10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burgers

An easy one-bowl recipe for the quickest bean burgers that taste so good. No fancy ingredients either.

A close up of a juicy bean burger on a burger bun with avocado and salsa.

Homemade Burgers

Homemade burgers are so different from supermarket burgers. They're a world apart. I do understand why people reach for burgers from the freezer aisle and I can't deny doing it myself occasionally as they're super handy if you're short of time.

However, homemade burgers have so much more texture and flavour. You can choose the exact flavours and the exact level of spice you want without the huge list of ingredients and additives needed to make a frozen supermarket burger.

For instance looking at the label of the pretty standard frozen meat free burgers I've bought in the past. They aren't that bad, but here are a few of the additives:

Additives found in shop bought burgers

You won't find any of these nasties in homemade burgers.

Sugar Beet Fibre 

They are padded out with this to give them a boost of fibre

Methyl Cellulose 

a stabiliser, which is a thickener


a food additive produced from starch and often used in fizzy drinks and sweets

Dicalcium Phosphate 

a calcium supplement which is an inert ingredient found in breakfast cereals and used to bind tablets and toothpaste

Why are homemade burgers best?

None of the ingredients in shop-bought burgers are harmful, but do you really want them in your burgers?

Homemade vegetarian or vegan burgers are generally made from vegetables, pulses and spices.

You know the ingredients are fresh and exactly what are in them.

It does give you pause for thought.

And remember you can make homemade burgers when you have time and freeze them, so they're ready for those last minute meals.

10 minute spicy vegan bean burger. This tasty burger can be cooked fresh or frozen for another day, They taste and look great and will soon become a family favourite.

10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burgers

My spicy bean burgers can be easily whipped up in 10 minutes ready to cook, or you can freeze them to cook another day.

They only contain a mixture of beans, oats, fresh herbs and spices, that's it. No fat no dairy and not an additive in sight.

For best results grill these with a spay of oil or can cook them in a fying pan with a light spray of oil.

If you bake them in the oven, they tend to be drier so reduce the oats and bake until crisp.

Once cooked, serve them in buns with salad and your favourite condiments. I personally like mustard and tomato relish. If you are watching your weight and counting your calories, serve them in a lettuce wrap. You can still add some relish or mustard.

"Healthy homemade burgers that are quick to make and taste and look great. It's a no-brainer really isn't it? Rubbery discs with additives or an extra 10-15 minutes to make your own. I think it's well worth the time and effort."

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10 minute spicy vegan bean burger. This tasty burger can be cooked fresh or frozen for another day, They taste and look great and will soon become a family favourite.

A healthy balance

I'm not saying I won't ever slip and buy those supermarket burgers, but it's a balancing act isn't it. Eating healthy fresh food most of the time with the occasional treat and ready made burger.

10 minute spicy vegan bean burger. This tasty burger can be cooked fresh or frozen for another day, They taste and look great and will soon become a family favourite.

I do hope you give these a try. I'm sure they'll become a family favourite.

Just make sure you stack them high with salad and toppings for the ultimate burger experience. This time I spread my burger bun with Violife cream cheese (vegan), that with slices of ripe avocado, then the burger and lots of relish, I do like relish on a burger.

Best Burger Tips

My last bits of advice are:

  1. Always toast the inside of the buns, you'll thank me for that tip once you try them.
  2. Also for best results fry the burgers instead of baking them, which can dry them out. 
  3. If you want to cut down on using oil in cooking, use a spray of light oil to fry them in.

Reader's Photo

Reader's photo of 10 minute bean burger

Update (2019)

I still make these burgers at home, they are popular with my son and husband.

This is one of the most popular recipes on my blog and I want to thank all the readers who are making them and leaving photos and lovely comments on Pinterest.

Today one of my readers shared a photo and her tweak on Facebook, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Yield: 6-8
Close-up of 10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burger

10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burgers

Quick and delicious bean burgers made in 10 minutes from beans, oats, spices and herbs. These are dairy free and vegan with no added salt, sugar, fat or additives that supermarket burgers contain.
prep time: 10 MINScook time: 10 MINStotal time: 20 mins


  • 800g tinned kidney beans, rinsed
  • 400g black beans, rinsed well
  • 3 tsp cumin
  • 2 tsp dried coriander
  • 2 tsp chilli powder (more if you really want a kick)
  • 90g/1 cup porridge oats
  • a generous handful of fresh coriander, chopped
  •      a good grinding of black pepper


  1. Once you've rinsed
    the beans, reserve a quarter (roughly) to add later and pop
    the rest in a large bowl.
  2. Mash the beans into a paste, then add the spices, herbs oats and whole beans and mix until well combined.
  3. Shape the burger mixture into 6-8 burgers, depending on how big you like them.
  4. These are now ready to cook. I like to fry them in a spray of rapeseed oil but they should bake fine too. If you don't need them right away either chill them for later or freeze them on a tray, then pop them in a freezer bag once they are frozen.
  5.      Enjoy!
fat (grams)
sat. fat (grams)
carbs (grams)
protein (grams)
sugar (grams)
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Father's Day Recipes

These burgers are great for Father's Day.

It doesn't matter if dad is a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, they are going to love them.

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  1. Brilliant, I'll be making a batch of these for the weekend. A very timely post, thanks :-)

    1. Excellent! Enjoy them Sue and let me know what you think. Remember you can add more spice if you like.

  2. These are perfect! So hearty and delicious! I just love veggie burgers <3

    1. Thanks Rebecca, would it be big headed to agree ;)

  3. I'll pass on the rubbery discs with additives and jump straight to these! I love that they are so quick and easy. Perfect for last minute burger cravings which I have often.....

    1. Definitely and you probably have everything you need in your store cupboard.

  4. I make a very similar recipe all the time. Love that they are so easy and they come out perfect every time! Your recipe sounds so good too! Perfect for a weeknight meal!

  5. I was just going to head out to get frozen bean burgers as I fancied some for tea, but these look delicious and I have most of the ingredients needed in the cupboard, so I think I might try these instead, thanks!

  6. I'm a burger fanatic! I especially love the Mexican and spicy ones. This looks delicious and oh so easy!

    1. Oh yes those are good choice and yes super easy.

  7. I just made spicy bean burgers for dinner a few nights ago. These look and sound wonderful, now I want to make more!

  8. I usually make your chick pea and coriander ones but these look just as easy and a lovely alternative. I shall report back! Thank you lovely xx

    1. Oh they are good, but haven't made them for such a long time. It tickles me pink that you make my recipes Lisa xx

  9. I'm definitely of the thought that homemade for veggie burgers is better, even though I'll buy ready made non-veggie ones quite often. Mainly because there's so much more variation in veggie ones and I really like the ability to combine vegetables and pulses and spices of your choice to create the texture and taste you like best. With non-veggie ones, I buy single-ingredient only ones, so it's not an issue.

    1. Yes that is well thought out Kavey, you really do need to consider what you are buying.

  10. Goodness, yes what a difference between shop bought and homemade veggie burgers. Your ones are so quick, it seems crazy to buy processed ones.

    1. I know, although from time to time I'm sure we all do.

  11. Your burgers sound fab Jac and using oats instead of breadcrumbs is an idea I think I'll borrow. I never buy veggie burgers for the reasons you've given, but also don't make my own nearly as often as I should.

    1. I always use oats, never thought of breadcrumbs. Must be a Scottish thing lol!

  12. Love how quick these lush burgers are to make! I have some black beans I keep meaning to boil to make burgers but using canned ones is so much easier:-)

    1. Yes i use canned a lot, they are good quality and very convenient.

  13. Love how simple the ingredients are and how delicious they look! And that BUN! I so need some veggie burgers right about now!

  14. Hmm now you mention it, there's all kinds of crud in there I'd not eat if you asked me. Your home made ones look way better anyway!

  15. THey look so elaborately delicious for a 10 minute burger. Yum!

  16. TOASTING the inside of the buns. Thankyou a million times :)

    1. It's a simple think, but it makes such a difference. I never quite know if I am telling people what they already know, but heck I figure everyone has to start somewhere.

  17. Do I have to wet the oat? It seems to me it will be too crunchy or unpleasant to bite

    1. No the oats soak up the moisture from the other ingredients. Go for a finer oat if you are worried. You really don't notice the oats in the final burger.

  18. I just made these and they were great! I substituted black beans for quinoa and it worked a treat!

  19. I suppose the black beans are cooked as well, is that right?

  20. Your bean burgers do look super-scrummy, and as a huge fan of beany burgers in general, these are going on my to-make list... although I'll have to modify them because we don't get kidney beans here. Or coriander!

    Or, I could just put my coat on, jump on a 'plane, and turn up on your doorstep! Heheh! xx


    BTW, when you say that none of the additives are harmful - maltodextrin can be. As I know only too well. Among other things, it's been linked to bowel problems and digestive issues. As an IBS sufferer, I find it does horrendous things to me. Fortunately, I don't have very many processed foods - even fewer now I live in a rural village where life hasn't changed much since the middle ages!

    You know me, I am not in any way in the woo-peddling, clean-eating, wellness camps, and I abhor food demonising but maltodextrin is a bloody horrible thing, IMO. It's mostly used as a filler to bulk up expensive ingredients, making products cheaper to manufacture, and thus, more profitable for businesses. (It's also used as a sweetener, hence the fizzy drinks use.) So if commercial burgers contain it, it's most likely there at the expense of the real food ingredients.

    And people wonder why as a society, we're getting more and more sick. Harrumph!



    (Google thinks I wanted to type 'extramarital' instead of maltodextrin! **roffle**

  21. I used 1 cup black eyes beans. Some garlic powder, some tumeric, some back pepper, some oats, and about two tablespoons periperi sauce. Made three small patties. Baked 10 mins each side. Was good! This gave me the idea!

  22. I love how easy these are! Usually veggie burgers seem to have an impossibly long list of ingredients - yours is much more straightforward! Thank you!


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