Audrey's Scottish Truffles

Breaktime at work usually heralds some water and fruit or yoghurt for me and a cup of tea and a biscuit or a piece of fruit for others, but now and again the staff room gets interesting.

If this happens there is usually a reason, somebody's birthday, a thank you or somebody's leaving (this one is happening more and more often). If we are really lucky and I mean, really really lucky, then we stand before a hallowed treat - Audrey's Truffles. People will hear whispers about these truffles and make a special trip up to the staff room to have one. They are truly held in awe and I now know what Audrey's secret is, well apart from all the lovely ingredients such as chocolate, coconut and rum (lots of rum).

She sieves the biscuits! And therein lies the secret to a lovely smooth richness that cannot be rivalled. I have to tell you at this point, that is takes blooming ages to sieve a whole packet of biscuits. But, mmmmmmmm, it's worth it :P

Audrey’s Truffles

1 packet of McVities Digestive Biscuits
1 tin condensed milk
2 oz/ 4 tbsp margarine
12 tbsp desiccated coconut
10 tbsp Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate
10 tbsp dark rum (optional)

topping: chocolate vermicelli or dessicated coconut

Bash and sieve the digestive biscuits for a fine consistency. Melt the margarine. In a large bowl mix together the melted margarine, condensed milk, crushed biscuits, coconut, cocoa powder and rum. Once the mixture is well combined, place in the fridge for half an hour, to firm up. Remove the mixture from the fridge and roll into balls. Audrey says that it is difficult to persuade the vermicelli to stick to the truffle mixture, once it has been in the fridge. Her tip is to wet your hands slightly before you roll the balls in the vermicelli.

Makes - quite a lot. I filled two dinner plates, but I didn't count them.

Audrey adds rum to her truffles, which makes them taste divine, however Graham hates the taste of alchol in anything sweet, so I added orange juice to mine instead of the rum for a more subtle flavour. I could have perked this up a bit with some finely grated orange rind, but I didn't think of this until later. Also you could use cocoa instead of drinking chocolate for that slightly bitter flavour of dark chocolate and roll them in cocoa too, but I would recommend trying them this way first, just to experience how good they are!

p.s. It is Graham & I's first wedding anniversary today!
Where did the year go?


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  2. Many congrats on your first anniversary :-)

    The truffles also look great!

    (sorry deleted 1st post as mucked up spelling!!)

  3. First of all Happy Anniversary Holler. It seems not long since we were seeing photos of your wedding. Where does the time go. I hope you had plenty of truffles or anyuthing you wanted for that matter on this special day:D

  4. Congrats on your anniversary. These truffles look so pretty.

  5. Happy anniversary. And, these look nice--I might make them with something other than coconut.

  6. Wow--happy anniversary! The time really does fly--just wait till year 10! ;)

    The truffles look yummy! But wouldn't pulsing the biscuits in a blender until powdery do the same job as sieving? (I never use manual labor where an appliance would do as well. . .!)

  7. Sieve the biscuits... genius!

    Happy anniversary too - hope you're doing something romantic! :)

  8. Happy Anniversary! I love truffles, these look heavenly :)

  9. How interesting-- these look great!

  10. Those look delicious! And I never would have guessed about the biscuits being a part of it, go figure.

    And happy anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary Holler...the truffles look awesome :-)

  12. Happy Anniversary. These truffles look so good!

  13. Congrats. I can't believe mine is just around the corner too!! I have never heard of sieving digestives!

  14. Happy anniversary to you and Graham.

    These truffles sound wonderful and rather remind me of my classic rum balls. I crush up a bunch of wafer cookies to make them. The last time I made them, I pulled out my food processor to speed things up.

  15. These look divine! Chocolate and anniversaries go together and marriage!

  16. happy anniversary! Are those truffles for celebrations? They look like it.

    I love these sort of sweet treats with crushed biscuits - instead of sieving the biscuits you could try putting them in the food processor - I have always found this reduces them to dust (and I hate sieving anything!) And I see I am not alone in this thought :-)

  17. Thank you Val :) It doesn't seem long to me at all, definitely not a whole year!

    Thanks Parker :)

    Hi Maybelles Mom, I am guessing you don't like coconut then. You can leave the coconut out and just have biscuit ones. Adding raisins can be good too.

    Hi Ricki, year 10 seems a long way away just now, but I bet those years go by fast!

    And on to the sieving of the biscuits. I will do them in the food processor next time, although it was quite a calming exercise doing them through the sieve. I wanted to make this batch to Audrey's recipe and they do taste great for it!

    Hi Wendy, we had a lovely day out together and a meal. A great day all round :)

    Thank you Ohio Mom :)

    Thanks Davimack :)

    They are really yummy Alexa! Graham & I both took a plate to work, so we wouldn't just eat them all ourselves!

    Thanks Mike :) They are quite a traditional recipe here in Scotland and you are right they are very different from the truffles we are used to, made with melted chocolate and double cream.

    Thanks Usha :)

    Thank you Jules :)

    Hi Beth, I hadn't heard of sieving the biscuits before either, but it makes for a really fine consisitency.

    I hope you have as lovely a day as we had for your anniversary :D

    You are a wise woman Lisa, although it is not as much fun :) I am now wondering what our equivalent of your wafer cookies would be ?

    Hi Deanna, I am with you there :)

    Thank you Johanna :) The truffles weren't made for our anniversary and were all given away before yesterday, unfortunately! I am with you, the food processor will certainly speed things up next time :)

  18. Happy anniversary! My fourth is coming up this week. Fun!

    Those truffles do look wonderful!

  19. Happy anniversary!! I hope you had a lovely day. The truffles look amazing too - they must taste good too, to make up for all that sieving!

  20. Hi Stephanie, I hope you have as much fun as we had, on your anniversary.

    Hi Lysy, these little balls of loveliness were well worth all the effort :)

  21. Oh. My. God. I am now convinced to lead a pure and good life as these truffles will surely be waiting for me in Heaven!!!!!

    Happy anniversary!

  22. Ooo I want to make these! How many grams is one package of biscuits? And how many mL (or whatever other measurement) is "1 tin" of condensed milk?

  23. What a good idea!! I recently used digestives to make crust for Banoffee pie and it came out delicious.

    Enjoy your day, Margot


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