Vegan Choc Chip Scotch Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Vegan Choc Chip Scotch Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

It's twelve days until Shrove Tuesday and I'm already excited. 

Yeah, yeah, I know I don't have to wait until Shrove Tuesday to make pancakes, but it's a good reminder of how awesome homemade pancakes are, not to mention how super easy they are to make.

We go crazy making pancakes in the run up to Shrove Tuesday, then I don't know, I suppose we scunner ourselves eating them so often, so we stop making them. I have to admit Cooper loves making them and it's a fun project to do together in the kitchen.  Of course chocolate is usually involved.
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Vegan Pancakes

Poor Graham missed out on pancakes for the first couple of years he was vegan, but last year I started to play about with batters and managed to master a really good vegan scotch pancake with no weird ingredients.

I thought I should share them with you today.

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Vegan Choc Chip Scotch Pancakes

Self-raising flour, mild olive oil, agave nectar, soya or nut milk, a little salt and vanilla extract.

That's it. I didn't even need to use an egg replacement like flax eggs. I did try these pancakes with flax eggs, but somehow this works better. Sometimes it's just a case of trial and error.

These pancakes even bubble like traditional Scotch pancakes. That's when you know they are ready to flip.

Pancake Batter

The batter is mixed up in a flash, then you fold in the dark chocolate chips and drop generous dollops of the chocolate studded batter into a hot frying pan and soon you have a sexy stack of pancakes that's ready for a drizzle of maple syrup.

The prefect breakfast!

Dig in!

Shrove Tuesday 

Just in case you don't know, Shrove Tuesday is on 28 February 2017.

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras  and always falls 47 days before Easter Sunday and the day before Lent begins. It's the traditional time to use up all the luxury products like butter and eggs before the lean days of Lent.

Hence the pancakes.

If you are looking for an special breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning, try my traditional Scottish Potato Scones.

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Yield: 12 pancakes

Vegan Choc Chip Scotch Pancakes

Traditional Scotch pancakes made with simple ingredients but no dairy. They are fluffy with a good rise and studded with dark chocolate chips for that naughty finishing touch. Serve them warm with maple syrup.
prep time: 10 minscook time: 10 minstotal time: 20 mins


  • 120g self-raising four
  • 200g nut or soya milk
  • 2 tbsp agave nectar
  • 2 tbsp mild olive oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • a pinch of salt
  • 50g dark chocolate chips


  1. Rub your frying pan with a little oil and heat on a medium to high heat until the pan is really hot.
  2. Sift your flour into a bowl and add the salt.
  3. In a jug, whisk your milk, agave nectar, oil and vanilla extract until well combined. Make a well in the middle of your flour and pour in most of the wet mixture. You want it to be like thick pouring cream, you may not need all the liquid.
  4. Try a teaspoon full of your batter in your frying pan, to test if it is hot enough. It should bubble up quickly, flip, then cook on the other side for just a few seconds. You should have a wee golden pancake.
  5. Cook the rest of your pancakes. Each pancake is made from a generous tablespoon of batter. They will take about 3 minutes each. Turn them when they start to bubble. You can have a sneak peek underneath using a palette knife to check it they are golden underneath and ready to flip.
  6. Serve the pancakes warm with maple syrup.
  7. Enjoy!
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  1. Nothing better than a stack of some classic chocolate chip pancakes!

    1. You are spot on there. Choc chip pancakes are sooooooo good!

  2. Oooh I am looking for a good (vegan) pancake recipe to make this year! Bookmarking this to try! :) xx

  3. That's great that you figured out how to balance the ingredients without the need for eggs or flax eggs. I'm always up for pancakes! Looks yummy!

    1. Yes, it wasn't the recipe I started out trying. It really evolved, but works great.

  4. We love pancakes in our house too but always sweet and if I get organised I love to try some savoury pancake dishes on shrove tuesday - but haven't got that close to planning for the day yet!

    1. I never make savoury pancakes. Well savoury filled pancakes. I occasionally make Staffordshire oatcakes which are yeasted pancakes.

  5. And I am glad Graeme is sharing the pancakes now - so amazing how much can be baked and fried without eggs

  6. I had no idea what Shrove Tuesday is (or Pancake Tuesday)! Now I know! These pancakes look perfect, especially with the chocolate chips.

    1. Really, well I am glad to have been informative at the least and yes choc chips are essential :)

  7. I love a good chocolate chip pancake. Yours look wonderful, and so easy!

  8. Love the sound of these for something different on pancake day!

  9. I never thought vegan pancakes would be up to much, but I was surprised to find they taste just as good. Your stack looks amazing and I definitely approve of the chocolate chips :)

  10. Shrove Tuesday or not, these look dee-lish, Jac! All sweet pancakes deserve chocolate chips. :-)

    1. Thanks Kellie and I agree about the chocolate chips.

  11. Gorgeous pancakes Jac, I'm sure my family would love these and would never guess they were vegan:-)

    1. They are very close to the dairy version, I bet they wouldn't know.

  12. Beautiful food again! And guess what, I have all of the ingredients in my fridge right now. Maybe I will make this!


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