28 September 2016

Shell Pasta with Samphire, Spinach & Sausages

Shell Pasta with Samphire, Spinach & Sausages

Pasta dishes don't have to swim in sauce. Don't get me wrong I love penne completely coated in a freshly made tomato and basil sauce, spaghetti drowning in bolognaise and macaroni rich with cheese sauce, but sometimes it's nice to keep the pasta quite plain and let the other ingredients sing.

In this dish, the pasta shells are coated in a little pesto and tossed with spinach, samphire and well cooked sausages.

Shell Pasta with Samphire, Spinach & Sausages

Sausages must be well cooked. Always! Slightly charred is slightly preferable.

The sausages have to be veggie or course (or vegan). I used Quorn™ Meat Free Sausages, which I keep in the freezer. They're a great standby for quick meals. I serve them on finger rolls with fried onions and ketchup, in rich sausage bakes, on mash with gravy and peas or on a sandwich or wrap with salad for lunch.

Shell Pasta with Samphire, Spinach & Sausages

A Healthy Family Meal

Quorn™ Meat Free Sausages -  low in fat making them a *healthy source of protein.

Samphire - is rich in Vitamin A, B & C as well as folic acid.

Spinach - We all know that spinach is good for us, although it doesn't have as much iron as Popeye tried to convince us, but it is an excellent source or iron, vitamin A, B2, C, K, folic acid and magnesium. 

I used jarred pesto (you could make your own) and topped the pasta with some finely grated cheddar, which works better than veggie parmesan in this dish.

To make sure Graham's meal was dairy free and vegan I cooked him some vegan sausages, used dairy free pesto and topped his pasta with grated vegan cheddar. I only had to cook the sausages separately and grate the cheese on before serving it so it was no extra work really.

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Shell Pasta with Samphire, Spinach & Sausages
Shell Pasta with Samphire, Spinach & Sausages
Shell pasta coated in pesto and tossed with samphire, spinach and Quorn Meat Free Sausages, then topped with grated cheddar.
  • 400g shell pasta
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 8 Quorn Meat Free Sausages
  • 100g baby spinach
  • 90g samphire
  • 4 tbsp pesto
  • a good grinding of black pepper
  • 50g cheddar
1. Cook the pasta in lots of boiling water until al dente.2. Fry the sausages in a little oil until brown and cooked through, then slice.3. While the pasta and sausages are cooking, rinse the spinach and samphire and chop, then add them to the cooking pasta a couple of minutes before the end of cooking.4. Drain the pasta and veg, then pop back in the pan with the pesto. Grind in some black pepper, then stir well. 5. Mix in the sausages and serve immediately topped with some grated cheddar.6. Enjoy
Total time:
Yield: Makes 4 generous portions

Check out the Quorn website for more recipes and to see their latest products including their vegan range and follow the discussing using #QUORNivore.

* Quorn Meat Free Low Fat Sausages are a nutritionally healthy source of protein, protein contributes to the growth in and maintenance of muscle mass

I am sending my pasta dish over to Thinly Spread to be included in this month's Pasta Please

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Quorn. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.

26 September 2016

Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (25 September 2016)

Happy Monday everyone!

How do you start the week? With a smile on your face or dragging your feet? I have to admit it's a mixed bag for me. I'm not sleeping well at the moment and a Sunday night seems to be even worse, so I have to drag myself out of bed on a Monday morning and today was no exception.

Graham too waited until the last minute to get out of bed, but Cooper was up and ready to go early this morning. He never drags his feet. He always bounces out of bed full of energy and ready for the day ahead. He was excited to go into school today too, as he has some new Pokemon cards, which are all the rage at his school right now.

I do hope you bounced into Monday.

Monday also starts a new week and it's time to plan for the week ahead. As usual I have seven amazing veggie recipes for you to try and a few bonus recipes too, so no need to run out of ideas.

I'm pleased so many people are tuning in each week for new ideas. Last week Meat Free Mondays had nearly 6 thousand views. Thanks to everyone who join in each week. To stop by for some ideas, to leave a comment or to contribute a recipe and thanks to Nayna from Simply Food for my featured photo this week.

21 September 2016

Creamy Vanilla & Apricot Smoothie

It's coming to the end of apricot season so I wanted to share this creamy smoothie with you. It's super fruity but creamy too. A great breakfast smoothie or afternoon treat.

I don't buy apricots often, to be honest I don't often see them for sale, so when I do I grab them. I like to make jam with them, bake them on the BBQ or just eat them plain if they are ripe.

I'm glad I made this smoothie with them this time, it was a real treat.

19 September 2016

Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (19 September 2016)

Happy Monday my friends. How have you been? I've had a busy week. Work, blogging, housework, working in the garden, picking up new glasses and looking for a new car. Now we have the child and the dogs we need something a little bigger. Unfortunately that means a bigger bill too, so we haven't quite decided yet.

It's Monday and the start of another week and you know what that means? Another round of Meat Free Mondays and some great ideas for you to try this week. I am super impressed this week. See what you think.

16 September 2016

Beet, Chive & Asparagus Tarts with Spicy Slaw

You are such a tart!

Not you, my pies. I've been playing with puff pastry again.

You can't beat a puff pastry tart and there are so many options for filling them. This time I went for pickled baby beets, chives and asparagus tips. A combination made in my kitchen heaven.

So quick to make!

14 September 2016

10 Vegan Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

Cooper is back at school so I'm back in full-on planning lunch mode that’s why I have partnered with Flora to create a five day dairy-free lunchbox plan.

You may be thinking why not school lunches? It's true they're free here in Scotland for primary 1-3, but there isn't much in the way of choice. He'll eat pasta, baked potato or veggie burger but he doesn't like most of the other dishes (don't tell anyone, but I wouldn't want to eat them either), so it's packed lunches most days.

It really helps to plan ahead and stock up at the weekend, then make a list of lunches for the week ahead. Presentation helps too. Stock up on fun lunchboxes, tubs, bento picks and cutters.

Below are my top tips to help you create that perfect, healthy lunchbox.