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Beetroot Salad

I just love beetroot and I thought it would look really pretty in a salad, so I made a twist on a traditional coleslaw.

Beetroot Slaw


5 fresh beetroot, peeled and grated
5 spring onions, shredded
2 carrots, peeled and grated
1 small white cabbage, shredded (purple cabbage would look stunning!)


3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp red wine vingegar
1 tsp wholegrain mustard
3 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
freshly ground black pepper


Whisk together the salad dressing and combine with the vegetables. Voila!

Serves loads of people, honest!

I enjoyed this salad and the sharpness of the dressing was a lovely contrast to the creamy quiche I served it with (quiche to follow). However, make sure everyone has some. Delicious, but the honk of garlic was something else!


  1. Gorgeous colors! I've tried raw beets only once--they don't seem to be as popular in N. America that way--but I'd give this one a try for sure. And what's wrong with lots of garlic? ;)

  2. Me love beetroot too! Yum to this!

  3. Hi Ricki, Even after lots of brushing with minty toothpaste, it is still there! Tastes good at the time though :)

    It is great stuff Pia!

  4. Mmmmmm, garlicy too Wheeler!

    Graham just read my post and found out how much garlic I put in, he nearly had a nervous breakdown ;)

  5. So true, it is very pretty!

  6. I did a beetroot salad with garlic on the weekend (I always say as long as everyone eat the garlic you don't notice it so much) - will be posting on it soon - always love beetroot in a salad - and i love your pic of the rooster and the garden view!

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  8. (Sorry, accidentally signed in as D.)

    So, you added the beets raw -- yum. My sisters and I ate them like that when we were growing up (in California, so we're at least one group of N. Americans who eat them raw!), but Mom always made at least a sharply flavored marinade and they were almost pickled with lemon juice, garlic and onions. We've enjoyed finding out about beetroot 'jam' here - it's almost like sweet pickles -- which I hate -- but it's just sharp enough to be good in a salad.

  9. But Graham ate the salad, nonetheless - which is good, 'cause otherwise we'd have to mock him relentlessly. :)

  10. My husband absolutely loves beetroot, but I'm not so keen. Maybe I should try this salad, it does look really nice.

  11. I have a beetroot recipe up my sleeve for later this week when I feel better(tummy bug), but this salad is so vibrant and colorful...just lovely.

  12. I'm just jealous of the chicken.

  13. Wow Holler this looks so spring like with all those beautiful colors! I am into sides lately and must try this one!

  14. this looks delicious! i made a parsnip and beet salad a few weeks ago for the first time and really enjoyed it, too....I had never done anything with beets before!

  15. Gorgeous colours Holler!

    I've passed on the Arte y Pico award to you and Lisa - check out my blog for the details :)

  16. Beets are one of my favourites Holler. I have never had them raw either, but I am up for it:D

  17. Well isn't that just the prettiest slaw you ever did see? :)

  18. I love beetroot too! This is a beautiful looking salad, Holler!

  19. Thanks Katerina!

    You are so right Johanna, I made sure Graham had plenty salad too!

    Hi Tadmack, Beetroot in a marinade sounds good!

    At every opportunity Davimack!

    Hi Nicisme, it is a really good side dish!

    Hope you are feeling better soon Nina :)

    I have three! Thery are cute, aren't they Tadmack?

    I have to admit, it was the colour that got me Deb!

    Did you have pink hands too mary or were you more sensible and wore gloves?

    Aww, thank you Kittie, that was very kind :)

    Hi Val, I think described them a bit stupidly. They were cooked but not pickled, doh!

    Thanks Wendy, Susan and you too Jenn!

  20. That quiche looks really good, especially the golden brown cheesy top.

  21. Yumm this looks like the perfect salad for me. I adore beets! And I love your little rooster guy in the background.

  22. This looks delicious! I've only recently discovered that I enjoy beets.. so this salad has perfect timing :-)

  23. Hi Ashley, I was buying a gift when I saw these tin hens. Had to have them!

    Hi Amanda, they are great, aren't they?


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