01 April 2016

Lunch Recipes

(v) = vegan/dairy free/egg free 


Falafel & Hummus Bagels  (v)

French Toast

Peanut Butter, Nutella & Banana French Toast
Thai Spiced Eggy Bread Dippers with Coconut


Beer Battered Haggis Balls    (v)
Beetroot, Rocket & Feta Fritters
Kale & Cheddar Bubble & Squeak
Kidney Bean Falafel   (v)
Turkish Zucchini (Courgette) Fritters

Light Plates or Starters

BBQ Apricots with Goats Cheese
Bean, Sweetcorn & Potato Mash
Beer Battered Garlic Mushrooms   (v)
Jamie's Blackened Potatoes
Marinated Mozzarelle Ottolenghi Style
Mojo Picón (spicy red potatoes)   (v)
Paprika Spiced Cauliflower with Four Cheese Dip
Paprika Spiced Sweet Potato Fries   (v)
Saganaki Fried Cheese (halloumi)
Savoury Cauliflower Rice   (v)
Southern Style Rice   (v)
Spiced Tofu Fingers   (v)
Spicy Tiffin Eggs
Spinach & Feta Triangles  (Spanakopita)
Stuffed Peppers with Potatoes & Feta
Vegetable Fritatta

Pasta Salad

Conchiglioni Pasta Salad with Sautéed Mushrooms and Goats' Cheese
Double Tomato Pasta Salad
Edamame, Feta & Beet Pasta Salad
Herbful Pasta Salad with Mushrooms
Roast Pepper, Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad with Feta
Rocket and Mozzarella Farfalle Pasta Salad
Summer Tomato & Corn Pasta Salad   (v)


Baby Egg Pies
Curried Vegetable Pasties  (v)
Mini Savoury Mince Pies   (v)
Moroccan Parcels
Puff Pizza Pie with Pesto
Savoury Puff Pies   (v)
Spinach & Onion Puff Tarts
Vegetarian Haggis Pasties  (v)
Veggie Haggis, Tatties & Baked Beans Pasties


Bean, Spinach & Red Pepper Quesadillas


Mushroom, Spinach & Feta Quiche
Tomato & Broccoli Quiche with a Layer of Pea Puree

Rolls & Baguettes

Falafel & Roasted Red Pepper Stack


Apple, Beet & Pecan Salad   (v)
Artichoke, Red Pepper & Feta Salad
Asparagus, Avocado, Blue Cheese & Beetroot Salad
Aspargus, Egg & Potato Salad
Avocado, Apple & Hazelnut Salad   (v)
Bulgur, Couscous & Puy Lentil Salad   (v)
Butternut Squash, Puy Lentil & Feta Salad
Carrot & Tiffin Egg Salad with Caesar'a Dressing
Chopped Egg, Avocado & Tenderstem Broccoli Salad
Fig, Beetroot & Feta Salad
Fridge Salad
Griddled Vegetable & Mozzarella Salad
Halloumi Salad with Balsamic Tomatoes
Hearty Potato, Egg & Apetina Salad
Layered Salad with Pasta   (v)
Orange, Carrot & Goats Cheese Salad
Puy Lentil, Beet & Mozzarella
Quinoa, Lentil & Bean Salad  (v)
Roast Vegetable & Mozzarella Salad with Creamy Pesto Dressing
Warm Dressed Noodle Salad  (v)
Warm Tenderstem and Samphire Bulgur Salad with Herbs   (v)


Caprese Pinwheel Sandwiches
Carrot, Hummus & Avocado Sandwiches  (v)
Creamy Avocado & Goats Cheese Sandwiches
Mushroom, Avocado & Horseradish Sandwiches  (v)
The Ultimate Vegan Sandwich  (v)
Veggie BLT

Sausage Rolls

Spicy Tattie Puffs   (v)
Spicy Three Bean Sausage Rolls  (v)
Veggie Sausage Rolls 

Side Salads

Balsamic Beetroot & Chickpea Salad  (v)
Beetroot Slaw   (v)
Carrot & Orange Salad with a Coriander & Brazil Nut Dressing  (v)
Chickpea and Tomato Side Salad
Creamy Pesto Potato Salad with Baby Corn   (v)
Creamy Vegan Potato Salad  (v)
Green Bean Side Salad
Green Charlotte Salad
Potato & Bean Salad with a Zingy Herb Dressing   (v)
Potato Salad with Rhubarb Balsamic Dressing   (v)
Red Cabbage Coleslaw
Warm Ribbon Courgette & Potato Salad



Autumnal Noodle Soup
Broccoli & Cheese Soup
Carrot, Cumin & Yoghurt Soup
Cauliflower Cheese Soup with Broccoli
Cheesey Broccoli & Spinach Soup
Courgette, Brie & Cumin Soup
Courgette Vichyssoise With Parmesan Crusted Courgette Croutons
Madras Curried Tomato Soup
Onion, Celery & Apple Soup
Rich Mushroom Soup
Roast Onion & Lemon Thyme Soup
Spinach, Pear & Blue Cheese Soup


5 Minute Green Smoothie Soup   (v)
Basic Lentil Soup  (v)
Broccoli & Celery Soup  (v)
Butternut & Spinach Soup  (v)
Carrot & Coriander Soup   (v)
Carrot, Leek & Mustard Seed Soup  (v)
Carrot, Spinach & Lentil Soup  (v)
Carrot, Spinach & Coconut Soup  (v)
Charred Tomato Soup   (v)
Creamy Butternut Squash & Tomato Soup  (v)
Curly Kale, Watercress & Potato Soup  (v)
Curried Lentil Soup with Lime  (v)
Curried Parsnip & Sweet Potato Soup  (v)
Earthy Mushroom & Baby Leaf Soup  (v)
Four Tomato & Red Pepper Soup  (v)
Fridge Lentil Soup  (v)
Fridge Vegetable Soup  (v)
Green Lunchtime Soup for One  (v)
Leftovers Lentil Soup   (v)
Low Calorie Spicy Tomato Soup  (v)
Minestrone Soup  (v)
Parsnip, Carrot & Lentil Soup  (v)
Red Lentil, Carrot & Coconut Soup   (v)
Rich Blender Tomato Soup  (v)
Roasted Butternut Squash & Sage Soup  (v)
Scottish Tattie, Neep & Carrot Soup  (v)
Spiced Potato & Red Lentil Soup  (v)
Spicy Aubergine & Tomato Soup  (v)
Squash, Carrot & Noodle Soup  (v)
Tomato, Lentil & Coriander Soup  (v)
Vegetable Soup  (v)
Warming Red Lentil & Chickpea Soup  (v)
Winter Vegetable Soup  (v)


Spinach, Avocado & Poached Egg Toast


Garlicky Mushroom Melts
Comfort Cheese Toasties
Halloumi & Balsamic Onion Toasties
Toasted Potato & Beet Toasted Sandwich


Caprese Pizza Wraps
Cheesey Bean Wraps
Falafel, Beetroot and Goats Cheese Wraps
Veggie Sausage, Red Pepper & Hummus Wraps  (v)

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