Chocolate Orange Sorbet

I have been thinking about making this sorbet for a while. I love eating a dollop of dark chocolate ice cream alongside a fruity sorbet, so I thought it would be fun to combine the two. Dark chocolate and orange is such a delicious flavour combination.

Chocolate Orange Sorbet


4 oranges, peeled
½ cup water
½ cup sugar
4 tsp Green & Black's Organic Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp cointreau

  1. Whizz all the ingredients in a blender, until smooth. 
  2. If you don't want the juicy bits in the sorbet, sieve the juice. 
  3. Blend the juice in an ice cream machine or freeze in a container and whip up every few hours.
Heaven on a spoon!


  1. Except for the Cointreau (is it orangey? Or chocolatey?) that sounds easy -- I've got everything in the house (except for a sorbet maker!).

    Thought I'd share >THIS with you, since you're someone who likes to play with your food.


  2. Sounds fabulous (and so funny we both blogged about frozen desserts around the same time!).

    Love the new look as well--much easier on the (too old, in my case) eyes! :)

  3. Hi Tadmack, I loved that slideshow, it was amazing and yet sometimes a bit freaky. I think I am going to watch it again :)

    Hey Ricki, I thought it was time for a bit of a change. Not sure I have the finished article yet.

  4. chocolate and orange are one of my favourite combinations. I too love to order a chocolate and a fruit gelati (usually some sort of berry but must try an orange one with chocolate come summer).

    After seeing your comment to Ricki I am not sure if I should comment on your new look - so I will just say it looks good but I am now curious to see if there are other changes!

  5. Wow, that sounds amazing! I've been churning out tons of frozen desserts this summer, but there's always room in the fridge for one more... ;)

  6. Love these ingredients and I'm sure they are great together too! Summer proudly hangs out around here so we need all the frozen desserts we can get.

  7. Love the new layout! Looks fantastic.

    The sorbet looks gorgeous, and I adore Green & Black's products.

    Thanks for a great post!

  8. Hi Johanna, Mmmmmm, I want some berry ice cream now!

    Just some tweeking to do until I am happy with it.

    Hi Hannah, it has only been sorbets for me this summer, I haven't made any ice cream yet.

    HeyLore, so that is where summer disappeared to. Could you arrange for some of it to head over to Scotland :)

    Thank you Vegan Cowgirl :)

  9. Something that has the words chocolate, orange and sorbet in it's title has to be good! I like the new colour!

  10. Love your new header Holler. Only thing better might be this chocolate orange combo. I love Terry's chocolate oranges at Christmas..a family favourite:D

  11. Thanks Val :)
    I like Terry's Chocolate Orange too, but I find one slice is enough of a chocolate hit for me.

  12. The best flavour combo ever!! I will have to try this very soon, especially since I now have an ice cream maker!

  13. Hi Beth, It is really, really good! Remember to strain it if you don't want the juicy bits :)

  14. That seemed like a speedy decision Katerina :)

  15. Wow great combination looks very tempting....makes me want to buy an icecream maker asap :)

  16. Oh what a lovely combo, mmm!

  17. Hi Usha, my ice cream maker is one of my better used gadgets. Well in the summer anyway. Breadmaker, what? What breadmaker :)

    Hi Diann, I think Graham is starting to cotton on that I put a little alcohol in it so I can have it all to my self. He can smell the stuff in food at 50 paces. *evil laugh*

    Thanks Pia :)

  18. Ooohhhh...that sounds heavenly. I've been making David Lebovitz' fabulous chocolate sorbet all summer but chocolate with orange is even better.

    Speaking of which, tomorrow I hope to post about a delicious chocolate orange cake I made for my little one's birthday.....

  19. YUM. That's all I have to say. I'm off to try this by hand (no ice cream maker :( )

  20. Such a great combo! It would make a really nice sorbet.

  21. Oh. My. Word. That sounds so wonderful. I love it.

  22. I must say, never had a choc sorbet. I always associate it with fruit. Now, I need some!

  23. Hi Ima, I am coming over to see that cake!

    It will be just as good lysy :)

    I think you would really enjoy it Kevin!

    Thanks Antonia :)

    Make some David, you know you want to! Leave the cointreau out so your little sweetie pie can have some too :)

  24. How cool and refreshing :). I like the combination of chocolate and orange; always a winner!

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  25. That looks amazing! I love chocolate orange at Christmas time, it always gets me into the festive spirit!

    Lauren x


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