lots of muttering. I am not popular. 

We undoubtedly used less energy, but it took so long and we had to buy a basin so it wasn't a good saving. I definitely want my dishwasher back. Graham really, really wants the dishwasher back!

We love our dishwasher and here are some more reasons why:

15 Crazy Dishwasher Hacks. You can wash so much more than dishes in a dishwasher. Check out my guide for some nifty tips.

15 things you wouldn't expect to wash in a dishwasher .......

  1. Dishwashing cloth (throw it in the top tray with the dishes)
  2. Wellies
  3. Hairbrushes and combs
  4. Make up brushes (in a net bag)
  5. Action figures (in a net bag)
  6. Garden tools (not the ones with wooden handles)
  7. Potatoes and other dirt caked veg (no cleaning liquid and just a rinse wash)
  8. Lego (in a net bag)
  9. Dustpan and brush
  10. Fridge shelves 
  11. Salad drawer
  12. Gas cooker burner caps, pan supports and grill pans
  13. Rubber garden clogs
  14. Car floor mats
  15. Toothbrushes and tooth brush holder
Note: Remember don't clean these things at the same time as your dishes (except for no, 1, 10, 11 & 12) and  to clean your dishwasher regularly.

So do you wash anything unexpected in your dishwasher?

The MoneySuperMarket One Week Energy Challenge is about highlighting how we take prized possessions for granted and what happens when we don’t have those items anymore. 

For example, energy bills could be too high, so sacrifices have to be made and it’s no longer possible to afford to use a blender or laptop any more. Fortunately, MoneySuperMarket enables you to find the right energy deals for you to save money and keep your beloved items. Should you want to try and save more money, MoneySuperMarket can provide the best possible break down of energy providers to help save you further money by switching.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for MoneySuperMarket. I was not required to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Ooh, I can GUESS you weren't too popular this week!!!!

    I used to try and use the machine less, but you truly use MORE water washing by hand. I hadn't known that! So, we all learned something here: 1. Don't give up anything that has to do with your husband, 2. Wellies and action figures go nicely in the dishwasher and the wellies even stand upright if they're wee enough! (Good trick, that!)

    1. I know it's true you do! Point one yes I should think it through better next time and Point two not been brave enough to do the wellies yet, but action figures come up nicely.

  2. Oh my, I couldn't give up the dishwasher! Although Brian does the dishes here too, I think as soon as a machine is involved men believe they can do it better ;-) I am happy for that myth to continue as I hate doing dishes. We do the dishcloth and the brush for the pots but otherwise it's usually packed with dishes and no room for anything else. I have washed lego and duplo in a net back in the past.

    1. I don't think we will either unless we really have to. That's for sure!

  3. I married my dishwasher haha!! We've only had one since we had the kitchen done a couple of years back so it's quite a recent addition to our kitchen. That said I still wash a lot of stuff by hand if I don't want it buried in the dishwasher rest of the day - I prefer to fill ours completely and run it once at night. Graham doesn't look amused!

  4. Oh you are brave, I would not have dared.

    I put the dishcloth and sponge in every wash (if you run them through the washing machine they make it stinky) as well as the pot brush, and the electric tooth brush case.

    I once made toffee vodka in the dishwasher, bottled it and then ran a cycle, it really speeded up the process. Also a hot cycle will sterilise jam jars for preserving.

  5. This is the sort of challenge that I definitely need to take part in as we are sooooooooo energy inefficient. It is so easy to reach for that hoover, or dishwasher or something that is not always necessary. Brave of you to pass on the challenge to Graham. Nice one.

    1. Yes you are so right Bintu. Haha yes, didn't so it myself you notice, but I did suffer second hand haha.

  6. I just want to know if I can have Graham on loan or do you just fancy a straight swap LOL:-) I am a big Money Supermarket fan and this sort of exercise does make you realise how much one can save!

  7. Make up brushes - genius! I will be popping mine in this weekend. Poor Graham, I'm with him, I hate dishes too xx

  8. E does our dishes and want a dishwasher but when we had one in a holiday flat he decided not to use it - go figure!!!! And we also have a lot of dishes

    1. It must have been the novelty of the new sink, either that or he couldn't be bothered to figure it out, that would be Graham ;)


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