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Vegan Apple Sponge Pudding

 A comforting vegan apple sponge pudding baked in the oven. Just gorgeous served with vegan vanilla ice cream or custard.

Vegan apple sponge pudding served with custard

Vegan Apple Sponge Pudding

There's nothing more comforting than a warm pudding served with custard or ice cream.

My latest recipe is the most delicious vegan apple sponge pudding topped with the softest sponge cake.

Just heavenly!

I know you will love it too.

What is apple sponge pudding?

Spong pudding is a very British dessert.

It's basically a soft sponge cake baked with fruit and served hot as dessert, usually with custard, ice cream or cream.

It can be steamed, baked or microwaved. 

It has always been a popular school pudding and many of us have fond memories of it from our school days and if we were lucky our grandmothers or mother made it at home too.

Simple to make and very easy to eat!

Apple Sponge Pudding in a glass baking dish

Is apple sponge pudding the same as Eve's pudding?

Eve's pudding is just another name for an apple sponge pudding.

Both are a dish of stewed apples topped with a vanilla sponge cake batter which is baked or steamed.

Eve's pudding is also called Mother's Eve's Pudding or the Duke of Cumberland Pudding.

Obviously, Eve's pudding refers to the biblical story of Eve and the apple in the garden of Eden, but the Duke of Cumberland Pudding was said to be the original version of this dish which was created for the Duke in the 17th Century.

The original version was topped with shredded bread and suet, so more of a crumble topped pudding. 

It really has improved over the years.

chopped bramley apples in a glass bowl

Do you need to peel apples when making apple pudding?

Definitely peel apples before coring and chopping them, when making a sponge pudding or any apple dessert.

The apple will soften, but the skin will remain and no one wants apple skin in their dessert or apple cake.

Do you need to toss the chopped apples in lemon juice to stop them from browning?

Usually, you would toss chopped apples in lemon juice to stop them browning, but if you are chopping them, then cooking them right away they will be fine.

If you're working ahead or doing other dishes at the same time, it might be worth tossing them in a little lemon juice.

I have found fruit juice also works to prevent apple browning.

How do you stew apples?

Stewing apples is important to start the cooking process and to soften the apples.

You can stew apples with a little sugar in the oven or in a pot.

I stew them with some sugar and a splash of water for a few minutes in a pot on my cooker hob.

Don't cook them long, just a few minutes until they start to soften.

However, you don't want them mushy. It's a bit like parboiling potatoes before making roasties.

Love a fruity dessert? Try these easy vegan orange jelly pots next.

cake batter over stewed apples in a glass casserole dish

What is the topping in a sponge pudding?

Sponge batter is poured over the stewed apples to make a sponge pudding.

It is usually a Victoria sponge-type batter, which is flavoured with vanilla.

It should be a soft, fluffy sponge.

Ingredients to make vegan apple sponge pudding

Here are the ingredients you need to make a vegan sponge pudding.

Stewed apples

  • Apples
  • Sugar
  • Lemon juice - to toss the apples in to prevent them browning (optional)
  • Water

Vegan Sponge Batter

  • Oat milk - or your regular milk
  • Lemon Juice
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Vegetable oil - or other mild oil
  • Plain flour - also called all-purpose flour
  • Caster sugar
  • Baking powder 
  • Salt

Bramley apples

Which kind of apples are best for sponge pudding?

Bramley apples or other cooking apples are perfect when you are making sponge pudding.

They are a little tarter, as they contain less natural sugar, but they break down into a soft apple base.

If you can't find cooking apples or want to use the eating apples in your fruit bowl, you can, but you will have to add another 1 to 2 apples.

Can you substitute the apples in sponge pudding?

Fancy changing up this pudding?

Try using ripe pears instead of apples.

Or why not add berries instead, either fresh or frozen?

If you're using ripe pears or berries (fresh or frozen) or a mixture of the two, now that would be good, you don't need to stew first as they will cook quickly.

Can you store Apple Sponge Pudding (Eve's Pudding)?

Glass casserole dishes, with lids like the one I used, are perfect for storing a sponge pudding in the fridge for a couple of days.

If not, when cool, you can wrap it tightly with clingfilm or tinfoil, just to keep it covered and pop it in the fridge.

When reheating, cover your easy sponge pudding with microwave-safe cling film for the microwave or tinfoil in the oven.

A spoonful of apple pudding with custard

How to serve apple sponge pudding?

Comforting sponge puddings like this one are made for creamy vegan custard.

However, it would also be good with either vegan vanilla ice cream or cream.

If you are adding vegan cream you could use pouring cream, whipped cream or squirty cream.

Whichever way you choose to serve it, you are going to love it.

More vegan puddings to try

Here are a few more easy vegan puddings you may like to try:

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A comforting vegan apple sponge pudding baked in the oven. Just gorgeous served with vegan vanilla ice cream or custard.

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How to Make One-Pot Vegan Apple Sponge Pudding

Scroll down for step-by-step photos followed by a full printable recipe. If you don't have a printer, hit print then save as a PDF.

Vegan Apple Sponge Pudding - Step 1

Step 1

  • Preheat the oven and add the milk to a jug with the lemon juice and set aside.
  • Peel, core and chop your apple, then add to a pot with a splash of water and some sugar and cook for 3-4 minutes until just starting to soften. 
  • Pour the apples into a casserole dish.

Vegan Apple Sponge Pudding - Step 2Step 2

  • Add the flour and sugar to a large mixing bowl.
  • Now add the baking powder and salt and give it a good mix.

Vegan Apple Sponge Pudding - Step 3

Step 3

  • Add the vanilla extract to the milk and then add the oil and stir.
  • Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and fold in until just combined.
  • Pour over the apples in the casserole dish.

Vegan Apple Sponge Pudding - Step 4

Step 4

  • Bake until golden, then serve with vegan custard, ice cream or cream.
  • Enjoy!


  1. Apple sponge pudding AND vegan? What's not to like?

  2. Perfect timing for the weekend Jacqueline and I have plenty of apples, just need some ice cream. Jill

  3. I made this last night and my family raved about it. I had to let you know.

  4. This recipe looks yummy! Kids and kids at heart would surely love this.

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  6. This apple sponge pudding was a hit! Thanks for sharing.

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  8. This was so delicious! My British Mum used to make something similar using rhubarb but I absolutely loved this apple variation.

  9. Thank you for creating a Vegan friendly apple dessert, I am making this for the family at Christmas, my sister in law will be so happy that she can enjoy it too! Just need a Vegan custard now? Have you got one?

  10. I love this recipe! My Mum wanted something quite traditional (but also vegan, as we're both now vegan!) for when she came to see me, and this was perfect. She's asked for the recipe 🤣

  11. I love the sound of this. Bet the apple makes the sponge taste really moist and sweet. A great cake to make the most of any leftover apples, I bet.

    1. oh yes it earls so well and great for Leftover apples.

  12. Lovely recipe! I bet it's going to disappear before it makes it to the table in my house!

  13. Sounds a lot like poor man's cobbler

    1. I've not heard of the before but I know it has different names across the country. I think a lot of people know it as Eve's pudding.


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