20 June 2014

Froothie Lime Curd

blender lemon curd 

I could actually call this lime curd frothy instead of froothie. I made it in my new Froothie Optimum 9400 Blender. It only took a few minutes and it's frothier and lighter than a normal curd, but utterly delicious, sweet and slightly tart. Pass me a spoon quick!

Actually if you look at the top right of the photo, you may just see where I stuck my finger in to try it. It took all my willpower to stop myself from just getting a spoon and eating the lot, but I'd made the curd to fill a cake.

note: In America this is called lime butter.

Victoria sponge filled with blender lemon curd

Lime scented Victoria sponge with whipped cream and lime curd. Oh it was good!

Optimum 9400 blenderI'm loving my Optimum 9400, it's a powerful beast and so easy to clean. 

So far I've been making soups, smoothies and curd in it, but it can do so much more. Ice cream, sorbet, sauces..... the list goes on.

It's a great machine for anyone who has been longing for a Vitamix but can't afford the £600 price tag. The Optimum 9400 comes in at just £349 and you can have it for a month's trial with postage paid for you if you want to return it.  I really don't think you would want to after trying it. 

It comes with an optional 10 years warranty and can be used for wet and dry blending unlike Vitamix which requires you fork out more money for another jug. 

The Optimum 9400 is a powerful beast of a blender
So quick buy one, while they're still at the introductory price of £349!

homemade lemon curd
Lemon Curd with Nutmeg
I don't think you could make this curd in a standard blender as it doesn't heat the mixture.

If you don't have a powerful one like this, then you're better heating the curd in a pot. 

You see the Optimum starts to heat if you blend for a longer time, so it gently cooks the eggs. 

I've made lemon curd the traditional way before and you stir forever. I just looked back at my recipe and it says it takes about 30 minutes. I won't be going back to that method! 

I didn't have enough eggs for my original recipe, but I went ahead and made it with 3 and it worked just fine and cut down on the calories.

Now what flavour shall I try next?

print recipe

Blender Lime Curd
A light and frothy lime curd make in minutes in an Optimum 9400 blender.
  • 3 large eggs
  • juice of 4 (150ml approx) limes
  • finely grated lime peel (from 2 limes)
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 100g butter, cubed
1. Crack the eggs into your blender and add the lime juice, lime peel and sugar. 2. Blend gently, gradually increasing the speed, then leave to blend on full for 5-6 minutes. 3. Add the softened butter a cube at a time while blending, until it is all combined. Leave to blend for a few seconds more.4. Pour into a jar or bowl and set aside to cool. Once cool, leave in the fridge to set.5. The curd will keep in the fridge for a few days.6. Enjoy!notes: if you don't have a powerful blender like the Optimum 9400, whisk your curd in a pot while gently heating until it has thickened, which will take approximately 30 minutes.
Total time:
Yield: Makes 1 bowl of curd

Here are a few more fruit curds (butters) for you to try:

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Disclosure: Froothie sent me a Optimum 9400 to review. I was not required to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Oooh, that looks YUMMY. I have a surfeit of tiny limes just now, and *WAS* simply planning on juicing them, but... Hm. Suddenly the lemons on next doors tree, which is CONVENIENTLY hanging over the fence, also are looking pretty good... I know how I'll be spending my Sunday!

    I actually Googled "lime butter" because I was unfamiliar with the phrase, and leave it to Epicurious to come up with a new name for something that already has one. At least in the northern part of Cali, we just call stuff-made-with-eggs-butter-sugar-and-citrus ...curd. I've only heard of lime butter in conjunction with something savory and veg or sautéed. Can I just tell you how I love the idea of blackberry curd?! That might be another one to try.

    As always, thanks for a LOVELY idea.

    1. Ah now isn't that funny, someone told me on facebook they had to look it up and they call it fruit butter in the US, but then it is a pretty big place. Yes the blackberry curd looks lush. I really need to experiment with some new flavours.

  2. Mmm I've never had lime curd before and your looks lush spilling out of that cake. What a fab gadget too:-) Thanks for the mention too:-)

    1. Thanks Camilla, it was lush and a super gadget!

  3. Brilliant recipe and lovely links - I always use my mum's recipe and I adore any citrus curds!

    1. Thanks Karen. My mum never did get into preserves, so I don't have a recipe from her. She did bake, but that was the extent of her interest.

  4. That machine is fantastic and the (cake and) curd looks lovely - bet it would be good on toast also!

    1. Thanks and yes good on toast. Even better on scones!

  5. What a great way to use the blender! I shall give it a try in mine :)

    1. Good, let me know what you think. I'm sure you'll be impressed.

  6. Impressive! I love how you made the lime curd, Jac. Clever old machine too.

    1. I know what a difference, a few minutes instead of half an hour stirring. I wonder what else I can save time on.

  7. This sounds like a nice blender ,I have vitamix on my wish list for a very long time.

    1. It really does make a difference having a powerful machine like this and so east to clean. Haha, I am turning into an old woman, I like to wear comfortable shoes and have gadgets that clean easily. There's no hope for me!

    2. There is nothing wrong with having gadgets that are good but even faster to clean otherwise you spend more time cleaning the gadget putting you off using it.I have a Froothie now so I am really excited to test it out.

  8. Oof, Jac...I am getting the tongue tingling, lip-smacking feeling just reading this post! x

  9. That cake looks good. Love the filling and the blender makes the job so easy - nice bit of kit!

  10. You had me at 'curd' - I cannot resist a good fruit curd!

  11. Wow that is one snazzy looking peice of kit - I am an old fashioned girl at heart and rather enjoy making curd the old fashioned way but if I was in the market for a snazzy blender then I would be sorely tempted. Thank you for the recipe.

  12. Oh my that cake looks DIVINE Jac!!!! I've not tried to make curd in my vitamix, but I am SO going to try now i've seen this recipe!!! I adore lime so this is definitely going to get made... Thanks for linking to my lemon curd recipe :-)

  13. You have now made me undecided as to what machine is better out of the two. i hadn't even heard of this but the price is indeed good. Trouble is i had to go & buy a new Kitchen Aid so this will have to wait!

  14. Wow, the blender makes this seriously easy! I love the thought of lime curd. Yum!

  15. Making a fruit curd is definitely on my list to try in my blender!


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