03 July 2007

Pea Pesto

Or should I say, Petit Pois Pesto! I bought a bag of baby petit pois and pulverised them! Seems cruel!

Pea Pesto

225g/8oz frozen peas
I large handful fresh basil
2 tbsp grated parmesan
1 tbsp cashew nuts
1 tbsp soft cream cheese
2 tbsp olive oil
salt & freshly ground black pepper

Basically just blitz it all in a food processor and voila, the most volumptous green sauce! The baby peas were so sweet! This has definitely taken the lead as my favourite pesto!


  1. I love cashews and peas - great idea - would love to try this one sometime!

  2. Now that really sounds interesting! Did the cashews make it too sweet? Do you think toasted almonds might go or pine nuts?

  3. Wow, that looks really good... and easy too! Gonna give it a try sometime! :)

  4. Hi Johanna, I don't always like peas in dishes, but I decided to take the bull by the horns and realised it is only badly cooked dishes with peas that I don't like!

    Hi Winedeb, The cashews worked well and the pesto wasn't too sweet. I used some salted cashews I had in the house, instead of buying, unsalted nuts. Very unhealthy, but such a small quantity, I told yself it was ok!

    Hi Patricia, It was very delicious!

    Hi Veggie Cookster, I hope you do try it, such a simple sauce to make, but, bags of flavour!

  5. Cruel maybe to the peas ;-) but definitely perfect for us!

    Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. Check back for the roundup soon.

  6. Haha, strange but it actually does feel cruel to me... but then it also looks really good! I'm not a fan of peas but I may give this one a try.

  7. It's pretty--and with those ingredients, it would taste delicious! I love cashews and think they make everything taste wonderful!

  8. Ruth, Thanks for adding me to the line-up. I look forward to reading the roundup every Friday!

    Honest Maya, it is really sweet and tasty!

    Hi Sher, Mmmm, cashews are tasty! And salted cashews are just sinful!

  9. nice picture .. very soft to the eyes :) I like pea soup .. i think it's called Split Pea soup .. they used to serve at a restaurant close to my work place, long time ago.

  10. Next to mushrooms, peas are one of my favorites. Nice, as always. Thanks Holler.

  11. Hi Nabeel, Nice to meet you, I like split pea soup too, but without the ham!

    Hi Lisa, although I enjoyed this dish, (I made it again tonight!), mushrooms are still my favourite!

  12. Hi Jacqueline,
    I have just made a version of your pea pesto. I do hope you approve.

  13. I am off to see if you have blogged it Mangocheeks :)


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