Curly Kale, Watercress & Potato Soup with Peas

Curly Kale, Watercress and Potato Soup with Peas

1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
1 stick celery, sliced
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
2 large potatoes, peeled and cubed
100g curly kale
100g watercress
1 handful fresh coriander
2 cups/1 pint vegetable stock
2 cups frozen baby peas
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Saute the onion and garlic in the olive oil for a few minutes and then add the celery. Cook until the onion and celery have softened. Add the potatoes and a splash of water to prevent the potatoes sticking to the pot and stir for another 5 minutes. Next add the curly kale and the watercress, pour in the stock and stir until the leaves have wilted. Leave to cook gently for 10 - 15 minutes. Whizz up the soup in a blender, remembering to add the coriander. Return to the pot and heat through before adding the baby peas. Cook for a few more minutes and season to taste.

Serves 6-8

I served my soup garnished with some watercress and a drizzle of the sun-dried tomato dressing that I made by whizzing up the jar of sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary and garlic (I removed the rosemary before whizzing up the dressing) that I was given by Alison and accompanied it with a couple of fresh and crispy, beer bread rolls. Recipe to follow!

Graham and I both like this soup, but we differ in the finish. Graham likes the peas whole and bobbing about in the soup, whereas I prefer them blended in, however we both agree that the cheddar and dill rolls are gorgeous when eaten with it. Heck, they are just great anyway and dangerously moreish!


  1. That soup is just gorgeous. And I love the way the whole peas look!

  2. What gorgeous green colours, a real perk-me-upper! Sounds delish too.

  3. Thanks Andrea :)

    Hey Pia, it was actually quite hard to get a good photo, it is a very reflective green soup!

  4. Gorgeous submission Holler! And I can't wait for the roll recipe!

  5. Hi Lisa, I just realised that I didn't email you to tell you I had submitted *doh*

  6. Now that I've looked up "moreish" I'm set! Just kidding, that one wasn't hard. I haven't tried beer bread in this country, but we saw an episode of The Hairy Bakers on the plane that's piqued my interest, so I look forward to your recipe!

    I'm torn on which way I'd like the soup -- I think with the peas whole, but I'll have to try it and see!

  7. This sort of soup makes me wish that I was in Winter! Love the flavours and also the cheddar and dill rolls too Holler! :)

  8. Interesting combination of ingredients--and the rolls DO look tantalizing! Now I've gotta get cooking my own soup. . . !

  9. OHHHH, wow, Holler this is beautiful and I bet amazingly tasty! I love watercress, but don't get to enjoy it very often. This is a magnificent soup.

  10. Holler, that's one great looking soup. I like the pretty green colour.

  11. Looks delicious and I like the addition of the sun-dried tomato...and that hunk of bread on the side!

  12. What a gorgeous looking soup Holler. Love the deep, deep green. And the drizzle of sundried tomato concentrate is quite inspired

  13. Sounds lovely holler! I'd have to leave out the watercress, as my hubby doesn't like it. :-/

  14. Well done you - you found a use for curly kale. If only I hadn't given that last lot that came in the veg box to the guinea pigs! (they didn't like it much either)

    But really your soup does look good.

    I'm with you - I like soups blended in too.

  15. Hi Tadmack, I do enjoy watching the Hairy Bikers, although I don't think I have seen that episode.

    Thanks Lorraine, although I don't think even this soup would stop me from wishing spring would come quicker :(

    I am always in favour of more soup Ricki :)

    Thanks Jenn :)

    Hi Silvie, The colour is what inspired me to make the soup actually. I just had a craving to make a green soup, so I cast about the supermarket for ideas.

    It was comfort food at it's best Joan :)

    Thanks Kathryn, the sun-dried tomato dressing has proved very adaptable so far.

    I thought I might have the same reception Jenny, but Graham surprised me and actually took to it pretty well.

    I really wanted to give it a go Jane. I find it can be quite strong, which is why I added the watercress and potatoes.

  16. I wondered what the red stuff was! Very colourful...

  17. Hey Spaghetti, I am getting paronoid about the photo actually! I just asked Graham if it looked like ketchup in the photo. It is not the look I was going for. Ho hum!

  18. This looks beautiful, and healthy too!

  19. Amazing color! And it sounds so healthy and delicious. What a great entry!

  20. oh how i wish i could find kale in sydney.
    last winter i saw it twice in two different 'gourmet' stores, so maybe when winter hits again this year its popularity will have spread.
    fingers crossed!

  21. I'm always on the lookout for good kale recipes - we get it in our veg box and there's always so darned much of it! This one looks like a try-er, especially with all those lovely peas.

  22. I will cross my fingers for you too Anna :)

    Hey Lysy, Kale is not always my first choice of veg, but it looked so green and lush that I had to have some :)

  23. This looks delicious Holler! I might just have to try it this week :)

  24. Thank you for sharing this recipe - it was absolutely delicious. A real treat! XXX