Hot Mango Chutney


I'm busy jarring up more preserves! This time it is a Hot Mango Chutney. This chutney, like most, is supposed to improve with age, but I have tasted it and it is absolutely gorgeous! It isn't too hot, but that could be adjusted easily.

Hot Mango Chutney


2 large mangoes, peeled stoned and chopped into chunks
2cm piece of fresh root ginger, peeled and finely chopped
3 small red or green chillies, seeded and chopped, leave the seeds in for more heat
175g/6oz onion, roughly chopped
1 garlic clove, roughly chopped
450g/1 lb cooking apples, peeled, cored and roughly chopped
1 tsp salt
600ml/1 pint white wine vinegar
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
225g/8oz demerara sugar
225g/8oz granulated sugar


Put all the ingredients except the sugars in a preserving pan or a large heavy-based saucepan. bring to the boil and simmer gently for about 10 minutes or until the fruit is beginning to soften.

Add the sugars and heat gently, stirring until the sugar has dissolved, then bring to the boil. reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally until thick.

Cool the chutney slightly, then spoon into jars, cover and seal.

Makes 3lbs
(I managed to fill 4 jars, as you can see from the photo!)

I got this recipe from Good Housekeeping: Preserves by Joanna Farrow.

This has been the one preserve book that I keep going back to and I had a huge pile of them from the library!

I bought a cheap book on preserving, but honestly, I wish I had paid that bit extra and bought this one. The even more annoying thing is that it is now 1/2 price on Amazon! But I am not going to give in buy it, I shall just copy down the recipes I want and keep my pennies for Christmas!


  1. I adore mango chutney. Will most definitely be trying this out. :)

  2. Sure wish you could email me a jar.

  3. Sounds good. I recently tried mango chutney and I was thinking that it would be nice to make my own.

  4. Oh, this looks so good! If I can still find fresh mango I'll give this a try and make it nice and spicy. It would make a great Christmas gift.

  5. I think I've got all the ingredients, except the mangoes!!!!
    I can see a quick trip to the supermarket coming on.

  6. Mmmmmm - looks delicious! And it would be the perfect thing to make for my dad for Christmas - it's his favourite. But with all these lovely jams and preserves you're making - have you ever thought of going into business?

  7. There you go with those great labels again! Too Cool! And your photo with the hot pepper is great! The chutney looks yummy. What will you serve with it????

  8. I wish I were on your Christmas preserve gift receiving end. I used to make things like Blueberries in Grand Marnier Syrup, Mustard Beans,Cranberry Sauce and Cookies in a Jar for gift giving.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful chutney!

    And what a subtle hint about something you'd love but don't have, mentioning Christmas at the same time. ;)

  10. Hi Wendy, it is really sweet and unctuous!
    Hi Urban Vegan, that is exactly what I said to Wendy about her quince jelly and she did! I you were in the same country and I would! Would a christmas card do?
    It is easy to make Kevin and tastesn gorgeous!
    I am hoping it will Atxvegn!
    Let me know how yoou get on Lynn!
    Hi Jen, It is purely weekend and day off stuff, but boy i would love to work part-time, think of all I could accomplish!
    Hi Deb, i am trying to wait patiently for it to mature, but it tasted so good when it was ready that I think it might be Christmas presents! Still have a whole heap of labels to draw!
    Wow, Val, those blueberries sound the best! I absolutely love blueberries!
    OK David! you don't have chutney or Christmas? I thought you guys were going somewhere exotic for Christmas! The chutney I can do, but sunny (ha ha) Dundee is all I can do for the Christmas visit part!

  11. Maybe - we're thinking of Prague for Christmas. No chutney there, either, I don't think. Nor sun. :)

  12. Lots of lovely sights for you to take snaps of though!

  13. Just happened upon your blog today. I LOVE mango chutney and use it pretty regularly. Since you didn't process this in a water bath canner or anything, how do you store it? Just in the fridge? Freeze it? Or is it ok on the shelf? For how long? Thanks for this post. It's very interesting!

  14. Wow, It looks really gr8! I bought
    some fresh mangoes and thought of making pickle out of it.Now i changed my mind after reading this recipe.
    I'll try this for sure....

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  16. Add a little fenungreek, just my quirky little angle


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