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Griddled Vegetable & Mozzarella Salad

Here is my favourite salad of the moment, well since I got my new griddle pan.

Griddled Vegetable and Mozzarella Salad

1 aubergine, sliced
1 courgette, sliced
2 red or orange peppers, sliced
5 artichoke hearts in oil, drained and chopped in half
1 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper

1 ball of fresh mozzarella

Basil Dressing

1 handful fresh basil
1 red chilli
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
1/2 tsp wholegrain mustard
black pepper

Toss all the vegetables with the olive oil and season. Heat a griddle pan until very hot and cook the vegetables in batches until slighty charred.

Whizz up all the dressing ingredients and season.

Place the vegetables on a plate, add the sliced mozzarella and drizzle over some dressing.

Serve with crusty bread.

Serves 4


  1. Grilled eggplant is one of my favorites. These look great. We just bought a grill last night and should be doing the same in a couple of days (when it stops raining).

  2. That grilled vegetable salad is just perfect! I really like grilled eggplant and zucchini.

  3. I love grilled veggies, and they look terrific in this salad. I really should use my grill more often!! Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Ohh..A griddle pan. I think I need one of those. I've seen a lot of fresh mozzarella lately and it is making me resent my packaged cheese in the fridge.

    Great looking salad. Our contribution for No Croutons Required is next on the docket.

  5. I love this grilled salad. I could also use the BBQ I suppose as well as my griddle pan:D

  6. Sounds great vb and you will get that lovely smoked flavour from an outdoors grill.

    Good Italian flavours Kevin, tou just can't go wrong!

    Hey Ricki, I am going to do some of these veggies to put in a pasta dish too. Yum :)

    Hi Psychgrad, I love mozzarella! Well most cheese as you can guess by the topic of this month's No Croutons Required challenge.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Hi Val, barbequed food, summer is really on it's way!

  7. Good morning dear! I have mozzarella this evening as well..and I adore it! :-P
    Congrats for you awards so deserved!!
    Have a fantastic day!

  8. Ahhh Holler, grilled veggies make me forget about meat, momentarily!

  9. Grilled eggplant is a summertime must at our house. Making it into a salad is a wonderful idea! Love the sound of that basil dressing as I bet it gives it a nice fresh flavor!

  10. All of the veggies in here I LOVE! You can tell that summer's on it's way. Thanks Holler.

  11. Yum yum yum. That's all I have to say about that. ;)

  12. That looks wonderful. Aubergine sound far superior to eggplant, and truth be told it's much more fitting. I think I will begin calling eggplant aubergine at my house.

  13. Great choice for your entry Holler. I will be posting my soon! I've been busy.

  14. Sounds fabulous. I just planted four eggplant plants! I see a lot of eggplant in my future.

  15. Thanks Private Chef, I am glad you like my blog!

    Great minds think alike Silvia :)

    A fleeting success then Peter!

    Hi Deb, the dressing was lovely and fresh. I do love basil!

    Hey Nicisme, The summer can't make up it's mind here, but lets pretend it's coming!

    Hi Wendy, I am with you there :)

    Hi Renaedujour, just to confuse everyone, huh? I like aubergine better too!

    Hi Lisa, I bet it will be good!

    They are such good staples Kayln, you can do so much with them!

  16. A sure-fire winner and a firm favourite in this household when the summer is upon us!

  17. That salad looks really, really good! Grilled eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables so I can't wait to try this with the basil dressing!

  18. Looks very good. It is grilling time in Georgia so I will have to start to grill eggplant.

  19. Wow. I'm going to use my charcoal grill to give those veggies a great smoky flavor, and with the fresh mozzarella and that incredible-sounding dressing I'm sure that this will be fabulous!

    Now, I must go outside and coax my tiny little basil plants to GROW. :)


  20. A well deserved award and a fantastic looking salad. I've got to get a new griddle pan, so I can try it, my old one really has seen better days.

  21. Ooooh my, your salad looks so delicious! The basil dressing sounds amazing, too!

  22. That is my kind of salad, Holler - I love salads with cheese!

  23. So summery looking, it makes me want to get my griddle pan out as well.

  24. Hi Spaghetti, a real winner here too!

    Hi Judy, I am going to try this dressing with coriander too! I think it would be rather good: :)

    It is cooler her again, lucky you Sharona!

    Hi Vicki, I am sure they will grow in no time! Smoky aubergine sounds good.

    Hi Silvie, this is my first griddle pan, I held out and held out, but eventually gave in! I do like using it.

    Thank you Canarygirl!

    Me too Patricia, I am looking forward to seeing some more cheese salad ideas for this month's No Croutons Required.

    Hi Lynn, go for it girl :)


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