11 December 2008

Have a sip of Apple Snow with Pomegranate

I had some leftover apples to use up and I wanted to make a drink. I also had a few pomegranates. "Yes" I thought, "that could work", so I got together a few ingredients and whipped up this frothy drink.

When it was poured into a glass, it made me think of all the snowy walks I have been on recently, so I decided to call it apple snow.

Apple Snow with Pomegranates

1 cup milk
2 apples
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/3 cup pomegranate seeds
1 tbsp honey

Whizz all of the ingredients, except from the pomegranate seeds. Save these to sprinkle on top.

You are on your way to a milk moustache!




  1. Very festive Holler! Bet it tasted great

  2. Hi Beth, It was really refreshing actually.

  3. Nice, it's 9am here...would it be wrong to start cocktail hour now? I think not!

  4. Aw... what a cute idea! Looks yummy! :)

  5. This is a very festive drink Holler. I wonjder if this would work for brekkie...it is the cocktail hour somewhere.

  6. What a great and festive drink for the holidays...and it looks like it was good to the last drop!

  7. It does look so refreshing. I love how you compared the pictures of the drink and the snow outdoors.

  8. I bet that tasted lush! I think Poms are on sale in our tesco, hmmm! And Im soooo jealous we havent had any snow down here, just lots of wind and frost, its not quite the same

  9. That looks gorgeous, beautiful photos Holler.

  10. Hum, that sounds delicious....

  11. Gorgeous colour in those pomegranate seeds, Holler. Glorious festive drink.

  12. What a creative idea for a drink. I just happen to have some pomegranate seeds left in the fridge. Yum.

  13. What a delicious idea for a drink! And those photos look so similar--gorgeous red on white!

  14. Looks great! It does look JUST like a winter walk!

  15. Fantastic cole -- and I can just imagine these flavors together.


  16. Colourfully festive and frothy! Dosen't get any better :)

  17. Beautiful photos and delicious looking drink.

  18. That drink looks intriguing and so nicely flavored... a very special treat. I am really into ginger in my beverages lately. It must be the colder weather. Have a great weekend, Holler!

  19. Go for it Peter :)

    Thanks Jenny, it is nice to see you are back!

    I think it would work well for Christmas Val, especially on Christmas morning.

    I thought so Joan :)

    Hi Diann, It was lucky that I had those shots, as soon as poured the drink I realised that is what it looked like.

    It just isn't the same Flower, it is so much fun having snow!

    Thanks Nic :)

    Thank you Rita :)

    I do love pomegranate Lucy, even if they are fiddly to eat.

    It sounds like you will not have the trouble I had picking out the seeds lisa. You must be prepared.

    I did think it looked quite festive Ricki :)

    I am glad you think so Vegan Cow Girl :)

    Thanks Lo :)

    It was a glass full of froth Cynthia. Lovely!

    Thanks Andrea :)

    Me too Alexa, a bit of spice is lovely at this time of year.

  20. Don't you love just making stuff up? I can totally see your inspiration in that photo of the snow walk...Happy Holidays!

  21. That's brilliant Holler! I've never heard of this type of drink but it looks so perfect for Christmas I hope you don't mind if I recreate it :)

  22. A bit of serendipity I think Deanna! Happy Holidays to you too!

    Go ahead Lorraine, I hope you enjoy it :)

  23. Apple snow! Just the name sounds beautiful. If actual snow was made of that I'd be outside in the blizzard with my mouth open!

  24. So pretty with those pomegranate seeds! They are like little red jewels...

  25. An apt name...looks very festive and yum !

  26. Interesting recipe. Like the sound of apple snow.


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