Mango & Orange Peel Jam

When I saw some mangoes being sold at a bargain price, I just had to buy a few. My plan was to make Hot Mango Chutney with them, however I was overcome with the urge to attempt a mango jam. So here it is:

Mango & Orange Peel Jam


5 ripe mangoes, cut into chunks
2 cups water
3 cups caster sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract
finely grated peel from 3 oranges


Firstly place a saucer in the freezer in anticipation of the wrinkle test, to see if the jam is ready.

Bring the mango and water to the boil, in a large pan over a moderate heat for 15 minutes, until the mangoes are tender. Whizz the mango mixture smooth in an electric blender, food processor or with a stick blender. Return the mango juice to the pan and add the sugar, vanilla extract and orange peel. Boil for 30 to 40 minutes, until the mango mixture is the consistency of jam.

Do the wrinkle test to see if the jam is ready. Drop a little jam onto your cool saucer and after a few seconds push the jam gently with your pinky, if it is set, it will wrinkle slightly. Pour into hot sterilized jam jars and seal.

I sterilize my jam jars in the dishwasher just before I am about to use them and only take them out when I am ready to pour, being careful not to touch the inside of the jar or lid.

Makes 2½ x 400g jam

Isn't it the most gorgeous colour?

It's just so luscious! It is a good jam and a great consistency. Everyone has their own preference, but I prefer a jam to ooze slightly, rather than one which needs to be cut into.

I was a bit disappointed by the mango flavour however. The taste of mango is subtle and not the punch of the exotic that I expected. All in all, I am glad I decided to add the orange peel, which adds another dimension to the flavour. Perhaps my mangoes were a little under-ripe for my jam.


  1. Jacqueline,
    The mango and orange peel jam colour looks really lovely. The picture is so clear, that I just want to dip my finger in and have a taste.

    I haven't had a single mango this year, which is very unusual. But the reason is I haven't been down this summer to see my parents, that's when I see mangoes galore.

  2. Wonderful idea - love to have a slice of summer in the middle of winter and this would fit the bill nicely!

  3. This sounds yummy! I heard on the radio today that a jam is made with soft fruit and a marmalade with citrus - I think you may have created the first ever jamalade!

  4. the colour is gorgeous indeed - I thought it sounded like a marmalade but I love jenny's suggestion of jamalade - and cute bowl and spoon

  5. Great looking jam. I always thought Jam was much harder than you made it sound. I may have to try some especially with the wrinkle test. That sounds like fun.

  6. Who could possibly resist that?

  7. Oh my goodness, SO lovely! The texture looks so perfectly creamy and smooth, and oh my, the color... Glorious!

  8. Mango and orange peel jam would be a "sunny" way to start any day.

  9. Sounds yummy, that's for sure! Did it need the sugar, though? Or was that just to take it over the top? ;)

  10. What a wonderful combination of mango and orange peel! Sort of like a sweet marmalade, I'd imagine. Sounds yummy!

  11. It is a gorgeous colour, isn't it Mangocheeks, I was most impressed with the colour :)

    Hi Chele, thanks for stopping by :) I agree with you, it is great to have a little bit of summer goodness in the winter.

    I love that Jenny! Jamalade it is :)

    I love my little jam pot Johanna, but I rarely use it, unless we have guests. If it is just us, we spoon out what we need from the jar.

    Hey TB, I couldn't be bothered checking the temperature, when the wrinkle test works so well!

    Thanks Silvie :)

    It is pretty , isn't it Astra? I just wish the mango had a stronger flavour, although my mum says it is just perfect :)

    Hi Val Believe it or not, I don't partake in jam in the morning. Too sweet! I am reserving it for scones :)

    Hi Davimack, it did need the sugar to be a preserve and have a shelf life, otherwise it would have just been a fruit puree, which while being yummy, would not have a shelf life.

    Thanks Ricki :)

  12. Mango and orange peel sounds lovely, a sort of jam and marmalde in one, I guess.
    Should remember this one once the mangoes arrive here (that's about 5 months away!)

  13. I was just thinking about making some of your hot mango chutney this weekend! I've never seen a jam like this - it sounds like exotic marmalade :)

  14. Hi Aparna, I bet those 5 months don't pass quick enough :)

    Hey Lysy, you won't be disappointed by the hot mango chutney. It is divine. I must make some myself soon and I have had calls for my Apple & Red Onion Chutney.

  15. I bet that's the perfect jam to spread on toast on a cold Autumn morning!

  16. Hi Alex, it would be, although I have movedfrom my fruit and yoghurt summer breakfast, straight on to porridge. It is pretty chilly in the mornings now, up her in Scotland :)

  17. I like oozey jams too. Too bad it wasn't what you'd hoped for but it does look amazing! You always make such interesting jams and chutnies and things. I hope you get your computer back soon!

  18. oooh, sounds lovely! Does the orange peel prevent it from becoming too sweet?

  19. Hi Ashley, they replaced my computer and I am on the new one now. Yay!

    Hey Spaghetti, it is still a sweet jam, but the orange peel gives it a tang.

  20. Love the sound of this. Do you think it could be made with frozen mango? Have some that needs to be used up!


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