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Cheesey Bean Wraps with a Kick of Spice

An easy, but delicious filling for tortillas with a kick of spice. Free printable recipe.


I recently learned how to make my own flour tortillas, using a kit I got from Mexgrocer.

I used a press, but you can just roll them out thinly.

They are really quick and easy to make.

I use tortillas quite a lot for lunch wraps and serve them with my veggie chilli, but the first thing I wanted to make when I made my own tortillas was cheesey bean wraps.

You see I've been craving them for a while.

Tesco used to sell a 3 Bean Wrap that I loved, in fact the only Tesco sandwich that was worth buying.

Of course, because I loved it so much, it was discontinued a bit like the roasted vegetables on sun-dried tomato bread and the mushroom and horseradish, which were glorious sandwiches.

I don't know why Tesco persist in selling such foul sandwiches when they got it so right with these.


The original 3 Bean Wrap wasn't spicy, but I wanted mine to have a kick, so I added some Smoked Chilli Paste to my mayonnaise.

I picked up a sample jar of this gorgeous paste when I was down in London at Food Blogger Connect in July.

This stuff is gorgeous! 

The paste can be added to so many dishes and they also sell a spicy mayonnaise and spicy honey which I also loved.

I've just found out you can buy it on Amazon, but you could just add your favourite spices.

My wraps were delicious!

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Cheesey Bean Wraps
An easy, but delicious filling for tortillas with a kick of spice.
  • 100g extra mature cheddar
  • 50g black beans
  • 50g kidney beans
  • 50g sweetcorn
  • 4 tbsp mayonnaise
  • ¼ tsp smoked chilli paste, or chilli powder
  • a good grinding of black pepper
  • a good handful of rocket (arugula) leaves, or other salad leaves
  • 3 - 4 flour tortillas
1. Grate the cheddar in a large bowl.2. Add the beans and mix through.3. In a small bowl mix the spices into the mayonnaise, then mix through the bean mixture.4. Season with black pepper and mix again.5. Lay salad leaves on each tortilla, them top with the cheesey bean mixture, roll and scoff!6. Enjoy
Total time:
Yield: Enough for 3-4 wraps


  1. I love bean wraps. I haven't tried making my own tortillas but there is an uncooked type I love to bring home from the States.

    1. It's a new thing for me too Val. I couldn't believe how easy they were. I hadn't heard of those uncooked ones.

  2. My husband loves this sort of food and I love chipotle paste, smiles all round with this one x

    1. Thanks Deena. I'm with your husband, what a great flavour it brings.

  3. LOVE your wraps... very rustic and the filling looks very moreish!

  4. I love the little panda bears!

    I agree with you on sandwiches, the ones I like always disappear, leaving behind just cheese and onion or egg mayo. Uninspiring and not all that tasty.

    I also really liked Cauldron's aduki bean kievs and they are no more.

    1. I bet those kievs were fab Laura, I would have tried those. It's so annoying when good ranges disappear.

  5. OH would love this - although I would use black-eyed beans instead.

  6. Mmm, they look scrummy.
    Janie x

  7. Mmm, and more mmmm, cheese and beans are a fabulous combination and some spice and a nice homemade tortilla and I can't think of a better sandwich.

  8. Wow,beans! Just love this cheesy bean wraps recipe, I'm bit bean lover.

  9. Sounds like a heavenly wrap filling to me - I nearly always go for something beany if there is one. Shall be bookmarking your recipe! And I know the exact same wrap that is no more, must have scoffed it a fair few times myself :)


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