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Citrus Yoghurt & Black Sugar Pudding

I was really excited when The Good Table dropped onto my doorstep and I have really enjoyed reading it, but it has taken me months to get around to making something from it. I don't quite know why. So I am glad to get started and this was an ideal dish to start with. Simple and very quick to put together after a hard day at work. Just layer it up and pop it in the fridge and by the time you have finished your main course it is just perfect. A nice light end to a meal.

In fact that is what I like about this about this book, it is full of comfort food that anyone can make, nothing fancy, just simple recipes full of fabulous flavours to tempt anyone lucky enough to pick it up and turn the pages. There is even a chapter on toast or as Valentine puts it "Toast as a Vehicle".

* Boiled New Potatoes with Stinking Bishop & Spring Onions
* Artichoke with Poached Egg & Hollandaise Sauce
* Ceps & Apples in Puff Pastry
* Mushrooms Baked with Hazelnuts & Pecorino
* Tomatoes with Dijon Mustard & Cream on Toast
* Pear & Chocolate Frangipane Tart
* Barbecued Pineapple with White Rum

Tempted yet?

When I reviewed Jamie's Great Britain, I received a lot of positive comments about the fact I gave a recipe count of the dishes suitable for vegetarians, so that is something I intend to take forward with this and future cookbook reviews.

The Good Table
by Valentine Warner
Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley (5 September 2011)
ISBN: 978-1845335403
Veggie Recipe Count: 84
Note: Several of the dishes not included in the count could also be easily adapted to suit vegetarians.

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Citrus Yoghurt & Black Sugar Pudding

January 26, 2012

A simple dessert that can be whipped up a couple of hours before you need it and left in the fridge. So quick and easy. The muscovado sugar makes a sweet syrup which cuts through the tang of citrus. Just scrumptious!

Oh and you can reduce the quantities quite easily, it doesn't have to be exact to be yummy. Just throw it together and then marvel at the flavours.
  • 1kg greek yoghurt
  • finely grated zest of 3 large unwaxed limes
  • finely grated zest of 2 large unwaxed oranges
  • finely grated zest of 2 large unwaxed lemons
  • 150g muscovado sugar
1. Put the yoghurt in a bowl and mix in all the zest.2. Take a glass serving dish and put just under half the citrus yoghurt in the bottom, then evenly scatter over half the sugar. (Muscovado tends to get little hard lumps in it, so really try to crumble them out between your thumb and finger.)3. Add the rest of the yoghurt in dollops over the sugar and them gently spread it out with the back of a spoon so as not to drag the first layer of sugar around too much.4. Scatter the rest of the sugar on the top and place the puddin, covered, in the fridge for up to a couple of hours but no more.5. Serve alone, or with biscuits, or poached fruit - or both, God damn it!
Total time: Yield: Serves 6-8

Disclosure Statement: I received this book free from the publisher to review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


  1. Looks like a lovely dessert. Valentine Warner is always interesting on the telly, but I've never had a look at any of his books.

  2. Look amazing and delicious, you know my daughter is vegetarian but also I love all with yogurt, look nice!

  3. I like watching him on tv too Janice, he is always so enthusiastic about food.

    I love yoghurt too Gloria, I always have a tub of Total in the fridge. Yum!

  4. I received this one to review too and really liked it, felt VW came across really well in this format, better than on TV, for me.
    I blogged the carne con chile recipe, which was tasty.
    What I also liked about the book were quite how many recipes I really fancied making, though a pile of new books means I haven't been back to do that yet...

  5. I know what you mean Kavey, I would love to use my cookbooks more, but they quite often have to wait until I have a weekend off and time to have a proper browse through them. Saying that, I really enjoyed having a read through this cookbook and I will definitely go back to it.

  6. I received that book for a #bookreview too, and loved it; it was quirky and well written! I made the pickled eggs, and LOVED them. This dessert looks amazing though - REALLY exciting and different, love the photos too Jac.
    Karen xx

  7. It is yummy Rachel, simple but yummy :)

    Thanks Karen, I think I missed that post, will have to go have a look.

  8. Sounds easy and yummy!
    Have a nice Sunday

  9. Good idea to count up the veggie recipes in books< i generally steer clear of non vegetarian cook books, but sometimes if there aren't too many meat dishes or they can be easily adapted, it might be worth it. This dessert reminds me of Norwegian Cream, which we always make to go with fruit salad or strawberries if we are having guests or for parties. It's half whipped cream & yogurt mixed with some muscovado sprinkled on the top and left for at least an hour. Your citrus version sounds really good and a lot healthier without the cream ;-)

  10. Cream is great for a treat though Choclette and this would be lovely with fresh fruit.

    There are a lot of meaty and fishy recipes in the book, but more than enough veggie ones to make up for that :)

  11. Looks really good and seems so easy to make.

  12. A great but well tasty recipe, my friend! I love Valentine Warner's recipes a lot! He rocks!

    Waw, you received the book, that's so cool! :)

  13. Wow - that looks so simple... and so delicious!


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