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Fresh Ginger & Parsnip Soup

A slightly sweet creamy soup with a kick of spice from fresh ginger and the ground cumin

Fresh Ginger & Parsnip Soup in a black bowl topped with a dollop of Greek yoghurt


My friend Dom challenged me to pick up a cookbook from my shelf at random, then randomy open it at any page and make that recipe.

I'm always up for a challenge, so I joined in and my random recipe was this fresh ginger and parsnip soup.

30 MINUTE VEGETARIAN cookbook cover


I selected the 30-Minute Vegetarian by Johanna Farrow from my bookcase.

A much under-used book on my bookshelf.

It's a pocket sized (A5)cookbook filled with lots of appetising meals that are great for an after work meal.

The polenta chips with saffron mushrooms looks great as do the couscous fritters with beetroot and creme fraiche and the cranberry, oatmeal and cinnamon scones.

I really must re-visit this cookbook more often. It has some real gems in it.

A basic white load topped with flour


My friend Andrew did the hunt for the recipes and Graham picked a number.

I had to disregard the first pick as it had butter beans in it and I have a real phobia about butter beans after an incident as a child.


The second pick was a Fresh Ginger & Parsnip and I was happy to give that one a go.

I added ground cumin to the recipe as I felt it needed some spice to counter the sweetness of the parsnips. It isn't going to be one of my favourite soups, but it was pleasant enough and I enjoyed some lovely homemade white bread with it.

I did try but I didn't manage to get in touch with Joanna to ask her permission, but I am publishing the recipe, with full credit and links in the hope that she won't mind as I included a wee review.

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Fresh Ginger & Parsnip Soup
A slightly sweet creamy soup with a kick of spice from fresh ginger and the ground cumin
  • 25g/1oz butter
  • 50g/2oz fresh root ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 1 bunch of spring onions
  • 500g/1 lb parsnips, sliced
  • 1 litre/ 1 ¼ pints vegetable stock
  • 1 - 2 tsp ground cumin
  • a good grinding of salt & pepper
  • a dollop of greek yoghurt to serve
  • a sprinkling of cayenne pepper to serve
1. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the ginger and fry gently for 1 minute. Roughly chop the remainder and add to the pan with the parsnips. Fry gently for 2 minutes.2. Add the stock and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer gently for 15 minutes until the parsnips are tender.3. Transfer the soup to a food processor or blender and process until smooth, or leave the soup in the pan and use a hand-held electric blender.4. Return the soup to the pan, Add the cumin and stir well. Warm the soup through for a minute, then season to taste.I served my soup with a dollop of greek yoghurt and a sprinkling of cayenne pepper, but you could use creme fraiche and scatter some finely sliced spring onion on top.
Total time: Yield: Serves 4


  1. You know someone has to ask: what happened with the butter beans?

  2. im not a big fan of parsnips...but this soup looks and sounds like a great way to get into it!! :) ps gorgeous bowl too!!!

  3. Looks warming and delicious. I really should make my own soups!

  4. I love parsnips, this sounds lovely and also nice and simple, which is always a bonus!

  5. It sounds lovely - I really like ginger and can really imagine it going well with parsnips. I think I'd miss out the cumin though, not my favourite spice!

  6. mmm that does look good. I love parsnips but rarely cook with them as my
    ''eats-anything-put-put-in-front-of-him'' husband won't touch parsnips with a barge pole. He calls then 'carrots gone wrong'. I keep trying to persuade him what he's missing out on but I guess we all have to have something we don't like and it is literally the only thing on his food 101 list!

  7. wow, what an interesting combo!... it looks so thick and luscious and with parsnip being so sweet I bet the whole bowl tasted quite sweet and firey... Isn't it great when RR picks out stuff like this that we'd normally never look twice at? Thanks for taking part and being such a brilliant partner in crime xx

  8. Oooh, aren't you good entering your own challenge! Lovely soup, must bookmark for when it's soupier weather.

  9. Nice! I love the spices in this and how thick and creamy it looks - I'm ashamed to say I don't eat a lot of parsnips, not because I don't like them but I just seem to forget about them.

    I am rather curious about the butter beans myself ..... ;)

  10. Ginger and parsnips - mmmmmmmm.

    I'm so glad this months challenge runs to the end of the month, as I woudl have missed out on entering.

  11. That looks a lovely thick soup - perfect for the colder weather

  12. GREAT combo for a hearty soup and LOVE the bowl Jac! I am random recipe-ing next week!

  13. Mmm I love parsnip soup! Never tried it with ginger but sounds glorious combo!

    And fingers are away from the delete key ;-0


  14. Can't wait to try this - love the combo of ginger and parsnips - really great soup
    Mary x

  15. OOooh Jacqueline!

    What a suprb tasty parsnip & gingered soup! Home made is the best & I love that there is cumin in it too! MMMMMMM,...!!!

  16. I am going to give this a go tonight - it looks gorg!

  17. I love that Ginger is mentioned first in the recipe!!!

  18. Ginger and parsnip: I've never had the two together but it's a combination that makes a lot of sense. I bet it's delicious.

  19. Gorgeous soup...cannot imagine pairing boring parsnips with ginger!
    Such a genius idea to wake up the flavors in this healthy soup!

  20. I was happy to find this recipe because I got parsnips in my most recent farm box and I love ginger and cumin. Only thing that would have made me happier would have been if you had rated it higher than pleasant.

  21. I really like parsnips and this soup looks like a great way to enjoy them.


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