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50 BEST Vegan Lunch Wrap Recipes & Easy Filling Ideas

Wraps make a great change from sandwiches at lunchtime or in a lunchbox. Here are 50 of the best vegan lunch wraps and lunch wrap fillings.

50 BEST Vegan Lunch Wrap Recipes & Easy Filling Ideas

50 delicious wraps and wrap fillings to perk up your lunch. 

Scroll down for inspiration and click on the photo or the link to get the full recipe

Plan ahead and pack some really exciting lunches this week. There are so many great options for you to try.

Why are lunch wraps so good?

Are you converted to wraps yet? 

I love them.

Flour tortillas or soft flatbreads filled with fresh veggies, leafy greens, some savoury bits like baked extra-firm tofu,  vegan sausages, falafel and of course tasty salad dressings.

A good vegan wrap recipe should be packed full of flavours and textures.

The most delicious vegan wraps make the perfect lunch, a light snack between meals or a light dinner.

Which type of wrap?

First, you need to start with your wrap. 

Whichever type you choose will really make a difference to how your final wrap and how it tastes.

Flour tortillas are usually vegan, but do check the pack to make sure.

There are so many different types of healthy wraps

You can use:
  • Plain white tortillas
  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • Wheat and white tortillas
  • Mediterranean tortillas
  • Spinach tortillas
  • Corn tortillas
You can even make vegan lettuce wraps, using a sturdy lettuce like iceberg lettuce or romaine lettuce instead of the flour tortillas.

They are definitely a healthier and lower calorie options.

Crunch wraps or soft wraps?

It really is up to you how you make your easy vegan tortilla wraps.

You can leave them lovely and soft or you can griddle, grill (broil), fry or air fry them for a crisp, crunchy wrap.

Make them ahead

You can make fresh veggie wraps to eat right away or make them ahead, wrap them in parchment paper or foil and store them in an airtight container in the fridge overnight.

Then enjoy them the next day in your lunch box for a packed lunch or picnic.

Pop them in a sealed container and take them on a road trip for a quick snack or quick lunch.

They are generally a healthy meal and they travel much better than sandwiches, which have a tendency to get soggy or dry up.

Now for 50 healthy lunch ideas with simple ingredients. 

Buckle up buttercup!


50 Easy Vegan Wraps & Wrap Fillings

Carrot & Spinach Crunch Lunch Wrap

1. Carrot & Spinach Crunch Lunch Wrap

A delicious vegan lunch time wrap full of colourful veggies and finished with the crunch that makes this wrap one of the best wraps around.

recipe: Tinned Tomatoes


2. Vegan Mediterranean Wraps

These vegan Mediterranean wraps are filled with smashed chickpeas, crunchy, colourful vegetables like bell peppers and a creamy herby tzatziki sauce.

recipe: The Stingy Vegan


3. Double Hummus Wraps

These double hummus wraps are packed with chickpea and black bean creamy hummus, pickled turnip, rice and greens.

recipe: Cadry's Kitchen


Summer Salad & Baby Beet Lunch Wrap

4. Summer Salad & Baby Beet Lunch Wrap

A colourful, fresh summer salad lunch wrap with baby beets and pesto.

recipe: Tinned Tomatoes


5. Chipotle Tofu Rainbow Wraps

Crispy tofu and rainbow salad with chipotle for a bit of a kick.

recipe: Vegan Yack Attack


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20 Best Vegan Lunch Wrap Recipes. Filled tortilla wraps make a great change from sandwiches at lunchtime. Recipe pin.

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Green Power Lunch Wraps

6. Green Power Lunch Wraps

A lush green lunchtime wrap featuring spinach and creamy avocado with a tangy dressing. Delicious!

recipe: Tinned Tomatoes


Buffalo Tahini Quinoa & Rice Wraps

7. Buffalo Tahini Quinoa & Rice Wraps

A quick and easy lunch idea for busy days. These wraps are gluten-free, vegan and freezable.

recipe: Strength and Sunshine


Spicy Bean Lunch Wrap

8. Spicy Bean Lunch Wrap

A delicious spicy bean wrap. It's cheesy, creamy and tomato spicy. A very, very addictive lunchtime sandwich wrap.

recipe: Tinned Tomatoes


Vegan Taco Wrap with Walnut Meat

9. Vegan Taco Wrap with Walnut Meat

These vegan taco wraps have all the tastiness of tacos in a convenient wrap form. Add the recipe for walnut meat to your to-do list, it sounds delicious.

recipe: V Nutrition


Harissa Roasted Vegetable and Hummus Wraps

10. Harissa Roasted Vegetable and Hummus Wraps

Harissa roasted vegetable and hummus wrap is a super healthy vegan wrap made with roasted sweet potato, zucchini (courgette), red pepper with harissa paste, fresh baby spinach and a wholemeal wrap.

recipe: My Gorgeous Recipes


Beet Salad Lunch Wrap

11. Beet Salad Lunch Wrap

salad wrap with a powerhouse of flavours and textures including pickled baby beets, sundried tomatoes and pesto.

recipe: Tinned Tomatoes


Curried Tofu Wrap

12. Curried Tofu Wrap

A flavour-packed curried tofu wrap, recreated from a wrap on the menu at Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Orlando.

recipe: Healthier Steps


Broccoli Slaw Veggie Wrap with Spicy Hummus

13. Broccoli Slaw Veggie Wrap with Spicy Hummus

A quick and easy lunch wrap with healthy veggies, crunchy apples and a spicy hummus.

recipe: Veggie Inspired


Veggie Sausage, Red Pepper & Hummus Wrap

4. Veggie Sausage, Red Pepper & Hummus Wrap

A filling, satisfying and comforting wrap which is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

recipe: Tinned Tomatoes


Asian Slaw Vegan Wraps with Cauliflower Rice

15. Asian Slaw Vegan Wraps with Cauliflower Rice

Fresh wraps with a delicious peanutty flavour and cauliflower rice, lightly grilled.

recipe: This Healthy Kitchen


Rice & Beans Quesarito

16. Rice & Beans Quesarito

This rice and beans quesarito is so incredibly satisfying, no one would every guess it's vegan and gluten-free. For those who don't know, a quesarito is a combination of a quesadilla and a burrito.

recipe: Contentedness Cooking


Vegan Chickpea Caesar Salad Wrap

17. Vegan Chickpea Caesar Salad Wrap

Chickpeas are the star of the show in this wrap. They are paired with salad and a vegan Caesar salad dressing.

 recipe: Rhian's Recipes


Mushroom Spinach Tofu Wrap

18. Mushroom Spinach Tofu Wrap

A vegan mushroom and tofu wrap with spinach and a cilantro (coriander) hummus for that creamy finish.

recipe: Elephantastic Vegan


Curried Quinoa Mango and Tofu Wraps

19. Curried Quinoa Mango and Tofu Wraps

A healthy, flavourful wrap full of quinoa flavoured with curry spices and paired with mango, tofu and salad.

recipe: Veganosity


Roasted Vegetable Avocado Garden Wraps

20. Roasted Vegetable Avocado Garden Wraps

Lemon, pepper, avocado mash with crunchy fresh sprouts, tender roasted red pepper, onion and cauliflower in these super tasty wraps.

recipe: Yup It's Vegan


Onion Bhaji Lunch Wrap.

21. Onion Bhaji Lunch Wrap

Onion bhaji lunch wrap is a colourful sandwich wrap with the flavours of India and a rainbow of delicious vegetables. One of the most flavour-packed wraps.

recipe: The Vegan Lunchbox


Sriracha Chickpea & Avocado Wrap.

22. Sriracha Chickpea & Avocado Wrap

The most delicious chickpea sandwich filler, flavoured with sriracha and served on a wrap with avocado and salad. Why not make a batch of this tasty wrap filling for the week ahead?

recipe: The Vegan Lunchbox


Black Olive Couscous Wraps.

23. Black Olive Couscous Wrap

This tasty black olive couscous wrap is filled with flavoured couscous, salad and a drizzle of hot sauce for the most luscious lunchtime wrap.

recipe: The Vegan Lunchbox


Lebanese Falafel Wrap with Tahini Dressing on flatbread.

24. Lebanese Falafel Wrap with Tahini Dressing

Looking for a hearty lunch? Try a Lebanese falafel wrap on flatbread and dressed with the most gorgeously creamy tahini dressing for a taste of the Middle East.

recipe: The Vegan Lunchbox


Vegan Greek Salad Lunch Wrap.

25. Vegan Greek Salad Lunch Wrap

How good does this wrap look? Believe me, it tastes as good as it looks. 
Fresh and summery Greek salad paired with salty vegan feta and a glorious Greek dressing, that takes this wrap to a whole new level. It really perks up lunchtime.

recipe: The Vegan Lunchbox


Spicy bean burrito with vegan cheese.

26. Spicy Bean Burrito with Vegan Cheese

The flavoursome filling in these spicy bean burritos pack a real punch of flavour. Made with kidney beans, corn and red pepper in a spicy sauce for a bit of heat. They are absolutely banging!

recipe: The Vegan Lunchbox


Red Pepper & Kale Wrap.

27. Red Pepper & Kale Wrap

These red pepper and kale wraps are bursting with flavour, but easy to make. The flavours complement each other beautifully with a bit of tang from the pickled beetroot.

If you don't like pickled beetroot, try plain beetroot instead. You will find vacuum pack beets in your local supermarket, ready to use. Just remember to pat them dry on kitchen paper to remove any excess vinegar or juice.


Tex Mex Cheese Crunch Wrap.

28. Tex Mex Cheese Crunch Wrap

A Mexican-style lunch crunch wrap filled with some of the best Tex Mex flavours, then toasted until crisp. The wrap filling is also great in sandwiches.

recipe: The Vegan Lunchbox


Vegan Wrap Fillings

Now on to 22 easy but delicious vegan wrap fillings, so you can create your own combinations.

I've added a few ideas of how to serve each sandwich filler in a wrap, or should I say wrap filler?

Scroll down for more inspiration & click on the links for the recipes.

Wrap fillings - vegan egg mayo, whipped feta, pickled red onions & green falafel.

29. Vegan Egg Mayo

Serve on a wrap with shredded iceberg lettuce and cress.

30. Whipped Feta with Lemon & Herbs 

Serve on a wrap with salad leaves, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and olives.

31. Quick Pickled Red Onions

Serve on a wrap with salad leaves, cucumber and grated vegan cheddar or on a wrap with a spicy bean burger, mayo and salad.

32. Green Edamame & Pea Falafel

Serve on a wrap with hummus and cucumber or whipped feta and salad.

Lunch Wrap Fillings - Carrot hummus, red chilli chutney,  popcorn tofu and green pea falafel.

33. Roast Carrot Hummus 

Serve spread thickly on a wrap with grated carrot & beetroot.

34. Quick Red Chilli  & Garlic Chutney 

Serve on a wrap wrap with salad and smoked vegan cheddar.

35. Harissa Popcorn Tofu

Serve on a wrap with mayo, salad and tomato slices.

36. Vegan Cheese Savoury

Serve this classic British sandwich filling on a wrap with mayo, salad leaves, tomato slices and Brantson Pickle or another tasty pickle or chutney.

Wrap fillings - vegan pepperoni, Moroccan pate, vegan cheese & onion sandwich filler and spicy black bean pate.

37. Vegan Pepperoni

Serve on a wrap with mustard, salad leaves, vegan cheese and slices of gherkin (dill pickle).

38. Spiced Morrocan Pate

Serve on a wrap with salad.

39. Vegan Cheese & Onion Sandwich Filler

Another classic British sandwich filling. Spread the wrap with a thick layer or sandwich filler and add lots of salad.

40. Spiced Black Bean Pate

Spread thickly on a wrap with salad.

Wrap fillings - carrot sandwich filler, white bean and black olive pate, teriyaki tofu crumbles and quick pickled cabbage.

41. Carrot Sandwich Filler

Serve on a wrap with salad and mango chutney.

42. White Bean and Black Olive Pate

Serve a thick layer on a wrap with salad.

43. Teriyaki Tofu Crumble

Serve on a wrap with mayo, salad and a sriracha drizzle.

44. Quick Pickled Red Cabbage

Serve on a wrap with mayo, salad and grated vegan cheddar.

Serve on a wrap with mango chutney, onion bhaji and salad.

46.  Mushroom & Chestnut Pate

Serve in a thick layer on a wrap with salad.

47. Kidney Bean Falafel

Serve on a wrap with hummus, salad and a drizzle of pesto thinned with olive oil.

48. Homemade Hummus

Serve on a wrap with falafel and salad.

Serve on a wrap with mustard, salad leaves and vegan coleslaw.

50. Carrot & Dill Coleslaw

Serve on a wrap with grated cheddar and salad.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all those delicious wraps and will try a few of them soon. Thanks to all the food bloggers who gave me consent to include their recipes.


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  1. Jacqueline DebonoWednesday, 22 May, 2019

    Wow so many delicious wraps to choose from! Although I'm not vegan I'd be happy to try them all! I really like Asian slaw in a wrap. So good!

    1. Yes they do all look good, I do hope you try some of them.

  2. These look so amazing!! I need to try each of them starting with the Green Power Lunch Wrap!

  3. This is a fantastic list of wraps. I really like all the different flavors.

  4. You've made me hungry with all these yummy wrap recipes. I love wraps because they are easy to take on the go. These are great vegan options for a picnic.

    1. Haha sorry about that. It is dangerous visiting food blogs when you are hungry.

  5. What a lovely collection of wraps that are perfect for quick lunch. I absolutely love every single recipe you included. Dunno where to start... I have to try them all.

    1. I am so glad you are leaving inspired Natalie. I do hope you try a few of these.

  6. They all sound great but I like the sound of the quesadilla one and the one with tofu. I would happily try them all. My lunches can be a bit boring. Jill

    1. Oh I know what you mean Jill, I can get a bit repetitive with my lunches at time too, especially if I am tired and short of time.

  7. Those wraps look so much better than in the cafes where I see them - I really fancy and fat packed wrap now!

    1. They look great don't they? I know what you mean about offerings when you are out and about. Usually so disappointing.


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