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Scottish Tattie Scones

Tattie Scones are traditional potato scones made in Scotland. A simple flat scone made from mashed potato which are traditionally served as part of a cooked breakfast.

Scottish Tattie Scones in a cooked breakfast with beans and eggs

Scottish Tattie Scones

At the weekend I decided to make some tattie (potato) scones.

Tattie scones are a traditional Scottish flatbread made with mashed potatoes.

I was making them for Sunday morning breakfast, but the boy asked if he could have some. So I warmed up some beans and fried an egg for him too. He loved the tattie scones.

I don't know why I haven't made them for him before, they're so simple to make.

Graham and I are not in the habit of having breakfast, although the boy always has his.  I cannot face eating so early in the morning.

What are Tattie Scones ?

In case you haven't heard of tattie scones before, they are part of a traditional Scottish breakfast. 

They are flat scones made from potatoes and traditionally cooked on a griddle.

In Ireland they are called fadge or potatoes scones, but we just call them tattie scones (tattie is our abbreviation for potato).

For more Scottish recipes have a look at my recipe index of Scottish Recipes for Vegans and Vegetarians

toddler eating tattie scones  with baked beans and eggs

What is in a full cooked vegan breakfast?

Choose 4 or more of the following:

  1. well cooked veggie sausages (we like Linda McCartney)
  2. baked beans
  3. sauted mushrooms (seasoned well with pepper)
  4. grilled (broiled) tomatoes
  5. wilted spinach 
  6. fried potato slices
  7. toasted potato scones
  8. toast

For a vegetarian cooked breakfast you can also add:

  1. griddled or fried halloumi
  2. fried, poached or scrambled eggs

Instead of shop bought sausages why not try my puy lentil and mushroom sausagescarrot and black bean sausages or my easy recipe for potato scones?

    It's not something to have all the time, but nice for an occasional lazy, late Sunday breakfast.

    tattie scone dough rolled out and cut with a cookie cutter

    Shape of tattie scones

    I made small, round tattie scones, but they are traditionally rolled into a larger circle and cut into four triangles.

    You can use any cutter you like really.

    It might be fun to use some cookie cutters to make star or heart shapes, if you are making them for children.

    So, remember to cook extra potatoes if you are having them with your evening meal, so you can whip these up quickly next morning.

    What do you like to have for a lazy Sunday breakfast?

    More traditional Scottish recipes

      also try Scotch Pancake with Chocolate Chips and Raisins

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      Tattie Scones are traditional potato scones made in Scotland. A simple flat scone made from mashed potato which are traditionally served as part of a cooked breakfast. #tattiescones #potatoscones #scottishscones #scottishbreakfast #cookedbreakfast #mashedpotatoes #potatofarls

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      Scottish, vegetarian
      Yield: 12 scones (depending on size)

      Scottish Tattie Scones

      Scottish Tattie Scones

      These are traditional potato scones, made in Scotland. A simple scone made from mashed potato, flour and butter. Once cooked they can be kept in the fridge and re-heated in a toaster or under a grill.
      prep time: 10 Mcook time: 25 Mtotal time: 35 M


      • 400g potatoes, peeled
      • 50g butter (or dairy-free spread)
      • 80g plain flour
      • ½ tsp baking powder
      • ½ tsp salt


      How to cook Scottish Tattie Scones

      1. Boil the potatoes until they are tender and mash with the butter.
      2. Mix the mashed potato in a bowl with the flour, baking powder and salt, until the form a dough.
      3. Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface, to about ½ cm deep. Use the cutter of your choice or cut into the traditional triangles.
      4. Lightly oil and heat a frying pan or griddle. Fry each scone on each side for a few minutes until golden.
      5. Serve while hot or leave to cool, then pop in the fridge for a quick breakfast. They toast really well.
      6. Enjoy!


      Once cooked and cooled these can be heated in the toaster, but they need to be fried the first cook.
      These can be frozen and cooked from frozen or left to defrost in the fridge overnight then cooked.
      The scones can be kept in the fridge for a few days.
      Fat (grams)
      Sat. Fat (grams)
      Carbs (grams)
      Fiber (grams)
      Net carbs
      Sugar (grams)
      Protein (grams)
      Sodium (milligrams)
      Cholesterol (grams)
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      1. I grew up on tat tie scones from marks and Spencers. I was so sad when they disappeared here but can still make my own.

        1. Yes, you can definitely make your own Val and they will be much nicer too :)

      2. What a fun recipe, Jacqueline. I've never heard of tattie scones...but I've made this accidentally (with scallions) with leftover mashed taters!

      3. Adding scallions or spring onions as we call them, is a good idea Barbara. I am thinking of making some with sweetcorn for Cooper, as he loves his corn.

      4. lovely jac. I've been making drop scones recently like my great aunts used to feed me. I shall try these very soon!

        1. I have never tried drop scones, a bit vague about what they are actually. Better go google :)

          Hope you enjoy these tattie scones. I wonder what shape you will cut yours into?

      5. We love tattie scones - I make them from time to time - esp when we have leftover mashed potato - because we can't buy them here and E loves them. I made them last week and sylvia tried to cut out a gingerbread man - but I just went with my usual four quarters of a circle - it did make me think it might be fun to cut them in different shapes so will try that next time

        1. That's because you have a Scottish husband. It is great the Sylvia helps you in the kitchen so much. We are both bringing up chefs of the future.

      6. Love these scones are absolutely new for me and I m love with scottish recipes:)

        1. Love your baby is lovely!:)

        2. Thanks to both Gloria, I love my scones and of course think Cooper is the best wee boy in the world :)

      7. They look great Jac - I'm loving the idea of tattie scones and baked beans for tea! Cooper is such a sweetie!

      8. I am on the look out for potato recipes as I have a massive bag to use up all from the allotment. Today it was potato cakes via Darina Allen. Tomorrow I now know it has to be Jac's tattie scones.....thanks!!

      9. Glad it gave you inspiration Laura and now I am wondering what potato cakes via Darina Allen are? I am off to tweet you :)

      10. Tattie potatoes, interesting recipe Jacqueline. It reminds me the Italian gnocchi recipe. Very nice picture of your boy enjoying a delicious Sunday breakfast.

        1. It is quite like gnocchi, just cooked differently :)

      11. Well, I was just after a recipe for tattie scones, this one fits the bill perfectly! although I am afraid my perfect (Italian) breakfast would be cornetto and cappucino :-)

        1. Haha, not quite the same Alex. A simple recipe, but I know you will enjoy them :)

      12. we made them as well

        1. Brilliant and I love the stars you cut them into. Inspired!

      13. Ahhh...reminds me of my 6 years in Aberdeen and going out with a man from Fife. Tattie scones were a Sunday breakfast staple. Thank you for the nostalgia, will definitely try and make them soon.

        P/S love your blog. I am usually a silent reader but the tattie scones were calling for a comment. much love all the way from Brunei!

        1. Awwww, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Sarah, I really appreciate it. I am a Fifer too, so I can only appreciate your taste in men, haha :)

      14. Ah, this one makes me a bit "home"sick. I do miss my tattie scones; I suppose I should make my lazy self actually cook some, since I can't now go out for them!

      15. Nothing in my mind is a greater combo than mashed potatoes that were fried and baked beans. I'll be all over these shortly.

      16. I grew up on tattie scones but I'm ashamed to say I've never made them myself *blush* :-/ I'll have to put this to rights!

        1. I am glad I have inspired you to make them, they are so easy!

      17. Just made the taty scones for the 5:2 diet they were lovely!! Do you think they will be ok to freeze before frying them? I am doing a 4:3 diet to try and shift those pounds, a bit of an experiment really to see if it works and it has the reported health benefits, blogging about it at

        Thanks for the recipes they are a great help!

      18. Yes please, I'll have one of your Scottish veggie breakfasts - the full works with your tattie scones. Breakfast is very good for you Jac and you really ought to eat it :-/

        1. I know I am hanging my head in shame Choclette. I am gong to try and make sure I have a smoothie to take with me to drink in the mornings at work from now on and have breakfast on my days off.

      19. Had my very first tattie scones in Glasgow last week (I wish we could get them here in London!) - I'm so glad I've found your recipe. They look yummy! I'll try use margarine instead of butter for a vegan version, I hope they turn out as lovely! Izzy x

        1. They're good aren't they Izzy and yes I often use dairy free spread to make them as my hubby is vegan too.

      20. Hello! I usually make my own scones at Christmas and give them as presents, but I've recently become vegan so I'm now wondering what the best way is around that. I see the comment above mentions marg or dairy free spread; I wondered if you've ever tried it with vegetable oil? I saw one recipe online which did it that way.

        1. No, I always use dairy free spread. I like vitalite or pure.

      21. Hello from Colorado! I’ve made these gorgeous scones twice now! We love them so much! Just like the scones we eat with the full breakfast in Scotland!

        1. Hi Kristin *waves from Scotland*. I'm so glad you enjoy them. They are a real staple here. I've just got an air fryer and they've been coming up a treat in that.


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