Yoghurt Week - Day Two

Day two of Yoghurt Week and I was excited to make and try these puff tarts. Cooper has been a bit poorly today, but this is an easy recipe.

I used ready-made puff pastry (life is just to short to make your own, although it is fun to make), ready-made custard, Total Greek Yoghurt, a vanilla pod, fresh berries and a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Easy Heart Tarts

1.   Flour your work surface and roll out a block of puff pastry until it is roughly 3 or 4 mm thick. I sprinkled my rolling pin and surface with icing sugar, but flour would do.

2.   Use a knife to carefully cut out heart shapes, approximately 11 or 12 cm high. If you have a cutter, feel free to use that.

3.   Score a line into the pastry, following the shape, about ½ cm in from the edge. This will create a lip which will hold in the custard filling.

4.   Brush the pastry hearts with milk. Place the hearts on a baking tray covered in greaseproof paper. It might be an idea to flour the paper too, as my hearts stuck a little. Place the hearts in a pre-heated oven. 200c/400f/gas mark  Bake for around about ten minutes until they are starting to turn golden.

5.  Mix together ½ cup custard and ¼ cup Greek yoghurt.

6.   Slice along a vanilla pod with a sharp knife and scrape out all the seeds.

7.   Blend the vanilla seeds into the custard mixture.

8.   With a teaspoon, gently press down the pastry in the centre of the hearts, leaving a raised edge.

9.   Fill the pastry with the custard mixture.

10.   Top the custard with berries and once all the hearts are filled, put the hearts back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

11.   Remove the pastries from the oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes before sprinkling with icing sugar.

I hope you enjoy these!


  1. ha, i can see it looks delish anyway! but i will come back for recipe on the sweet crusty hearts:) *stop kicking your ma, she's blogging important stuff*

  2. Hi Pia, He didn't only kick me, he had an experimental bite too. This breastfeeding lark is becoming dangerous!

    The post is finished and up now :)

  3. Oh yummy these do look good.

    I had a recipe I used to make all the time years ago that mixed yoghurt and custard. I remember it was delicious but have no idea what it was!

  4. It does taste good Helen, especially with the vanilla seeds. Let me know what is was, if you remember :)

  5. Good gosh! I want these right now. Beautiful

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  7. these look so delicious that I am looking forward to the rest of yoghurt week

  8. These look fab. I too have a pooorly toddler!!

  9. So cute! I would love to bite in them right now :-)

  10. Hey Johanna, don't get your hopes up to high. It's all going to be very simple stuff :)

    Hope your wee one gets better soon Beth, Cooper seems much better today :)

    They are rather yummy Sweet Artichoke :)

  11. Cute, easy and delicious Jacqueline. I hope Cooper feels better soon:D

  12. Those are so adorable! Isn't it fun to work with puff pastry? (That you don't have to make from scratch?!)
    I'm saving this for next Valentine's Day.
    Hope your Cooper is feeling better!

  13. Thanks Val, he is feeling much better today :)

    Thanks Barbara :)

  14. Awe these look so cute and delish too.

    Hope Cooper is feeling better!


  15. Jacqueline-these tarts look so yummy so much so my son is getting the shopping list ready so i know i'll be doing a trip to supermarket tomorrow.

  16. Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by and I know you will love these tarts :)

  17. You've made your own puff pastry? I'm impressed. I love how the heart has an inner and outer shape to it. I came across another recipe recently that called for a vanilla bean, are they easy to find?

  18. I haven't made my own puff pastry for years TB, I have given up on that now, ready-made puff pastry is pretty good.

    Here in the UK vanilla pods are easy to find. You can buy them from the spice shelf of any supermarket.

  19. How cute! I could eat about a dozen right now they sound so good. Loving the heart theme too. Hope wee Cooper is feelign better ;0)

  20. Thanks Chele and yeah, I think he is feeling a bit better :)

  21. Now, these filled hearts look so tasty!! That's a great idea to combine custard &with greek yoghurt & to fill the pastry harts with it! It is a bit lighter that way!!

    A lovely & very English dessert, I think!! I so love custard too!

  22. What a gorgeous little tart! I love your use of yogurt here, combining it with custard.


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