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Rhubarb & Orange Jam

I was craving rhubarb after seeing Wendy's Stewed Rhubarb with Ginger, so I googled rhubarb and jam and hey presto, there it was, Rhubarb & Orange Jam by good old Mrs Beeton.

Also try my mixed berry jam made with frozen berries.

Rhubarb & Orange Jam
by Mrs Beeton


1.13L/2pt/1 quart finely-cut rhubarb
6 oranges
700g/1½lb loaf sugar


  1. Peel the oranges; remove as much of the white pith as possible, divide them and take out the pips; slice the pulp into a preserving-pan, add the rind of half the oranges cut into thin strips, and the loaf sugar, which should be broken small.
  2. Peel the rhubarb, cut it into thin pieces, add it to the oranges and stir all together over a gentle heat until the jam is done.
  3. Remove all the scum as it rises, put the preserve into pots, and when cold, cover down. Should the rhubarb be very old, stew it alone for ¼hour before the other ingredients are added.


3 x 400g jars

I grated the rind from the oranges before I cut them up and I used rhubarb from last session, which I'd chopped into pieces and frozen in a bag.

I put a saucer in the freezer and did the wrinkle test, to judge when my jam was ready and then poured it into sterilised jam jars. 

The quantity was enough for 3 x 400g jars and a little left over to take a photo of and to try.

Graham came home from work and pronounced "I smell rhubarb!".

I tried to allay his fears by telling him the jam was mostly oranges and reminded him that he liked rhubarb, when I mixed it with strawberries to make Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble.  
He still looked very dubious, but I made him try some anyway!

His conclusion was "it has chunks", "yes Graham" I said, that would be the oranges and rhubarb!", "oh" says he! "Actually, it is really quite nice!".

Yay! Victory! Another point to me!


  1. Holler, I'm really 'chuffed' that you referred me as being irrepressible. lol

    Thanks sweetie your Jam looks Fab and I'm totally impressed that you made it so quickly! (and glad the OH approves)

  2. Hi Pixie,

    We had a Public Holiday here today and I had all the ingredients I needed, so I just went ahead. I am really pleased I did!

    And the irrepressible bit, well...!

  3. Lovely yummy, scrumptious rhubarb! Looks fantastic, Holler. Would be perfect for my morning tea and toast :-)

  4. Lovely photos, Holler.
    And how do you make those labels?

  5. Hi Jen, Mmmm or even better on a scone! Yum!

    Thanks Wendy, Just drawn with a pen on watercolour paper and then a touch of the old coloured pencil! Doodley fun!

  6. Looks lovely! And I agree with Wendy, love those labels!

    And, um, what is it with guys - well, mostly anyway - and their childish behaviour when it comes to certain food/ingredients...? With Mats it's mainly cheese, which is plain silly since he doesn't mind eating pizza or pies...:/

  7. Thank you about the labels Pia!

    I now what you mean about men treading carefully when it comes to food! Graham has cautiousness and suspicion to hand at all times!

  8. I am quaking in my boots because preserves are something I want to do but fear a little - will try to do something - glad there is a generous lead time - love your jam - lucky graham to have this homemade jam - and I was really impressed by the look of your zested oranges - wish I could zest so prettily

  9. Oh and I meant to say I like your new recipe index - it's most useful for browsing your recipes and the no croutons required event!

  10. It's a beautiful color! It sounds just delicious.

  11. Rhubarb and orange jam sounds so good.

  12. wow, that was quick! I've got an idea- not implemented yet. Great job- looks yummy!!

  13. Thank you Mrs. Beeton and Holler for this recipe:D

  14. What a great diea. I haven't made jam in years--probably b/c were still using up the giant batch I put up about 3 years ago.

  15. That looks delicious! I recently did a rhubarb-based jam as well and am in love--I'll have to try this one, too!

  16. Nice combination Holler! When I think of Ruhbarb I think of strawberries only. Wow I bet your kitchen smelled wonderful! Cool photo of your oranges. And like everyone else, I love those labels. I think you should start a lable making business!

  17. Sounds very nice Holler. I really must try making some preserves one of these days. If only there were a few more hours in a day!

  18. Holler, sounds delicious--and nice and easy! And am I right that you created that gorgeous, whimsical label? Chef AND artist!! Thanks for mentioning the event, too.

    Oh, and it sounds like your weather isn't that far off from ours over here; it's pouring rain today, and cold again, after being in the high teens yesterday.

    PS. Love the new profile photo!

  19. Looks awesome - love the photos!

  20. Thanks for the recipe! It looks delicious.

  21. Haha glad to hear the jam won Graham over! Your jar of jam looks so cute. I really want to try making jam but I'm paranoid about the process of sterilizing the jars and making sure no bad things will grow in there.

  22. Hi Holler, what a great preserve with wonderful photos!!

    Thank you so much for taking part and I am very impressed with your entry :D

    Rosie x

  23. hi holler - just tagged you for a meme to write six words about yourself if you are up for the challenge (no worries if you don't) - check out tag at

  24. Hi Johanna,
    The appearance of the oranges was a bit of serendipity, I did them really quickly, but my rinder is nice and sharp!

    Do try making preserves, once you have figured out how to sterilise your jam jars (I use the dishwasher) and have bought a funnel to help with the pouring, it is easy and very satisfying!

    A very kind friend helped me to construct the index, I really needed one!

    Thanks atxvegn!

    It is good Kevin! I am thinking of trying strawberry and rhubarb next time.

    I will look out for your concoction, Recipegirl!

    That's ok, Val!

    It's great it keeps so long, isn't it Urban Vegan? I don't manage to keep it so long, I cn't resist giving some away and tucking into the rest!

    I'll have to go and see if you posted your rhubarb jam Mike!

    Hi Deb, The kitchen smelled gorgeous! Although Graham didn't appreciate the smell of his arch enemy - rhubarb! I enjoy making a label or two, I think it finishes of the jam jar nicely, especially if it is a gift.

    You stretch those free hours tight as it is Lisa, but I think you may get hooked it you started! Maybe some spicy chutney or chilli jam.

    I did make the label Ricki, the secret is watercolour paper, it is nice and thick and tears nicely! Weather-wise, we have moved into lots of rain!

    Thanks Chow Vegan!

    Thank you Wheeler!

    It is easy when you have a dishwasher Ashley, but if not it just takes a little extra time in the oven.

    I am glad you like my jam Rosie, I am looking forward to seeing the line-up!

    Thanks Johanna, I will think about my words!


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