Dressing Du Jour

It is dreich and soggy out, but that didn't stop me craving a salad for lunch. I needed some salad ingredients, so the three of us had a lovely walk along to the supermarket.

Once we got back from our walk I made up a fruit salad for Cooper. As ever these days, it wasn't completely successful. Today the mango and strawberries were in favour, although they were approached with extreme caution. He wasn't willing to have anything to do with the orange, apple or blueberries, even with a spot of Greek yoghurt, so I ended up making up a smoothie with the fruit which was glugged down with alacrity. A bit of buttered bread to chew on and he was slumping in his high chair with tiredness. Once he was settled and cozy in his bouncy chair for a sleep I was able to concentrate on our salad.

I wanted the crunch of a green bean salad, so I went for mangetout and fine beans. I started with mixed salad leaves and grated courgette. I topped this with the mangetout and fine beans, which I blanched. The fine beans for a few minutes, but the mangetout only needed a minute before being submerged in some icy water. I also added some cashew nuts at the end, but forgot all about them until we were tucking in.

Now on to the dressing which is my entry for this month's No Croutons Required. It is creamy and lemony and garlicky and spicy. Mmmmmmmm, such a tasty dressing.

Creamy Lemon, Cumin & Coriander Dressing

1 tsp cumin seeds
½ clove garlic (a full clove if you want a really garlicky dressing)
½ tsp salt
½ tsp sugar
finely grated lemon peel from 1 lemon
juice of ½ lemon
1 tbsp Greek yoghurt
¼ cup olive oil
fresh coriander
freshly ground black pepper

Heat the cumin seeds in a dry pan until you can start to smell the beautiful aroma of spice. Make sure to take them of the heat before they burn, which can happen quite quickly. Grind in a pestle & mortar until quite finely ground.

Add the salt, sugar and garlic and crush down the garlic into a paste. The salt and sugar should be abrasive enough to help with the grinding.

Pour into a bowl, then add the lemon rind and juice and whisk. Add the yoghurt and whisk again, then finally the olive oil. Season to taste with freshly ground pepper and then add some fresh coriander.

Dressing for 6

This dressing will keep in the fridge for a few days, but will need whisking before use.


  1. I've been looking for new coriander recipes so this is great. It's my number one herb of the moment.

  2. What a delicious dressing - I'd even enjoy salad in this awful weather if I could dollop this on top!

  3. Hah! Mr. Wee Man thinks he's driving. Good thing that steering wheel doesn't connect to anything.

    I'm always amused by the things The Nephews will and will not eat. Right now it's bananas... and pretty much pears. No apples, blueberries, or strawberries. Have NO idea why. Smart Mama to make a shake!

    I'm craving salads... Spring... a change in the weather...

  4. That dressing sounds amazing. I bet it was perfect with the salad.

  5. Love Greek Yogurt in salad dressings - gives it a nice sharp edge

  6. I would so enjoy a homemade sald with a refreshing dressing right now for lunch!!

  7. that salad looks like spring in a bowl... how divine... and it's always great to pick up a new dressing recipe... i'm always so lazy with mine and tend to reach for the olive oil every time but this looks so easy and sooo tasty... thanks x

  8. The combination of all those lovely green veggies is making me long for spring and better weather! Your dressing looks lovely - a great contrast to the crunchy crispy greens.

    Love the photo of Cooper on his little bike - he looks such a happy smily little lad!

  9. isn't it strange that kids get more fussy about food as they get more active - love the bike!

    you are lucky you can get cooper to eat smoothie - sylvia is just not interested in such delights - and she seems to get fussier about her fruit lately

  10. What a lovely-sounding dressing. I get rather stuck in a rut with dressings and tend to make the same couple of dressings over and over again. I must get more adventurous! I too have been craving salads recently, even though it is still cold and damp outside.

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