Juicing for Health

Why juice or blend?

I like to juice or blend in the morning to boost my family's health. I have a vegan husband who would never pick up a piece of fruit unless prompted and a child who can be fussy about what he likes and what he doesn't like. I want to make sure they get their five-a-day and stay healthy. A morning juice is a great way of adding some extra fruit and vegetable into their day.

Why not buy smoothies?

Buying smoothies isn't a good idea for a few reasons. It's expensive, the juices aren't fresh and they can be high in sugar. Don't get me wrong I do sometimes buy one at lunchtime if I haven't been organised, but fresh is always better.

What do you want in a smoothie?

Basically as much vegetables as you can, although fruit will bring some sweetness. I like to add water and ice to a smoothie as they can be too thick otherwise and a juice or smoothie should not be like sludge. It should be a really enjoyable drink.

I also like to add nutritional powders for an extra boost and sometimes cacao powder for a chocolatey flavour. which is really popular with children and great for disguising smoothies that are heavy on the vegetable side.

Should I rely on smoothies and juices for health?

I would say no. You want to have a balanced diet and include whole fruit and vegetables in your diet as well as protein and carbohydrates and some fat.  I use smoothies as a supplement to what we eat and a nice start to the day. I also find soups are a great way of getting extra nutrients into my family.

What machines do I use?

I have killed many a blender over the years. Yes, it is sad but true. Lots of burning motors and disappointment. I've got to the stage now where I realise with some kitchen gadgets you can get away with a cheap basic version, but blenders and juicers just aren't in this category. I am now prepared to pay for high quality machines as they produce higher quality results, are easier to clean and last longer.

I gave up on juicers altogether and moved to the high priced Vitamix blender, which I was happy with for a while, although changing the jugs to grind was really annoying. Especially as I have a small kitchen and had to pack the second jug away.

Optimum 9400

Then I tried the Froothie Optimum 9400 and I fell in love. It was even more powerful than the Vitamix and I could do everything in the one jug with much smoother results. I loved it so much I got in touch with the company and asked if I could work with them. They loved my enthusiasm and now I run their ambassador programme and help promote the brand.

I've tried a few of their blenders which are all super powerful and easy to use, but my first love is the best in my eyes as the 9400 has a dial which I like for precision.

I love the fact too that they are so easy to clean, just rinse the jug under the tap and re-use or put an inch or two of boiling water in with a drip of washing up liquid, whizz and they clean themselves. Happy days!

Nutri Force Extractor

I've recently got hold of their new Nutri Force Juicer, which is like a wee baby travel blender that is fab for travel or even a small kitchen and I'm having fun trying that out at the moment. It has two different sized jugs and a grinder blade too, so it's great for smoothies and things like grinding coffee or spices and making pesto, hummus and nut butter.

At a fraction of the cost, it's a great starter machine and good as a gift. I would still use my big machine for ice cream and soups though. I will do a full review soon.

Special Offer

Because I work with Froothie, they let me pass on special offers to you. Currently if you buy a machine (blender, juicer, dehydrator, air fryer etc etc) from their website and add ....


....  to the comment box the delivery charge will be credited back onto your card.

Smoothie and Juice Recipes


  1. Apple Snow with Pomegranate
  2. Blueberry Maple & Oat Smoothie
  3. Fruit Bowl Smoothie
  4. Peach, Mango & Ginger Smoothie
  5. Porridge Breakfast Smoothie with Banana
  6. St Clements Smoothie
  7. Strawberry Spinach Booster
  8. Summer Delight Smoothie
  9. Super Mud Smoothie
  10. Vanilla Bean Smoothie
  11. Zinger - Summer Smoothie


  1. Apple, Avocado & Mint Smoothie   
  2. Apple & Kale Green Smoothie 
  3. Apricot Melba Smoothie 
  4. Blueberry, Carrot and Orange Smoothie
  5. Coconut Island Smoothie 
  6. Creamy Vanilla and Apricot Smoothie
  7. Fruity Little Number Green Smoothie
  8. Green Mango and Spinach Smoothie
  9. Kale & Mango Smoothie
  10. Lean Green Tropical Smoothie 
  11. Mean Green Smoothie 
  12. Melon, Spinach and Avocado Smoothie 
  13. Nectarine and Apricot Sherbet   
  14. Pear, Passionfruit and Kale Smoothie
  15. Pink Mango Smoothie
  16. Pink Pineapple Smoothie
  17. Raspberry, Carrot & Basil Smoothie
  18. Stegosaurus Green Smoothie 
  19. Strawberry, Spinach & Cucumber Cooler
  20. Swamp Juice Smoothie  
  21. Ultimate Chocolate Green Smoothie
  22. Watermelon & Strawberry Smoothie
  23. Winter Mixed Berry Smoothie

News from Froothie

Froothie are ready to launch a new juicer that doesn't have to be taken apart and cleaned. A juicer that can juice in 90 seconds and that's it, no cleaning. WOW! It's called JUlaVIE, so look out for it.

The JUlaVIE is a cold press juicer that crushes your fruit and vegetables with 8 tonnes of force. You pop your fruit and veg into a bag (you have a choice of re-usable or disposable, both bags are made from 100% natural cotton and can be recycled), pop it in the machine and the power of 2 elephants crushes all the juice out. It will even crush a banana into a smooth puree.

Disclosure: I work with Froothie, but I am never expected to give a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.