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10 Vegan Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

10 Vegan lunchbox ideas for kids and tips to take the stress out of packed lunches.

Vegan lunch box for kids. Ideas, tips and one week's lunch box plan.

Packed Lunches

Cooper is back at school so I'm back in full-on planning lunch mode. As I prepare I thought it would be useful to share some of my tips with you. 

Believe me I know how stressful it can be both preparing lunches and actually getting them to eat enough.

Scroll down for tips and a weekly lunchbox menu

School Lunches

You may be thinking why not school lunches or dinners as they are sometimes called? 

It's true they're free here in Scotland for Primary 1-3 children, but there isn't much in the way of choice.  

Here is an example. You'll see there is one vegetarian meal a day and it is rarely vegan. The other children have lots of choice.


Example of a school lunch menu

So as a veggie child he has one option a day and if he doesn't like it tough. 

He'll eat sometimes eat the pasta if it's tomato based pasta, baked potato and beans or veggie burger but he doesn't like most of the other dishes (don't tell anyone, but I wouldn't want to eat some of them either), so it's packed lunches most days.

I think you'll find these ideas are great for adult packed lunches too.

Packed Lunch Tips

Vegan lunch box for kids. Ideas, tips and one week's lunch box plan.

1. Plan ahead

It really helps to plan ahead. 

Make a list of lunch ideas and stock up at the weekend. There can be an overlap, but try to add something different every day as it keeps them from getting bored. 

Let's face it none of us want to eat the same lunch every day.

2. Presentation

Presentation helps too, so stock up on fun lunchboxes, colourful paper napkins, a variety of tubs, bento picks and cookie cutters for cutting sandwiches into interesting shapes. 

You don't have to spend a lot, look in pound shops and other discount shops and you will find some great bargains.

3. Yumbox

I also love a Yumbox. 

They are lunchboxes with lots of little compartments. They seal tight so you can add dips or yoghurt to one of the compartments and it doesn't leak. 

They are pricey, but we use them a lot, not just for Cooper, but our lunches too. The best part is they go in the dishwasher. BOO YAH! 

And no I'm not working with them, I just love the product. Have a google search and see if there is a voucher code before you buy.

UPDATE: I've been using the same yumboxes for 4 years now, so they really last and they go through the dishwasher. Most of my other lunchboxes haven't stood the test of time unfortunately. Sometimes it is true that you get what you pay for. Don't spend more than you can afford though!

Vegan lunch box for kids. Ideas, tips and one week's lunch box plan.

10 Vegan Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

  1. Create each lunchbox around a main, a snack, fruit and veg. The snack can be healthy too. For the snack think breadsticks, flapjacks, banana bread or dried fruit.
  2. Use different cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into interesting shapes.
  3. Vary your sandwiches, don't just use bread, try changing things up with wraps, bagels, pitta bread and rolls.
  4. Include fruit and vegetables, cut them into sticks or bite-sized pieces.
  5. Crunchy veg is more fun with a dip. Add a little tub of nut butter or hummus to their lunchbox. I have a quick recipe for hummus that uses peanut butter instead of tahini paste. It has a softer taste.
  6. Be sneaky and add extra vegetables by finely grating carrots, courgette or beetroot and mix it into spreads, dips and sauces. Yes, sometimes it does need to be done!
  7. Let them suggest some of the things that will go into their lunchboxes. Give them a few options to choose from.
  8. Cook extra pasta, vegan sausages or pizza when you make the evening meal to add to their lunchbox and save yourself some time in the morning..
  9. Don't add more than one treat, they will eat those first and leave everything else (believe me they'll be in a rush to run outside to play). I have learned this the hard way. And don't give them too much, remember they have little tummies. Giving them too much is off-putting for them and ultimately disappointing for us as they WILL leave lots.
  10. Add some kitchen paper or a paper napkin so they can wipe their hands or mop up spills.

pin it for later

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Weekly Lunchbox Menu


MONDAY MEAL PLAN - vegan kids lunch box

  1. Pasta mixed with dairy free pesto, cucumber, sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes
  2. Cucumber sticks
  3. Carrot sticks
  4. Strawberries
  5. Pretzels


TUESDAY MEAL PLAN - vegan kids lunch box

  1. Hummus and grated carrot sandwiches
  2. Cucumber sticks
  3. Cherry tomatoes
  4. Mini breadsticks
  5. Blueberries


WEDNESDAY MEAL PLAN - vegan kids lunch box

  1. Cooked vegan sausages, cut into chunks ( we like Linda McCartney Sausages, which are vegan)
  2. Olives
  3. Cherry tomatoes
  4. Bread spread with dairy free spread
  5. Pretzels
  6. Blueberries
  7. Nectarine


THURSDAY MEAL PLAN - vegan kids lunch box

  1. Falafel
  2. Hummus
  3. Carrot sticks
  4. Cherry tomatoes
  5. Breadsticks
  6. Strawberries
  7. Homemade Flapjacks


FRIDAY MEAL PLAN - vegan kids lunch box

  1. Pinwheel jam sandwiches (mini wraps spread with dairy free spread & jam, rolled and cut)
  2. Cucumber sticks
  3. Carrot sticks
  4. Oatcakes
  5. Strawberries
  6. Dairy free yogurt with sprinkles

....and now for the parents


falafel and apple sandwiches

 Falafel and apple sandwich

My favourite sandwich right now is this delicious vegan sandwich. 

Sweet crunchy apple with lightly spiced falafel, creamy hummus and fresh salad on soft brown bread, but it's the dressing I used that really makes it zing. Do try it!


Beet Salad Lunch Wrap

Beet Salad Lunch Wrap

One of my favourite wraps just now is this beet lunch wrap which is full of crunchy salad and a couple of extra ingredients to really pack a flavour punch. 

Also try my carrot and spinach crunch wrap which is amazing!

My favourite gadget to make lunchtimes smoothier is my power blender. I've been using this Optimum 9400 for years now. It's a powerful beast and the one jug is great for dry and wet blending.

I use it at lunchtimes or the night before for lunchtime prep to make quick:

Special offer: 

For £20 off and free delivery add the code AMB20 + 1405 to the comment box when you buy a blender or juicer from the Froothie UK site.


If you're looking for more lunchtime inspiration check out my food guide The Ultimate Sandwich Guide (50 veggie and vegan sandwich ideas) or follow my Pinterest board Sandwiches - Make Lunch Special.


Two week back to school lunch plan

Also check out my two week back-to-school lunch plan.

Print out a grid, choose from the options and stick it on to your fridge for tasty school lunchboxes and packed lunch for adults too.

Let the kids help choose.


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Disclosure: I work with Froothie. They are the only blenders and I love them so I am happy to promote them. I was not required to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. I love all these vegan options, they look super tasty and very well balanced :)

  2. Your lunch ideas are amazing! I shall pink the carrot and hummus idea for us:-)

  3. There are some fantastic ideas in here! My kids would love each and every one of these lunch box ideas! :)

  4. I particularly like the tip to vary the bread by using wraps and bagels etc. Si easy to get in a regular bread rut!

    1. Yes that happens to a lot of us, but there are a lot of options and it does make a difference.

  5. You put me to shame, Jac. My kids have school lunches. Perhaps when my youngest's free meals run out I'll get my ass in gear. Wonderful ideas!

    1. I just wish Cooper liked school lunches more, but the veggie option is that, one option.It's not like if he doesn't like it he can choose something else. Oh well.

  6. These are all fab ideas Jac. We've started the boys on packed lunches this term and it's going well so far. I've got myself into organised mode and drawn up a two week menu plan so I can have all the ingredients to hand and make sure I have a balanced and varied menu. They're really enjoying it so far, especially the days I pack them off with a flask of hot cheesy pasta!!!!

    1. Thanks Katie, I'm just catching up. Well done you that is impressive. I don't quite trust Cooper with a flask of hot food. Oh the mess he could get in. Maybe next year. You should publish your meal plan.

  7. A really good set of ideas, thanks Jac - I'm a bit guilty of chucking in The Usual after 16 years of school packed lunches!

    1. Hehe, oh well as long as they are happy and it fills tummies.

  8. I love all your ideas and certainly one about sneaking veggies into spreads.

  9. What a great selection of ideas Jac! So easy to get stuck in the rut of a sandwich and an apple. My little boy started School this week - afternoons only at the moment but will bookmark for next year when he will be staying for lunch!

    1. Oh it's an exciting time Kate. I bet you can't believe he is old enough to go to school already.

  10. Great ideas here - makes me want to get my lunch box out!!

  11. Some GREAT ideas here, and by the way, I tagged you yesterday to say you are featured in my latest RD post with a vegan packed lunch idea! Karen

  12. This is an AMAZING list. My family has recently adopted a vegan diet and our 2 year old eats so well, but he's so disagreeable over eating things mixed together or questionable so things like grain bowls are out of the question. Add that to him starting daycare that does not warm up lunches, and I have super limited options! This has definitely helped fill in some gaps and give me more ideas.


    1. I'm so glad it's given you some inspiration. Good luck with the packed lunches.

  13. These meals do not have enough protein at all!!!

    1. Some have protein and some don't but the do have lots of other vitamins and minerals. Remember you have 3 meals a day to get EVERYTHING you need in your diet. It doesn't all have to be included in lunch.

  14. This is the best set of vegan kids lunch ideas I've found. Thank you so much!


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