Apple & Raisin Crumble with Cinnamon

I made this one especially for Graham. He loves baked dishes, be they savoury or sweet. He especially loves the crispy bits around the edges.

I actually prefer the crumble cooked a little longer, but there was such a gorgeous smell permeating the house and Graham got to the oven before me. He just couldn't wait and declared it ready.

We had a bit of a debate around whether we should have our crumble with custard or ice cream. I really didn't mind, because I knew it was going to be delicious, so I let Graham choose and ice cream it was.

Apple & Raisin Crumble with Cinnamon


200g/1 ½ cups plain flour
100g/1 cup porridge oats
200g/1 cup demerara sugar
200g/1 ¾ sticks unsalted butter, cubed at room temperature
1 cup raisins
pinch of salt
1 knob of butter for greasing

Fruit Base:

4 large apples, peeled and sliced
1 tbsp plain flour
4 tbsp demerara sugar
2 tsp cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4.

In a bowl, mix the sliced apple with the flour, sugar and cinnamon, until the apple is well coated.

In another bowl, mix together the flour, porridge oats and sugar. Add the butter and rub between your fingers until it is the texture of breadcrumbs. Stir in the raisins.

Butter a large ovenproof dish. Place the apples evenly across the base of the dish and top with the crumble mixture.

Bake for 30 - 40 mins until the crumble mixture is starting to brown and the fruit mixture is bubbling!

The recipe is a bit mixed in calculations. I much prefer using cup sizes when cooking now, it just makes sense, it is so much easier. However, I got to the butter and was stuck, because we don't measure butter in sticks and it is awkward to do.

Our packs of butter come in 250g blocks, which makes it easy to cut the portion you want. Sometimes there are even guide marks on the butter pack itself, showing you where to cut. If we need a trickier measurement, then we weigh the butter. So stick with me through the double calculations :)


  1. This is pone of my favourite homespun desserts. Nothing beats it except maybe lemon meringue pie:D

  2. I like lemon meringue pie, but I prefer crumble Val:)

  3. This crumble looks like something my husband would enjoy as well. I never made a crumble, can you believe it? What is demerara sugar?

  4. A perfect autumn treat. I posted an apple breakfast / dessert on my blog yesterday. Don't you just love apple season?

  5. Looks delicious, and I can understand wanting to get to it sooner! Funny about measurements--since I had my bakery, I've become much fonder of measuring in grams, which seems so much more exact! And no cups to bother with :)

  6. I love a good crispy crumble - just like yours please! I agree that cups are easier than weighing - in Australia it is usually cup measurements but we still measure butter in grams - and I agree that the guidelines on the packets are very helpful!

  7. Hi Rita, you should try one, they are simple but very satisfying. Demerara is a soft brown sugar with a larger grain. It has a lovely toffee flavour when cooked. Brown sugar is fine though.

    Apples are so good Lisa, although I prefer cooking and baking them than eating them plain. An apple has to be sweet for me to enjoy it.

    It is a faff measuring though! Although I can see why it would be a better idea in a professional kitchen Ricki. I wish I could have visited your bakery :)

    It was Davimack! The leftovers have mysteriously disappeared!

    Hey Johanna, that is good to know! I will have to find out how other people measure butter and come up with a standard measure for my recipes. Maybe I will do a poll.

  8. I have never attempted crumble yet...this crumbles looks very inviting...

  9. Favourite thing - ever - is crumble. This is gorgeous Holler.

    Glad that you too have caught the 'cup' bug. It's so much easier to measure for things like this particularly.

  10. That apple crisp looks good. The apple, raisin and cinnamon combo in a nice one.

  11. Apple crumble really is the best in my book. I'll try adding raisins next time though - nice idea!

  12. I love apple and raisins - especially in a crumble

  13. Yum yum! This is a big favourite in our house too :)

  14. I love using cups for measuring now Lucy! I just don't know why I didn't cotton on sooner.

    They are great flavours, it has to be said Kevin! Very autumnal, don't you think?

    It is nice to have that extra texture to the crumble Antonia, the raisins are nice and chewy.

    Me too Beth, I want to eat it again now!

    A girl with good taste Lysy :)

  15. This looks excellent...crumbles, crisps, and other c-word cousins alike...all so good. Such comfort-food dessert and apple the representative flavor in my mind.

  16. apple crumble is lovely Mike, but it can never eclipse rhubarb for me :)

  17. That looks so delicious! I love spiced fruit desserts with ice cream.

  18. I would be very happy with a big bowl of that in my hand.

    Looks delish!

  19. Have you ever thought about not choosing between custard and ice cream? The warm custard melts the ice cream which soaks into the crumble.........heaven on earth.

  20. I don't blame him for getting to it before it was all caramelized. It looks and sounds so comforting and delicious.

  21. your crumble looks so good... :)

  22. Thanks Jacque :)

    Hey Lynn, that is just unbelievable indulgence! I think I may be good and stick to one or the other :)

    It was still lovely Alexa, but I know it would have been even better if it was left in longer. More crispy chewy bits!

    Thank you Mikky :)

  23. Yum. the oats in the crumble sounds like it might give it a nice texture.

  24. Hi Jude, I always add the oats no, they do give a lovely texture.

  25. Hi, I've never made crumble like this before but it looks and sounds yummy so I'm gonna give it a try today. I'll post a photo of it on my blog later (with an acknowledgment of course)! Thanks for adding me to your blog list BTW :D


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