Chunky Plum & Apricot Chutney

Chunky Plum & Apricot Chutney

8 plums, stoned and chopped
30 apricots, chopped
3 apples, peeled and chopped
4 onions, finely chopped
3 cm piece of ginger, grated
1 fat clove of garlic, finely chopped
2 cinnamon sticks
1 tin chopped tomatoes
5 cups red wine vinegar
2 ½ cups caster sugar

Place all the ingredients in the pan and bring to the boil. Simmer for about an hour and a half until the chutney has thickened.

Spoon the chutney into sterilised jam jars and seal.

Makes 6 x 1 lb Jars

Try to remember to remove the cinnamon sticks before you jar up the chutney!

I ran out of time while making this batch of chutney and had to leave the finishing off and jarring up in Graham's rather astonished hands. He did a grand job, but forgot to take out the cinnamon sticks. I apologise to anyone who gets a crunchy bit in their batch LOL!

p.s. thanks for the cinnamon sticks Davimack and Tadmack :)


Just remembered I had some rather nice photos from the chutney making, so I am going to add them now :)


  1. Looks lovely! But wouldn't you notice the cinnamon sticks even if you left them in? The ones I've seen are as big as cigars (well, small cigars!) ;)

  2. This looks gorgeous! I'm passing it along to a friend who recently confessed that she's addicted to chutneys and has been making them nonstop. Maybe she'll make some for me! Or maybe I should make some for her.

  3. Hi Ricki, I have added photos to let you see that the cinnamon sticks I had were quite short.

    Hi Andrea, make some for her and if you let it mature for a couple of months, if will be a perfect Christmas present.

  4. looks delish - are those dried apricots in the pic?

    is good you had a spare pair of hands at your hour of need but sounds like graham needs a little practice :-)

  5. This looks wonderful! I can just imagine how good it would taste with all kinds of dishes.

  6. Those cinnamon sticks are really short aren't they. I love making chutney - a great christmas gift!!

  7. Somehow as soon as I saw the first photo I pictured myself spooning the chutney onto cold roast meat!

  8. Are the apricots fresh or dried? I'm currently thinking what I need to buy to make this.

  9. Oh, well done, both of you.
    I'm sure everyone will see those great fat cinnamon sticks; no worries. Just discovered Lakeland has jars... they're not like the ones we used back home, but we're giving it a go. Fancy a bit of carrot cake jam? I'll save you a jar...

  10. I bought some jars the last time I was in Lakeland and this looks like just the thing to make :-)

    And I like the idea of the shorter cinnamon quills as they can get a bit messy when you snap them.

  11. I had the same thought as Caked Crusader...wouldn't this be nice with meat?! (sorry Holler, I know you're a vegetarian). It looks so good, I don't know how much would make it into jars in my kitchen.

  12. This chutney looks so savory!
    Hey, I am really liking your dish and that spoon!

  13. Delicious -- both the chutney AND the photos! I adore chutney... and this looks positively fabulous!

  14. I love chutneys. They can turn a boring sandwich into something really special and delicious! I tried making some plum chutney last year, but wasn't impressed, maybe I need to try your recipe. it sounds great!

  15. Your chutney looks gorgeous and the pics taken at the time of making it look wonderful too :)

  16. I've never made chutney but I love it. I am happy to see it's fairly easy to make. The colors are beautiful!

  17. Hi Johanna, these were dried apricots, but they were still lush! Maybe they were have dried?

    I don't know if Graham will want any more preserving practice, although he didn't seem to mind helping out. Although he was reeking of vinegar from it! I must be aware of that next time I make chutney ;)

    Hi Diann, you are right, but it is the wait while it matures that is hard!

    The cinnamon sticks are cute aren't they Beth? They were a pressie, along with other spices!

    I will let you away with that CC LOL :)

    I got them from Tescos Lynn, they are very tasty. They are supposed to be dried, but they are still gooey inside. Yum!

    Carrot Cake Jam! That sounds amazing Tadmack! I hope that one is going on the blog :)

    Hi Jen, it looks like there has been a mass surge towards Lakeland for preserving jars this week, I bought some too!

    That's ok Joan, as long as you would enjoy it!

    Thank you Deb :) The bowl is a funny little thing, it slants to one side!

    Thanks Lo :)

    You maybe just need to tweak it a bit Silvie and did you leave it to mature?

    Thanks Usha :)

    Hey Pam, I am very pleased to report that it is very easy to make!

  18. I never tire of chutney. This one sounds aromatic and wonderful.

  19. I've seen so many delicious looking chutneys lately. I need to get my butt in gear so I can make this while the plums are good--it looks great!

  20. I have been wanting to try making a chutney for a while now. They always look so good!

  21. Thanks Alexa :)

    Hi Mike, I often miss a season's goods, when it comes to jam or chutney making, but I was determined to get those plums while they were in season.

    Hi Kevin, it is nice to have some laid aside or to give as gifts :)

  22. I've never had a fruit chutney before. Seems like it's a chunky jam? Looks great!

  23. That's just gorgeous! If I had to choose between chutney and other preserves, I'd have to go with the chutney - sweet, savory and spicy is simple irresistible!

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