Easy as Pie (Pasties)

You can always tell that Burn's Night is on the horizon when the supermarkets start stockpiling haggis on groaningly full shelves. They are everywhere you turn! I really don't mind though, I quite like haggis, well veggie haggis, obviously (I wouldn't eat the timorous wee beastie), but I tend to forget about it during the year, until this not-so-gentle reminder appears.

What is Burns Night?

Burns Night is the night we celebrate our national poet Robert Burns, who we also call Rabbie Burns (it's more Scottish!). He was born four centuries ago and only lived into his thirties but he made such a big impression on us, that we celebrate his birthday, the 25th of January every year with the recital of his poems and ballads, sitting down to a Burns Supper (which of course includes haggis, or veggie haggis, which is piped into the room by a bagpiper) and if you are lucky a wild ceilidh (Scottish barn dance).

What is vegetarian haggis made from?

Vegetarian haggis is made for a delicious blend of root vegetables, pulses, oats, spices and seeds. When it is bought ready-made it can instantly be added to many dishes including pasties, veggie burgers, scotch eggs, clangers, puff pastry pies, beer battered haggis bonbons and red lentil and haggis nut loaf.

This year I wasn't stuck for ideas as I threw a couple of vegetarian haggis in my trolley. Back in December Mangocheeks made some truly inspirational Clapshot Vegetarian Haggis Tikkia, which is on my make-soon list and Johanna went haggis-crazy and made nachos, pasties and crepes with her veggie haggis.

I just wanted something quick and easy to make, so I bought some ready made shortcrust pastry and some nachos, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. I didn't really enjoy the haggis with nachos, but I am not a great lover of nachos at the best of times. Graham enjoyed them, so that was the main thing. However, the pasties were fabulous! So tasty, very filling and so quick and easy to make.

Here is my how-to-guide for quick veggie haggis pasties:

Easy Vegetarian Haggis Pasties

1. Preheat the oven to 200c/400f/gas mark 6.

2. Roll your shortcrust pastry fairly thinly and cut into discs. I cut mine using a small glass bowl measuring 13 cm/5 inches, but you can make your pasties any size you want depending on your whim.
3. Spread mustard across half of your pastry disc. I used wholegrain mustard, a favourite of mine. The mustard is optional, but it works so well with the haggis and potato.
4. Spoon some haggis on the pastry, being careful not to add too much or you will have problems later when you come to seal the pasty.
5. Add a few cubes of boiled potato to your filling, then season with pepper. Brush the edge of your pastry disc with milk to seal.
6. Fold the pastry over the filling to make a half moon shape and seal by crimping the edge with your thumb and forefinger. Cut slits into the pastry to let out the steam and them brush the pasty with milk or an egg wash for a lovely golden finish.
7. Bake the pasties in a preheated oven for 20 minutes or until golden.
8. Break open and enjoy while they are still hot, then enjoy the leftover pasties, if there are any, the next day cold for lunch.

These pasties are great made this quick and easy way, but do make your own pastry and haggis, if you have the time. I use Delia Smith's recipe for shortcrust pastry, which is always successful and if I was going to make my own haggis, I would definitely use Johanna's recipe.

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  1. Haggis is such a brilliant veg filling for pasties - glad you loved them - sorry to hear you weren't into the nachos but at least graham appreciated them. Wish I could pick up veg haggis in the supermarket.

    I was admiring your perfect circles and interested to see you used a small bowl - must remember that next time I do pasties - the mustard also sounds like a good addition

  2. Hi Johanna, you don't need to buy veggie haggis, when you have such a great recipe, although I suppose it would be handy for a quick standby. The mustard was great in the pasties, although Graham and I differed again. He preferred them without the mustard.

  3. I've never had haggis before but these pies look really hearty and tasty.

  4. Never knew veggie haggis existed. I'm going to have to give it a whirl now. The pasties look great, nice golden color on the finished product.

  5. It is very tasty Pam. Lovely and spicy, but not hot.

    Hey TB, you should give it a go, I think you would enjoy it :)

  6. Such a fabulous idea! Thanks!

  7. I've never had haggis before but these pies look really hearty and tasty.when you have such a great recipe, although I suppose it would be handy for a quick standby.

  8. Pretty looking pasties! My problem with haggis has always been the grainy texture - I think enclosing it in pastry could be the answer...let's face it, enclosing anything in pastry is a good idea!

  9. That looks great! And alot more presentable than a pile of haggis plopped on a plate (which will be what my plate looks like tonight ha!), thanks for sharing!

  10. We don't see Haggis down here on the supermarket shelves in Cornwall. I'll have to try someday...the veggie variety...

  11. Haypp Burn's Night Jacqueline..I love pasties at the best of times.

  12. I couldn't find any veggie haggis in the supermarket and haven't got round to making one (great recipes noted for when I do). Oh to live in Scotland at this time of year!

  13. These are cute cute cute. I have never used haggis, but I love this idea. How perfect your work looks. Hugs to the sweeeeeet baby:-)

  14. Absolutely fantastic idea! Soooo glad I forgot to eat my haggis tonight. Shall do this at the weekend instead.

  15. Happy Burns night! These look Fab -I am very annoyed that I am not Scottish when I see all the deliciousness going on! :)

  16. That's ok Davimack, glad you like them :)

    It is a great standby recipe A.C. :)

    Hi C.C.The pastry is good, but the texture of the MacSweens Haggis, is much softer and less grainy, than the other brands I have tried.

    It's still a good thing Catherine, especially if you have it with neeps and tatties :)

    You will have to try Johanna's recipe then Beth :)

    Happy Burns Night to you too Val :)

    Hi Nic, for some reason, they always have the veggie haggis on the meat shelf. An aisle I just don't usually venture down. You may find it there :)

    Thanks Soma and I will pass the hug on to the baby :)

    Great! Let me know how you get on with them Wendy :)

    What can I say Lucie? Being Scottish is a fab way to be :D

  17. I grew up in a very German-American carnivorous household (pickled pigs feet, headcheese, liverwurst), but the idea of haggis always gave me fainting spells. Since I've become a vegetarian, the traditional version is more than out, but I would love to try this at some point. I already love any kinds of pocket pastry. Looks great!

  18. Burns Night! I hope you had a fantastic Burns Night!

    And those pasties look delicious!

    Mmmm, pasties!

  19. Thanks Susan, I hope you do get the chance to try it sometime :)

    Hi Richard, we had a very quiet Burns Night, in with baby :)

  20. Such a coincidence! I made some yesterday- tried a new recipe for a hearty appetizer for the Super Bowl. Should be posting it in 4 days or so.
    I'm confused, though. What I don't understand is why anyone would want a vegetarian haggis. Isn't haggis meat? I always thought it was innards. So why would this be called a vegetarian haggis pasty, why not just a vegetarian pasty?

  21. Hi Barbara, it is haggis substitute, of a similar texture, cooked in a veggie-suitable skin, in the same way that you get veggie burgers or veggie sausages. I used it in my pasties.

  22. I made these yesterday - inspired by you. Left out the mustard (the kids wouldn't eat that) and made them 8 inches, but otherwise.....identical.

  23. Glad you made and enjoyed them Lynn, maybe less people like mustard than I thought. Both Graham and my friend Andrew said they prefer them without mustard. I think the mustard makes them extra yummy!

  24. What a cool idea! I'm adding this to the must-try list...

    (And no wonder you don't have time to run up curtains when you've got a lovely new baby to look after!)

  25. Haggis, never had these...but sure they look so yummie, like the way you layer on the dough...and finally close it :-) Great as appetizers :-)

  26. Now why have I never thought of adding haggis to a pastie or pie. Esp veggie haggis, thats my fave. Going to have to make this for Hubby soon.

  27. Jacqueline,
    I haven't been visiting fellow bloggers blogs for a few days now, so missed this until today. thank you so much for the kind mention and links to my blog. I am humbled..

    You may want to add to your list mushroom haggis pakora which I made in my belated oeffort to celebrate the Caledonian Bards birthday this week.

    I like the look of your pasties with mustard eh, so will be sure to make them in the near future.

  28. That's cool Alex, hope you enjoy them :)

    Hi Juliana, miners used to take these down the pits for lunch and some would even have half savoury and half sweet. Main course and dessert, all in one pastry.

    Enjoy Chele :)

    Mmmmmmm, mushroom haggis pakora, Mangocheeks, sounds perfect :)

  29. great idea - now why didn't I think of that? particularly good way of using up any leftover haggis, too

  30. Two things I've always wanted to try, in one recipe--veg haggis AND pasties! Thanks for the recipe and all the wonderful haggis-links. :)

  31. I've never had haggis before! I wonder if they sell it here anywhere. Love these pasties that you made!

  32. The filling looks so savory and delicious, these would be a great on-the-go lunch or snack!


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