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Crispy Battered Veggie Sausage Bites

Little sausage bites in the most crispy and delicious batter. Perfect served as a canapé, starter or snack.

Crispy Battered Sausage Bites 

There's nothing more satisfying than biting into a light crispy batter. 

The crunch, the taste and the comfort.

Inside these crispy parcels are little bites of vegetarian sausages

Frozen sausages are useful to have in your freezer for dishes like this that can be made last minute as a starter or a nibble to hand round at parties.

The batter is light and crispy, almost a tempura batter.

It's an easy batter made from just a few simple ingredients. 

Self-raising flour, spices and sparkling water.

Well Done Sausages

I like my sausages very well done. 

They have to be crispy on the outside and brown, it doesn't matter if they are cooked on the BBQ or on the hob. 

These sausages were very much at the start of the cooking process.

Once they were nice and brown, I left them to cool on a plate and made my batter. 

All the while I had my wee boy at my ear asking if they were ready yet because he was starving.

He's always starving these days even after he's eaten enough for two adults and yet he remains a skinny wee thing, not that I'll tell him that. I think it's best not to share our rather dodgy body image issues with children.

Crispy Battered Quorn Sausages Bites from @tinnedtoms in a spiced battered made super light and crispy with sparkling water. A great starter or party food.

Batter Those Sausages

Once they were cool enough to handle, I heated some oil in the same pan I cooked my sausages in (I just gave it a quick wipe), dipped the sausage pieces in the batter and gently lowered them into the oil. 

They literally take seconds to cook, you flip them and give the other side a few seconds. 

Then lift them out with a slotted spoon onto a plate covered with kitchen paper to catch any excess oil. 

My advice is to cook them in small batches and serve them with ketchup.

My son loved them, athough he requested milk as he had a 'burny mouth. 

If he detects any spice he has a burny mouth. 

They were actually quite lightly spiced with a warmth and very little kick.

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Crispy Battered Sausages Bites from @tinnedtoms in a spiced battered made super light and crispy with sparkling water. A great starter or party food.
Crispy Battered Sausage Bites
Well cooked bites of veggie sausages, cooked in a crisp and spiced batter. The batter is ultra light thanks to the sparkling water that's added.

Serve as a starter with ketchup for dunking or a salad. These are also a great party nibble.
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 8 veggie sausages
  • 100 g self-raising flour
  • 250 ml sparkling water
  • 2 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • a good grinding of black pepper
  • enough sunflower oil to fry the sausage bites in (4-5 cm).
1. Cook the sausages in a frying pan or wok with the olive oil, turning regularly until brown and crisp (you can cook them lighter if you perfer).2. Place the sausages on a plate to cool. Once cool, cut them into thirds.3. Once the pan is a little cooler, give it a wipe, then fill with enough oil to cook the sausages bites in and heat.4. Make the batter. In a medium size bowl mix the flour with the spices, then pour in the sparkling water and stir until you have a batter about the consistency of double cream. Don't worry if it's a little lumpy.5. Coat the sausage bites in batter and gently lower into the hot oil. I only cooked 3 or 4 at once. They only need a few seconds on each side, then lift them out onto a plate covered in kitchen paper (to catch any excess oil).6. Keep doing this in small batches until they are all done and serve with ketchup or salad.7. Enjoy!
Total time:
Yield: Makes 24 bites


  1. These look wonderful and I am sure would disappear in a minute!!

  2. I think I would have a burny mouth if I had that much cayenne pepper but otherwise I would love these.

    I love sausages well cooked and we go to a regular bbq at a market that has veg sausages and they always just warm them up no matter how much I have asked that they are browned - I have given up and usually just go to other food stalls which is a shame as it is a treat to have veg sausages at a bbq

    1. Yes in my opinion they have to be well browned.

    2. Brilliant idea, I'll be giving these a try 😊

    3. Hope you enjoy them Sue, I think you will :)

  3. They look delicious! I have Quorn quite often, as they are so easy to cook and yummy at the same time.

    1. Yes it's handy. I love batter, it makes everything special. although not mars bars even though I am Scottish.

  4. These look amazing Jacs, love the touch of cayenne! I'd definitely like a plate full with that dip!

    1. It is rather hard to stop eating these Camilla.

  5. Oh my gosh Jac. We would eat so well if we lived together! We seem to like exactly the same stuff. But then again, who wouldn't love crispy battered sausage?! Yuuuum!

  6. Perfect snack food, and I just got a new deep fat fryer!

  7. I love battered veg, these sound fab!

    1. Yes battered is always a treat and these sausages are particularly good.

  8. If I made these they wouldn't last a minute!

  9. Blimey I bet these are good! I need to get the deep fat fryer out and have a go making them for Ted who has never had a battered sausage before!

  10. Oh my Jac, I do love a bit of batter. I think I'd be with Cooper though and pestering you to find out when they were going to be ready ;)

    1. Haha, yes when that child is hungry, he's hungry immediately and lets you know about it.


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