04 July 2009

Garlicky Mushroom Melt

I was at the farmer's market in Perth today. I got some gorgeously ripe strawberries and couldn't resist buying some of their jam too. I know I could easily make my own, but it was too difficult to walk away without it. I bought some juicy nectarines and plump apricots. What a difference in the fruit when you buy it straight from the farmer. Pump and luscious instead of the hard tasteless fruit the supermarkets peddle.

I also bought a seven seed wholemeal organic loaf, which was pricey, but worth it. I plan to make sandwiches with it tomorrow for our walk. I will fill them with slow matured caramelised onion cheddar, also purchased today, salad leaves and caramelised onion marmalade. Mmmmm, should be good. I tried a piece of the cheese before I made up my mind and it is extremely lovely. I will take some of my fruit with me tomorrow too.

Anyway back to this evening. I just wanted something easy tonight. So I got the panini machine out, cut some thick slices of the seven seed bread and lightly toasted them , while I sauteed two large field mushrooms. Once the bread was toasted I rubbed one slice with a garlic clove, covered it with fresh mozzarella, then topped it with the seasoned mushroom. I spread the other slice of toasted bread with pesto and squidged them together before putting them back into the panini machine and gave them a few minutes to melt.

More a serving suggestion than a recipe, I know, but just delicious and worth passing on I think. Try it and you will see just what I mean. The perfect way to round off a lovely day. I am going to curl up on the sofa now, with a glass of elderflower cordial and watch New In Town. I hope you are having as nice a weekend.


  1. I made strawberry preserve last week. yummy sandwiches:-) Mmmm mushrooms.

  2. Just look at all of that melty cheesy goodness!

  3. Farmers markets are so dangerous! Last week I spent way too much money cause I just couldn't resist.

  4. Caramalised onions are so delicious!
    I agree, supermarket fruit is icky, so much better from the markets.


  5. It looks like a great toasted sandwich. Enjoy your walk!

  6. I always think farmers market food is worth it. looks great.

  7. Hi Soma, I have to get around to making some jam whilst the strawberries are still in season.

    Hi Kevin, I did think it would be one you would like when I posted it :)

    I know what you mean Katerina, money just seemed to pour from my purse!

    If only I could get fruit from a fruit shop or market more often Rose.

    Thanks Sylvie, the walk was great! It poured for a while, but then the sum came out for us. I will have to post some photos. I got some good ones.

    I am with you Maybelle's Mom :)

  8. Thank you for putting the theory that vegetarian sandwiches are boring to rest! Looks delish.

  9. Sounds like a wonderfully simple and delicious meal!

  10. I don't even like mushrooms and I'm drooling at these photos - tells you everything about how good they must be!

  11. This looks irresistable! I like seasoned mushrooms with a bit of mustard in a toasted sandwich as well.

    I know what you mean about the allure of fresh fruit - our fruitbowl is constantly overflowing at this time of year!

  12. I think I should dust off the panini press, it looks gorgeously gooey!! mmm!

  13. Mmm I love gooey cheese sandwiches. And garlic and mushrooms sound like they'd fit perfectly in there.

  14. That looks and sounds ab fab! And of course you had to take some good stuff home from the farmer's market, that's what they're there for...;)

  15. We've gotta get you into baking your own bread, Jac. Truly. Then you can have this much more often. ;)

  16. Yummie! This mushroom melt looks terrific...

  17. This is totally a sammich after my own heart. Shrooms and cheese... that's where it's at, baby! And a bit of pesto & caramelized onions don't hurt either.

    If I can find some good mushrooms to use, this is totally going on my plan for next week!

  18. those look great! i sometimes make something similar and i saute the mushrooms in balsamic. yours looks better though =)

  19. Hi Dana, veggie sandwiches are defintely not boring, although I sometimes get caught in the trap of having a favourite sandwich over and over again.

    It was really good Ricki and just what we were in the mood for.

    I gasped as I read that you don't like mushrooms CC, that is unimaginable to me!

    Hi Lysy, Mmmmmm, mustard on mushrooms sounds good, I think I will try that next time. Maybe on a roll with salad, instead of a burger.

    It was Anne, the mozzarella was all nice and stretchy when you took a bite :)

    Hey Ashley, this would be the sandwich for you then :)

    It was hard to resist Pia, although I was disappointed by the lack of veg. There was just some greens, potatoes and broccoli.

    I know Davimack, It is just something I have never gotten in to. I always seem to be in a rush, so the quick beer breads are about as much as I make.

    Thanks Juliana :)

    Mmmmmm, lovely Lo, those carmelised onions would be a great addition, they would be wonderful with the mushrooms and mustard that Lysy suggested!

    Balsamic sounds great too Twins :)

  20. Ooooh I LOVE cheese! Now those garlicky mushroom melts of yours look GOOD!

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