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Easy Strawberry Ice Cream

Easy Strawberry Ice Cream made with shop-bought custard and fresh strawberries.

strawberry ice cream


This fresh strawberry ice cream is super easy to make and you don't need an ice cream maker, although if you do have one, you may use it.

This fruity ice cream is made from fresh summer strawberries and shop-bought custard.

You may use standard or vegan custard for this recipe. Both work equally well and taste delicious.

We like to use Alpro custard. Lovely stuff!


This ice cream is fabulous served as it is but I served it with fudgey chocolate cake the one I got from Anne

Let me tell you, it was a slice of heaven on a plate! 

Easy Strawberry Ice Cream 500g pot good-quality vanilla custard 600g strawberries, hulled and sliced 50 - 100g caster sugar (depending on sweetness of strawberries and custard, you may not actually need any sugar) 2 tsp balsamic vinegar a squeeze of lemon juice Whizz up all the ingredients in a blender or food processor. Then transfer the mixture into an ice cream machine. Churn until it begins to firm up. How long it takes will depend on your machine, I know my ice cream is done, when the paddle starts to rotate the opposite way, although you can tell by the texture. So, when the ice cream is velvety, transfer it to a container and freeze until you are ready to serve it. If you are churning by hand, pop into a container and freeze for about 90 minutes until it starts to freeze around the edges. Stir well, then repeat the process twice more until the mix is smooth and frozen. 
This really is a cheat's ice cream, as the custard is already made. It just makes the process so quick from start to finish and when you have a eureka moment like I did, when I decided to eat some of that fudgey chocolate cake, hot with ice cream, then it is just what you want. It is a good store cupboard standby for last minute guests too!


  1. Using a pre-made custard sounds excellent. I make a lot of ice-cream at home and shall give this method a swing.
    For us strawberries are winter fruit, so I shall have to use something else. :)

  2. What a great colour! Using ready made custard is a nice compromise between making from scratch and using shop bought.

  3. That looks so pretty coloured and delicious! Am awful at custard making so using the fresh one is perfect for me! Might even have to make more cake now to go with it, sigh....

  4. Thanks for your cheat tip on making ice cream - another one to ad to my repertoire. I usually cheat using cream and yoghurt instead of custard but this is another great alternative. :)

  5. look at that perfect pink color and the creamy texture! done like a pro Holler (yes we like to call you by that name ;) )

  6. I love the pink colour of the ice cream! Goes great with the pink ice cream scoop. ;)

  7. Looks really good! I can see that my ice-cream machine might get more use this year - I can never be bothered to make the custard base!

  8. This sounds wonderful. Love the addition of lemon and balsamic vinegar!

  9. Wow, check you out!
    I wish I could say it's been warm enough to feel like I could whip up ice cream (although I don't have an ice cream maker in this country - boo!), but not quite yet!

  10. Mmmm, strawberry ice cream is one of the best. Nice touch with the balsamic.

  11. This sounds & Looks all summer. I am drooling. Perfect color.

  12. Oooh, it looks soooo pretty! Fudgy cake with strawberry ice cream sounds so delicious!

  13. Congrats on winning the One Lovely Blog Award. Find the details on my blog at

  14. What a gorgeous combination! Very appealing. And I like your pink scoop.

  15. Pure summer--mm! And I bet the balsamic adds a wonderful tang to complement the berries.

  16. I saw the title of this post and my eyes lit up! I love a cheats version of anything! (Does that make me a bad person?)

  17. that has the best color. I love strawberry icecream

  18. Hi Holler - top ice cream, we are doing loads of it at the moment. Need it in this heatwave too! Or at least that's a good excuse.


  19. Ooo, Jacqueline, this ice cream sounds awesome! I'm so excited because I don't even need an ice cream machine to make it. It looks absolutely delicious. So creamy and pink!

  20. Hi Aparna, I love this time of year and the strawberries it brings.

    Hi Lia, it is so easy, but so tasty.

    Hi CC, sometimes life and the hours in the day are too short to make custard from scratch :)

    I do hope this encourages you to make your own ice cream now Anne :)

    I will have to try making ice cream with cream and custard Linda. I hope you have a recipe on your blog :)

    Hey A&N I am rather fond of being called Holler, so I don't mind. Let''s just call it my nickname :)

    That was just a bit of serendipity Ashley, bu it worked out well :)

    That's brilliant C, here's to an ice cream summer then!

    Hey Lisa, the balsamic is supposed to bring out the flavour of the strawberries, but I would have to try another batch without to see if there was any difference. Although strawberries vary so much from batch to batch, hmmmm!

    It is gorgeous here this weekend Tanita, a real taste if summer! Typical that you are away and missing it. I am sure the weather will oblige and turn wet and chilly when you get back :)

    Thanks Duo :)

    Thank you Chow :)

    It is pretty, isn't it Soma ?

    It was great together Diann! Not a combination I would normally think of, but I knew the cake would be gloriously fudgey and sticky when warmed up. Of course then it needed ice cream and I had a ton of strawberries in the fridge. Voila!

    Hi H's, thank you so much for the award, that is very kind. I will head over to visit you and collect it :D

    Hi Lisa, the scoop has a silicone base so that you can pop out your scoop of ice cream, but I wouldn't say it is that great an innovation, I still dip it in hot water!

    Hi Ricki, As I said to Lisa, I think so, but it is hard to tell. All I can say is the ice cream was scrummy!

    Heck no Alex, just a sensible person :)

    Thanks A4 :)

    Me too Mommy G :)

    Hey David, you are ahead of us with your heatwave, but we are getting a taste of the sun this week, which is lovely :)

    I do hope you try it Elyse :)

  21. Ice cream looks yum, loved the idea of making ice cream with pre-made custard !

  22. The strawberry icecream is so inviting.i'll try this out before the season ends.
    Do u mind linking up the Strawberry icecream to my 'Strawberry preservation Fundas' event?

  23. Oh this sounds so lovely and creamy! :)


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