Potato Salad with a Rhubarb & Balsamic Dressing


My friends have very kindly provided me with lots of rhubarb, the yummy stuff that it is. So far I have made a crumble, a tart and jam, but I still have loads left. I am quite happy to eat it constantly, but I needed a new idea. I was thinking about how I could use it in a salad when I came up with the idea of combining it with balsamic vinegar. Boy, was that a good idea!

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Potato Salad with a Rhubarb & Balsamic Dressing


4 medium potatoes, cut in quarters
½ red onion, thinly sliced
1 cup chopped rhubarb
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper


Boil the potatoes until just tender.

Cook the rhubarb with the sugar until starting to break up. Add the balsamic vinegar and olive oil and warm through. Season with salt & pepper.

Drain the potatoes and mix gently with the dressing while still warm. Scatter the onion through the potato salad.

Eat slowly and savour!

Serves 2 (if you can bear to share it)


  1. wow this recipe just makes me head spin - brilliant combination that I really want to try when i next have the pleasure of being overloaded with rhubarb

  2. What an amazing, creative use of rhubarb--this sounds like it would be absolutely fantastic. I adore rhubarb but would never have thought to mix w/ potatoes!

  3. What a fantastic salad! My mother always made potato salads with vinegar, but never like this! Mmm... sure beats that yucky potato salad with all the mayo.

  4. what a wonderful idea for a potato salad dressing. I'm so jealous of your kitchen's rhubarb explosion too. Can't wait to try this out.

  5. Holler good morning hun!!
    I adore rhubarb and I really thank you for this great idea for using it!
    here still raining and's not italy anymore!..I should move to exotic places :-D

  6. This is one for me and my husband to try - it looks delicious Holler.

  7. That sounds like a fantastic idea, Holler.

  8. Hi Johanna, it is rich and lovely.

    Hi Ricki, it was a bit of a eureka moment!

    Hi Romina, not so heavy calorie wise either.

    Hey France I am happy with my rhubarb situation :) Watch this space for more ideas soon!

    Hi Silvia, unfortunately , it is pouring with rain here too!

    Hope you enjoy it Charlotte!

    Thanks Silvie :)

  9. What a creative idea! I've added your recipe to my "to try" list.

  10. What a great idea!!! I love the idea of balsamic with the rhubarb!

  11. Your pictures are changing - what are you doing differently?

  12. How lucky you are to have friends who supply you with fresh rhubarb. I never would have thought about rhubarb and balsamic together in a dressing but I must admit it sounds like a delicious idea.

  13. What a great idea!
    Rhubarb and balsamic sound like a match made in heaven - and I also have a surfeit of fresh rhubarb right now!

  14. Hi GrannyLooHoo, Have a try, you cannot fail to like it!

    Thanks Judy, It is officially my favourite potato salad now!

    Hi Davimack, It is my new camera and actually having some daylight again!

    Hi Vivacious Vegan, I have been lucky this year, but I think I may have to plant some in the garden. It is a really good combination with the balsamic. The second time I made it I cooked the rhubarb down more, but I think it is nice still to have chunks.

    Get to work with that Rhubarb Kittie :)

  15. Hah! Sunshine! No, it's more than that, and more than the camera ... I'm thinking that you've been changing the backgrounds or something, simplifying, making the pictures look more like "food pictures". ;)

  16. Balsamic vinegar is one of my favorites. This sounds like a perfect Spring salad!

  17. What a great and interesting salad - looks like a real hit! I've only ever used rhubarb in sweet dishes but must try it in a savoury recipe. I would never have thought of this - brilliant idea!

  18. Hi Davimack, I haven't knowingly changed anything. Although with my new camera, the best shots are in macro and hence you are quite close to the food. Which doesn't leave a lot of scope. I am pleased with how the photos are turning out.

    Me too Lisa, I usually have at least a couple of bottles of balsamic vinegar. One quality one for drizzling over salads or as a dip for bread and the other is usually a bog standard balsamic and I use this in dressings.

    Thanks Antonia!

  19. Ooh - I've never used rhubarb in savoury dishes before. I'm intrigued......looks great!

  20. This looks outstanding! Next time I make potato salad I'll try your recipe.

  21. World class Jacqueline! Really good idea, hats off to you, I would not have thought of doing that. But I wll be with the limp stick currently in my fridge!


  22. I am glad you have been inspired David :)

  23. This looks stunning, I have a home made rhubarb chutney that I might try whisked into some olive oil as a dressing for salad - great combination

  24. Thanks Marie, you won't be disappointed :)


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